It should be quite troubling to the average citizen that their children are being shortchanged by the progressive communist democrats, even as they talk about preparing children to compete in a modern global economy.

When I was in high school, my next-door neighbor studied for his Ph.D. in physics. As part of his preparation for the advanced mathematical techniques used in theoretical physics, I was paid to photocopy, cut and paste math problems with the answers into quiz books for his study program.

As part of his employment by a large aerospace and defense contractor, he was sent to a conference in Russia. He returned with a Russian slide rule for me and two suitcases of Russian math books for me to process for his studies. But the most interesting thing he observed was that Russian students were given the type of study guides I was preparing. The average Russian elementary student started with a better understanding of math than our high school students -- and most Russian high school students had mastered senior college-level mathematics by the time they graduated. Nobody taught Russian students that calculus was “hard” or that boys did better in math and science than girls.

So why am I not surprised that “woke” educators, many subject-matter deficient, are trying to push race and social justice into the math curriculum?


Florida Rejects Publishers’ Attempts to Indoctrinate Students

Tallahassee, Fla., April 15, 2022 – Today, Commissioner of Education Richard Corcoran approved Florida’s initial adoption list for mathematics instructional materials properly aligned to Florida’s Benchmarks for Excellent Student Thinking (B.E.S.T.) Standards. The approved list followed a thorough review of submissions at the Department, which found 41 percent of the submitted textbooks were impermissible with either Florida’s new standards or contained prohibited topics – the most in Florida’s history. Reasons for rejecting textbooks included references to Critical Race Theory (CRT), inclusions of Common Core, and the unsolicited addition of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in mathematics. The highest number of books rejected were for grade levels K-5, where an alarming 71 percent were not appropriately aligned with Florida standards or included prohibited topics and unsolicited strategies. Despite rejecting 41 percent of materials submitted, every core mathematics course and grade is covered with at least one textbook.

Overall, Florida is initially not including 54 of the 132 (41 percent) submitted textbooks on the state’s adopted list. The full breakdown is below:

78 of 132 total submitted textbooks are being included on the state’s adopted list.
28 (21 percent) are not included on the adopted list because they incorporate prohibited topics or unsolicited strategies, including CRT.
12 (9 percent) are not included on the adopted list because they do not properly align to B.E.S.T. Standards.
14 (11 percent) are not included on the adopted list because they do not properly align to B.E.S.T. Standards and incorporate prohibited topics or unsolicited strategies, including CRT.
Grades K-5: 71 percent of materials were rejected.
Grades 6-8: 20 percent of materials were rejected.
Grades 9-12: 35 percent of materials were rejected.

It seems that some publishers attempted to slap a coat of paint on an old house built on the foundation of Common Core, and indoctrinating concepts like race essentialism, especially, bizarrely, for elementary school students,” said Governor Ron DeSantis. “I’m grateful that Commissioner Corcoran and his team at the Department have conducted such a thorough vetting of these textbooks to ensure they comply with the law.”

When it comes to education, other states continue to follow Florida’s lead as we continue to reinforce parents’ rights by focusing on providing their children with a world-class education without the fear of indoctrination or exposure to dangerous and divisive concepts in our classrooms.”

Florida’s transparent instructional materials review process ensures the public has the opportunity to review and comment on submitted textbooks. The instructional materials process allows Florida to prevent publishers from incorporating inappropriate, ineffective, or unsolicited concepts and strategies into instructional materials that will dilute the quality of Florida’s nationally-recognized education system.

In 2019, Governor DeSantis issued Executive Order 19-32 to set Florida on the path to eliminate Common Core, develop world-class education standards, and increase the quality of instructional materials, and this textbook adoption is another important step in affirming Florida’s commitment to high-quality, lawful and world class instruction.

In 2021, the Florida Department of Education (FDOE) called for bids from publishers to submit proposed mathematics instructional materials to be included on the state’s adopted list. Florida has been clear that instructional materials must first and foremost be aligned to Florida’s new B.E.S.T. Standards. In fact, FDOE proactively informed publishers in June 2021 that textbooks must align to the B.E.S.T. Standards, state laws regarding required instruction, and that they should not incorporate unsolicited strategies such as SEL in their instructional materials.

It is unfortunate that several publishers, especially at the elementary school grade levels, have ignored this clear communication and have attempted to slip rebranded instructional materials based on Common Core Standards into Florida’s classrooms, while others have included prohibited and divisive concepts such as the tenants of CRT or other unsolicited strategies of indoctrination – despite FDOE’s prior notification. <Source>

How CRT impacts mathematics…

(1)  For most sane individuals with commonsense, mathematics is the objective language of science that helps explain our universe. It is apolitical, color-blind, non-sexual, and subject to nothing other than the rigorous attempt to build constructs from definitions and assumptions. Few can even imagine how Critical Race Theory or social justice can impact such a rigorously objective discipline.

(2)  Those attempting to introduce CRT and other such social justice concepts into the curriculum do it in multiple ways.

A.  Controlling access to the teaching process and mandating racial or sexual requirements for teachers in the field, using affirmative action techniques to increase the number of “woke” BIPOC administrators and instructors.

B.  By dumbing down instructional materials to the lowest common denominator to promote “equity” in mathematics. This includes restricting and/or eliminating special access programs for top achievers.

C.  By altering the narrative used to explain math concepts and problems. Using the language of the ghetto and barrio when designing instructional materials and eliminating problems illustrating elite white reality. Delving into the personal lives of non-white mathematicians and scientists as concepts are introduced. Or racializing problems by noting that while the tally of votes is a straightforward arithmetical process, those doing the counting might suppress or short-count BIPOC votes, thus promoting inequality.

D.  By injecting uncertainty into mathematics by claiming that the choice of our enumeration system was political and there are other historic numerical systems or number bases such as those used in the computer sciences (e.g., binary, octal, hexadecimal). Mathematical multi-culturalism and moral equivalency.

(3)  It allows soft-science socialist academicians to promote their toxic political power agenda with meaningless bafflegab like “re-conceptualizing mathematics education to create a system that finally values and builds upon the achievements and histories of those traditionally marginalized within it.”

Bottom line…

“We be explaining infinity today by counting non-cis heteronormative genders. Let’s start with the definitions. What is heteronormative, and how can we  determine the states of privilege.”

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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