There is little or no doubt in mind that Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, has been corrupted, and his actions in handling the deeply flawed 2020 election are suspect.


It’s getting worse…

It appears that Raffensperger has engaged Frisco, Texas-based system integrator MTX Group to configure San Francisco, California-based Salesforce’s cloud CRM system to manage Georgia’s Voter Rolls.

Brad Raffensperger Continues to Secure the Vote; Announces Partnership with Salesforce and MTX to Modernize Georgia’s Voter Registration System

Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger is continuing to secure Georgia’s elections by launching a new, secure, voter registration system for the Peach State. Raffensperger is partnering with Salesforce to build the new system on the highest security servers with faster processing power and the most up-to-date secure technology. MTX Group Inc. (MTX) is the implementation partner for the new voter registration system.

Raffensperger will be working with Salesforce and implementation partner MTX Group to replace Georgia’s current voter registration system, ElectioNet. The changes are entirely on the administrative side. Georgia voters will not see any difference in their voting experience.

The new system, called the Georgia Registered Voter Information System (GRVIS), will sit on secure, Salesforce servers using cloud technology services authorized by the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) at the highest level of security. FedRAMP was introduced in 2011 and ensures standards of security for the use of cloud services across the federal government. FedRAMP ensures that private sector partners are using top-tier secure technology for any cloud storage services provided to the federal government.

[OCS: This is misleading. Security standards do not ensure compliance and security audits of corporations are usually performed by consultancies, rely on management representations, and are paid for by the company being audited. They are rarely released to the public or inspected by the SEC. Spend time with the Government Accounting Office audit reports and you will find that most government systems have significant “control” or “operational” deficiencies. ] 

Salesforce has a long track record of working with high-level, secure government partners such as the Department of Defense. The security used for the cloud for Georgia’s new voter registration system will be at the same level as Salesforce’s most sensitive government clients.

[OCS: There is no indication that either MTX or Salesforce has ever managed a state’s voter rolls.]

MTX Group, a premier global technology consulting firm, is the implementation partner for the new voter registration system and is developing the user interface that Georgia’s elections officials will use as part of the new system. MTX’s work sits on top of the Salesforce system and will provide an agile and adaptable experience for county election officials. State, county, and local government users will be able to work in the system with greater confidence and reliability. <Source>

Usually, outsourcing to competent contractors and vendors would be a good thing. However, it appears that there are several concerns.

(1)  Raffensperger is acting unilaterally, signing a no-bid contract to outsource Georgia’s voter information processing and storage. No hearings or counter-proposals.

(2)  MTX Group is essentially a small company headed by an entrepreneur, founder, and CEO, Dastigir “Das” Nobel, who hopes to attend the World Economic Forum in Davos, and whose company is no stranger to controversy. The company appears to be politically connected and employs the well-connected law firm Greenberg Traurig for lobbying activity.

(3)  There is little doubt that the management of Salesforce is deeply committed to corrupt progressive globalist causes. The company’s founder, Marc Benioff, sits on the Board of Trustees of the Soros-supported World Economic Forum

Bottom line…

Look for more controversy in Georgia’s elections as you need to manipulate the voter roll’s to create synthetic votes and rig an election.

-- steve

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