Is Nina Jankowicz, Biden's "Disinformation Governance Board" Chief, a negotiating ploy?



The Obama-controlled Biden Administration is pulling out all stops…

  • Trying to convince you that the Obama and Biden Administration was not manifestly corrupt and guilty of criminal activity.
  • Trying to convince you that Donald Trump was guilty of what the progressive communist democrats have done.
  • Trying to tell you the biggest lie of all -- that you need to vote Democrat to preserve democracy.

I wonder how the Disinformation Governance Board would treat this so-called information from the DHS Secretary?

Mayorkas’ Remarks at Racist Al Sharpton’s National Action Network Convention 2022

On April 8, 2022, Secretary Mayorkas delivered the following remarks to the National Action Network’s annual convention:

We are working at a time when we are seeing only an increase in hate. Or I should say perhaps, only an increase in the hate that is rising to the surface. And what we, in the Department of Homeland Security, have assessed it that the greatest terrorism-related threat that we face in the homeland is a threat of domestic violent extremism: individuals drawn to violence because of ideologies of hate or false narratives propagated on social media and other online platforms.  And the most prominent threat is the threat of white supremacists. And that came quite clearly to the surface when we saw over the past several months repeated and persistent bomb threats against Historically Black Colleges and Universities. <Source>

[OCS: Amazing, the most significant terrorism threat to the homeland is not Muslim terrorists or Black Marxist Nationals who have killed hundreds while looting and burning public and private property in several American cities? It’s not cyber terrorists who are stealing intellectual property and financial assets? It’s not the terrorists currently attacking Jewish Communities? No, according to DHS, the DHS has to mobilize against “white supremacists” – most of whom appear to be acting in concert with the FBI.]  

DHS chief Alejandro Mayorkas insists Mexican border is secure

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas vowed to Congress on Wednesday that the U.S. will maintain control of the Mexican border amid the looming surge of migrants, insisting that the Biden administration has a plan for dealing with the expected influx of more than a half-million illegal immigrants a month.

Republicans were incredulous. They said Mr. Mayorkas’ agents and officers have revealed that they are already stretched beyond breaking and that the looming end of President Trump’s COVID-related border shutdown policy next month will make it worse.

“Do you believe front-line agents and officers?” Rep. John Katko of New York, the top Republican on the House Homeland Security Committee, asked Mr. Mayorkas. “There’s not a single person on the border today that will tell you once Title 42 is lifted they won’t lose operational control.”

Title 42 is the statute allowing tighter security at the border based on the public health need to control the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr. Mayorkas said the border is secure and promised lawmakers: “We will not lose operational control of the border.” <Source>

[OCS: By any metric, our Southern border is not secure, the Border Patrol is demoralized, and illegal aliens are being transported to middle America by DHS under cover of darkness and secrecy.]

Mayorkas won't name 1 domestic terror, White supremacy case referred to DOJ

Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas on Thursday failed to name a case of domestic terrorism that his department has referred to the Department of Justice.

Rep. Greg Steube, R-Fla., pressed Mayorkas for data on any referrals he has made to the DOJ on the grounds of domestic terrorism. Mayorkas did not offer the data, saying he would provide it after the hearing.

"Congressman, I will provide you with that information subsequent to this hearing," Mayorkas replied to Steube. "I do not have that statistic. I will provide the data to you."

"Despite claiming domestic terrorism is the #1 threat to the homeland, [Secretary Mayorkas] can’t name a single case that he referred from DHS to DOJ for white supremacy or domestic terrorism," Rep. Greg Steube later said of his exchange with Mayorkas<Source>

[OCS: One might assume that if domestic terrorism involving white supremacists were the number one threat to the homeland, Mayorkas would know of one or more prominent cases he referred to the Department of Justice.]

Jordan asks Mayorkas if new DHS 'disinformation' board will look into Fauci, Walensky statements

The Ohio Republican grill the DHS secretary over the announcement of a Disinformation Governance Board

After Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas revealed his department's creation of a Disinformation Governance Board aimed at combating misinformation, Republican lawmakers were all over the announcement, accusing the Department of Homeland Security of going too far.

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, joined the chorus of critics Thursday when he confronted Mayorkas face to face during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on oversight of DHS.

"Mr. Secretary, yesterday you announced the formation of Disinformation Governance Board at DHS. You put out a bulletin two months ago, a big fancy bulletin here, red, white and blue. You said that misleading narratives, mis-, dis-, and mal-information, MDM, as you call it, misleading narratives undermine the trust in government. I was just wondering, when the head of the CDC, Miss Walensky, said that the vaccinated can’t get the virus, did that undermine trust in government?"

Jordan went on to list more instances where current or former government officials put out significant statements that turned out to be questionable or even false.

"When the highest paid official in our government, the smartest man on the planet, Dr. Fauci, when he said the virus didn't come from a lab, did that undermine trust in government? And will that be something that this governing board will look at?" Jordan asked. "How about when 51 former intel officials told us that the Hunter Biden story was--had all the earmarks of Russian misinformation? Will that be something that this governance board that you just formed, will you be looking into that? "

Mayorkas responded without addressing Jordan's examples, only providing a statement on the board's purpose. <Source>

Bottom line…


We were just as horrified as you about the news that came out this week about Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ Disinformation Governance Board and its Chief, Nina Jankowicz.

The simple truth is that the progressive communist democrats are trying to hide the truth about their nefarious activities from the American people before the 2022 midterm elections. Long enough to run out the statute of limitations clock, which generally is about five years. Even if it means destroying the U.S. Constitution and its First Amendment freedoms with an Orwellian Disinformation Governance Board.

We are on the precipice of the abyss of darkness and slavery to a global elite.

We must fight back. Eliminating corrupt politicians in the 2022 midterm election and holding those responsible for damaging America accountable for their actions.

We are so screwed.

-- steve.

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