Once again, individuals are faced with a subtle choice: surrender their freedom in return for convenience and rewards specifically designed to encourage behaviors favorable to the regime.

Consider this social experiment in the Italian city of Bologna, which is preparing to implement a social scoring system similar to the one that the Communist Chinese use to control their citizens. Basically, it is a portal, a digital gateway to provide useful or essential information,  attached to a digital wallet where reward credits or discount coupons can be used for daily transactions.

Citizens will get their digital cookie or lollIpop if they follow the regime’s dictates in energy use, recycling, using mass transit, and above all, keep using the system until it becomes a habit – no further thinking is required. The promoters quickly point out that this system is different from the Communist Chinese system because it is voluntary (for now.) Similar to a dope dealer handing out free samples to hook you now and receive the benefits on the back end. They claim that people will not be penalized for bad behavior overlooks the perception that not receiving a benefit provided to your neighbor seems like a penalty.

From the city that gave you the bologna sausage in a baloney sandwich, a social credit style system…

Bologna, the "digital license" for virtuous citizens: points and rewards. And an app with all the services.

The novelty of Palazzo d'Accursio [home of the Bologna city government] to facilitate access to the counters (or avoid them) and give real-time information on mobility: "But the physical ones will not disappear."

Bring on the PCs and mobile phones of the Bolognese a digital gateway that also offers more services than those in presence, offer real-time information for intelligent mobility that allows you to survive the construction sites of the coming years (tram and Passante [European digital Passenger Locator Pass] first of all) and then use Big Data to "reward" virtuous citizens with discounts. There are not only the supercomputers of the Technopole, which with the birth of the "digital twin" of Bologna will still lend a hand, in the new-tech future of Palazzo d'Accursio, where the administration has in the pipeline a digital innovation plan that from now to 2024 promises to radically change the relationship between citizens and the municipal machine.

Virtual and real counters to personalize the citizens' experience

"What we call a new water network for the city is being built. In the coming years many services will go digital in Italy, here we have an ambitious project that moves from solid foundations", claims the councilor for the Digital Agenda Massimo Bugani, at his first press conference with the mayor Matteo Lepore. People will be able to find on their mobile phone or computer everything that the administration will do." The real counters, however, will not disappear. "We will maintain a 'physical' support for all people who do not use the web, especially the elderly," assures Lepore. But the goal is a computer literacy that leaves no one behind, also for this reason from April 6 will start a table dedicated to the digital divide.

The card with digital points for the "virtuous citizen"

Among the most innovative interventions is the smart citizen wallet. "The portfolio of the virtuous citizen," explains Bugani, who had worked on the project with the Raggi administration (in Rome today the platform is active in the experimental phase). The idea is similar to the mechanism of "a collection of supermarket points", as the councilor himself points out. "The citizen will have a recognition if he differentiates waste, if he uses public transport, if he manages energy well, if he does not take sanctions from the municipal, if he is active with the Culture Card.” Virtuous behaviors that will correspond to a score that the Bolognese will then be able to "spend" on prizes being defined: "Tper [public transportation in the Metropolitan City of Bologna] discounts, Hera [distributor of gas, water, energy, and waste disposal in the provinces of Bologna], cultural activities and so on." <Source>

Municipalities are watching this experiment closely, waiting to roll out their version of a rewards app should the concept be accepted and used by a significant portion of the population. Here in the United States, it is likely that such a program may be administered by the tech tyrants in a public-private arrangement, much like the outsourcing of red-light cameras.

Bottom line…

This is just another leash for your regime’s electronic locator and slave caller.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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