I was very much shocked to hear Mark Levin, a constitutional conservative, support Lindsey Graham's insane public call for the assassination of Russian President Vladimir Putin by members of his regime. 

It appears that Levin's comments are rooted in "what's good for the goose is good for the gander" logic that posits if Putin has engaged mercenaries such as The Wagner Group and special forces to root out and assassinate Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, then turnabout is fair play.

Likewise, Fox commentator Sean Hannity seems of the same mind.

"Cut the head of the snake off, and you kill the snake"

"And it's a simple new rule that if you invade an innocent sovereign country, and you kill innocent men, women, and children, you don't deserve to live. That's the bottom line."

"You cut the head of the snake off, and you kill the snake.

"Right now, the snake is Vladimir Putin."

The objective truth...

Executive Order 11905  issued February 19, 1976, by U.S. President Gerald Ford prohibits any member of the U.S. government from engaging or conspiring to engage in any political assassination anywhere in the world.

And the law of unintended consequences suggests that the reaction of the target of an assassination, especially one with access to ultra-loyal covert operatives, military assets, large sums of money, and the willingness to strike back, is unknown.

Moreover, you do not know what the outcome of such an assassination attempt might be. Will it create a martyr or strengthen the resistance? Will it encourage copycats seeking historical importance? Or will it create chaos and further consequences? Look what happened to Libya after the death of Muammar al-Gaddafi. Or what happened in Iraq after the death of Saddam Hussein, which led to the rise of ISIS.

The real problem...

Once again, it appears that the old maxim, "The first casualty of war is the truth," has been validated.

It is next to impossible to judge the state of play in foreign wars. Not only are both sides engaged in psychological operations and spewing propaganda, but, unfortunately, the same can be said of our government under the Biden regime. Even worse, the mainstream media censors or cancels individuals who do not support the regime's narrative.

The truth...

The escalation of pro-Ukraine rhetoric needs to be examined in the light of day.

The Ukraine conflict does not pose an existential crisis for the United States. Many Ukrainians do not view the current incursion as an act of war, but a continuation of Russian military action since 2014.

The only way I can discover my version of the truth is to retreat to "cui bono, a Latin phrase that can be translated as "to whom is it a benefit?"

Therefore, I must consider the following explanation of what we are seeing…

The progressive communist democrats, especially those in the Biden Administration, do not appear to have defined foreign ideological enemies, only domestic enemies; thus, the progressive communist democrats are willing to accept and promote any foreign activity that disfavors their domestic opposition and attack any foreign activity that favors their domestic enemies.

Using this rubric, it makes perfect sense, at least to me, that the progressive communist democrats in the Biden regime are using the conflict to distract and divert the public's attention from the current economic crisis and to cover up the criminality of the Obama and Biden Administrations.

If Putin takes Ukraine, many of the individuals and documents that would implicate members of the Obama Administration and President Biden and his family in criminal activities (and impeachment should the GOP take the House and Senate) will become unavailable. The intelligence agencies will be given new life in another cold war. The military-industrial complex will generate a new revenue stream from preparedness activities and the sale of taxpayer-financed weaponry. The energy companies will profit. And, the media will fill countless hours with repetitive content and continue to blame former President Trump for anything and everything.

This could be one explanation of why we find George Soros and Sean Hannity on the same side when it comes to Ukraine.

Bottom line...

Cui Bono?

Ask yourself why America, formerly energy independent, is buying Russian oil and natural gas and why Russian energy-related financial transactions (including those involving Russia's foreign customers),  are exempt from sanctions?

We are so screwed when the special interests benefit at the expense of American citizen-taxpayers.

-- steve

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