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Brought to you by the woke progressive communist democrat groomers of children at Disney who hate parental rights… 


It's a world of privilege, in boats that are cramped
Welcome to Disney’s re-education camp
So if your skin is white
It is time you’re contrite
It's a woke world after all

It's a woke world after all
It's a woke, woke world

It's a world of power, a world of fears
And we work long days to make souvenirs
Although millions have died
And the Uyghurs aside
It's a woke world after all

It's a woke world after all
It's a woke, woke world

There is a land where you once lived free
as a capitalist pig of the bourgeoisie
We could eat ‘till we’re fat
and would vote Democrat
If we just get past that wall

It's a woke world after all
It's a woke, woke world

We’re all Marxists after all
It's a woke world after all

Bottom line…

There was a time when Disney movies, books, and television represented clean, wholesome, family-friendly entertainment. As with almost all artistic enterprises, the gay population was over-represented, and the company was quietly tolerant of all employees.

Unfortunately, Walt’s dream was corporatized and rendered almost unrecognizable by a few vocal gay activists, the great majority of whom were progressive communist democrats seeking to boost their self-esteem and political power by forcing unsuspecting parents to accept their personal behavior as just another part of mainstream America.

It is hard to believe that a multi-billion dollar entertainment conglomerate like Disney lacks moral clarity and has managed to openly promote the abuse of children.

Time to implement “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policies at Disneyland and change its top leaders who sell out the company, our children, and our country.

Disney, a tradition from my youth -- has gone beyond woke as they attempt to destroy the innocence of childhood with their support of the overt sexualization of children in kindergarten to third grade in Florida.

Memo to Disney employees: I don't give a damn about you or what you identify as -- just do your damn job!

Supporting the sexualization of young children is not good business and goes beyond politics into the realm of pure evil. 

We are so screwed when children are indoctrinated into life-altering ideologies they can not possibly understand.


-- steve

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