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Considering the damage that Barack Obama and Joe Biden have wreaked on the United States with the progressive communist democrat agenda, I wonder about the evil intent of any media that would suggest that President Joe Biden is mentally or physically fit to hold the Office of the President of the United States – now or in the future.


Biden has told Obama he’s running again

President Biden has told former President Obama that he is planning to run for reelection in 2024, two sources tell The Hill. 

[OCS: Sources? Do you mean liars and leakers like James Comey, Alexander Vindman, the putzes at Fusion GPS?]

The admission to Obama is the latest indication that Biden is likely to run for a second term, something the president has spoken about publicly. 

During a press conference in Brussels last month, he told reporters he’d be “very fortunate” to run against his rival in the 2020 election, former President Trump.  

“[Biden] wants to run and he’s clearly letting everyone know,” said one of the two sources familiar with the conversations between Obama and Biden. 

The source also said that Biden, despite his faltering approval ratings, remains the most likely Democratic candidate to defeat Trump. This was a key part of Biden’s salesmanship to voters as he sought support for his 2020 bid — and a big reason primary voters rallied to him in South Carolina and Super Tuesday states where he sealed his status as the Democratic front-runner.  <Source>

I don’t believe this anonymous bullshit for a second…

(1)  Joe Biden’s approval numbers are circling the toilet.

(2)  Joe Biden is physically and mentally challenged.

(3)  Joe Biden’s handlers, essentially Obama’s cadre of acolytes, are attempting to circumvent the facts on the ground, deflect attention from Biden,  and make everything about Donald Trump.

(4)  There has never been any degree of respect or warmth between Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Obama was famously quoted as saying, "Don't underestimate Joe's ability to fuck things up." Therefore it is unlikely Obama accepted Biden's comment as credible. if it was actually made,

Bottom line…

Bullshit-- steve

“Nullius in verba.”-- take nobody's word for it!

“Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.”-- George Bernard Shaw

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