Fbi-clouseuYesterday’s post, FBI: WHAT TO THINK?, critical of the FBI's corrupt leadership, brought several comments on the New York subway shooter, the gist of which was, “the FBI really blew it again.”

I'm afraid I have to disagree.

I have not yet seen conclusive proof that the FBI interviewed the suspect before his subway attack.

And the FBI is constrained by its rules and regulations that demand at least a suspicion of probable cause that a crime is imminent or has been committed before taking action.

We do not need government intelligence and law enforcement agencies compiling "tracking lists" based upon free speech and crazy postings on social media unless a cognizable and articulated reason can be explained to a judge.

So, in this case, the FBI gets a pass.

Yes, on first reading the news reports and social media, the named individual appears to be a domestic terrorist, likely an anti-Semitic Black nationalist. However, by reading many of his social media posts, there is an alternative case for a deeply disturbed individual suffering from mental illness.

He should be held fully accountable for his premeditated and recorded actions, including charges of attempted murder, related gun charges, related explosive charges, etc. And punished accordingly.

The real danger...

The real danger comes from the black activists and the mainstream media who may attempt to portray this individual as a martyr to the system, radicalized by social media, suggesting his crimes may be justified or partially excusable by “systemic racism” and oppression.

If you really want something to worry about…

Ask why the FBI uses Google Analytics’ real-time tracking code on their “tip” website that “is designed to allow you to provide tip information to the FBI to assist with its investigative and national security missions?”

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Google already has access to your YouTube history and comments; the content in your emails with Gmail; the files you save in Google Drive; your search terms in Google Search; the places you’ve been in Google Maps; your schedule in Google Calendar; questions you’ve asked Google Assistant; the news you’ve read on Google News; the Google Ads you click on; and your spending habits through Google Pay. If you believe that they cannot aggregate information and determine your individual identity with high confidence, you are not accepting reality.

Bottom line…

We wait and see how the scenario plays out in a society corrupted by progressive communist democrats who pursue toxic racial themes on the way to building their political coalition.

Meanwhile, protect yourself and your family – especially in California where criminal gangs, some illegal aliens from foreign countries, follow and rob individuals with high-end merchandise. And, the regime still wants to disarm law-abiding systems after admitting they cannot protect you.

And, remember, there are many fine men and women in the FBI who the actions of their corrupt leadership have unfairly tarnished.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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