Based on what I saw of Mitt Romney’s business career, I had always thought that Romney was a clear-headed business analyst with common sense and probity.

At least, that was the persona he portrayed to the public. Now I am beginning to doubt almost everything about him, including his bona fides, public image, common sense, and patriotism. Is it possible that Romney was and is nothing more than a rich, politically-connected individual with an image carefully crafted by paid professionals with the cooperation of the mainstream media propagandists?

Romney always appeared to be a Democrat in disguise – a RINO (Republican In Name Only) – a chameleon whose impeccable camouflage allowed him to exist in a progressive communist democrat environment.

Perhaps the most important clue to his character could be found in the creation of RomneyCare, the model for Obamacare, deceptively funded with a dirty trick from Senator Teddy Kennedy (D-MA).

RomneyCare is the name given to Mitt Romney’s health care insurance reform laws passed in MA in 2006. RomneyCare aimed to reform healthcare by providing all MA residents with affordable quality health insurance. It also offered additional protections to MA residents including the retention of health coverage when switching employers or when they faced financial difficulties. The idea being that all citizens of that state should have health coverage.

Yes, ironically RomneyCare and ObamaCare are very similar pieces of legislation. Even Barack Obama himself will admit that RomneyCare was part of the model ObamaCare used to create the current health care reform laws. <Source>

Governor Romney sold RomneyCare as a self-sustaining program, but those who analyzed the program found otherwise. A tremendous funding shortfall needed to be resolved; thus, a deal with the devil was struck. The deal was on, and federal Medicaid funds were used to backfill the gap. What would happen when the Medicaid money ran out was someone else’s worry.

As governor, Romney worked closely with the late Democratic Senator Edward M. Kennedy to secure hundreds of millions per year in federal aid to realize their shared goal of access to health care for all. Expanding Medicaid coverage — and the flow of federal money that came with it — was a key underpinning of the state’s 2006 law. <Source>

Establishment elitism cost him the presidency…

Much like George W. Bush, Romney was an elitist. A believer in “establishment politics” and the type of collegiality that saw political adversaries drinking together after the reporters left and cameras and microphones were turned off. A man who embraces a “go along to get along” culture that cripples much of the GOP. When pushed by a political opponent like Obama, Romney refused to engage, remaining over the fray as if such engagement was not gentlemanly and worthy of a man in his position. Unfortunately, this was politics, the land of character assassination and backstabbing dirty tricks.

Mitt Romney in an interview aired Sunday repeatedly refused to say that he would overturn President Barack Obama's new policy allowing some young illegal immigrants to stay in the United States. He claimed Obama's decision was political, while senior White House adviser David Plouffe said the move wasn't motivated by politics. The Republican presidential candidate was asked three times in an interview on CBS' "Face the Nation" whether he would overturn the executive order issued Friday if he's elected in the fall. He refused to directly answer. <Source>

How does Romney really see Americans?

Mitt Romney refused to apologize on Tuesday for describing 47% of Americans as government-dependent "victims" in a covertly recorded video that has thrown his presidential campaign into disarray. In an attempt to save his campaign from ruin, Romney went on the Republican-friendly Fox News network just as the rightwing Drudge Report published excerpts from a 1998 tape showing Barack Obama favoring "redistribution.” The apparently co-ordinated attempt to stem the crisis from the video, published on the Mother Jones website, followed a stumbling press conference on Monday night in which Romney tried to defend comments made at a fundraiser in Florida.

Asked on Fox News if he had "kissed half the electorate goodbye" with the comments, Romney said: "I'm talking about the perspective of voters who I'm not likely to get to support me. Those who are dependent on government, and those who think government's job is to redistribute … I'm not going to get them."<Source>

Why Mitt  Romney should resign…

It is almost unbelievable that a sitting Senator would Tweet a scurrilous, defamatory, and patently false attack on former politician Tulsi Gabbard.

What Tulsi Gabbard Tweeted…


Gabbard told the truth, backed by official government documents and sworn Congressional testimony, yet Romney Tweeted… 


Gabbard engages with the facts and challenges the feckless fool Romney…

Tg-combBottom line...

I believe that Gabbard, a far-left progressive non-white politician with an admirable history of military service, is positioning herself as a centrist -- an old-fashioned liberal Democrat for 2024.  Some suggest that she would make a good running mate for Donald Trump. Unlikely because that would leave a progressive in the White House should something happen to an aging Trump.

As for asshat Romney, it is possible his remarks were a reflection of his hatred and scorn for former President Trump and his attack motivated by Gabbard's seemingly positive regard for Trump and his beneficial actions while President. I can only hope that Romney's political career is over and swirling the toilet. 

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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