By now, we have discovered and confirmed that the Russians had infiltrated the environmental movement and financed groups waging war against America's continuing industrialization and a robust American economy.

Likewise, they have pretty much done the same thing with the Democrat Party using proxy companies, attorneys, lobbyists, and consultants to funnel payments to politicians. Of course, the greatest mechanism for political corruption is the communist-controlled trade and public unions that run roughshod over both public and private institutions.

Now, these progressive communist democrats are attempting to destroy America’s largest non-nuclear weapon, the energy independence of the United States, which would free the U.S. from dependence on foreign oil, and the continued funding of hostile regimes. Moreover, by being a net exporter of gas and oil, we can curtail the financing of foreign adventurism, blackmail, and state terrorism.

Why we are in trouble…

Turning inward, we find the progressive communist democrats opening our borders, releasing hardened criminals, many of whom are repeat offenders into our communities, allowing the looting of stores with few consequences and general lawlessness on our streets. These are people who are not willing to protect American values. The same people who insist we leave the running of our lives to the experts -- no matter the cost.

And there are the schmucks within the GOP who are actually Democrats in tutus…

Sen. Lindsey Graham calls for Putin’s assassination: ‘The only way this ends’

LG-KPBottom line…

We are so screwed – and the worst part is we are allowing the Democrats to do it to us without pushback.

The first test of resistance to this increasing tyrannical government is to elect a majority of individuals who will put the nation’s interests ahead of their own...

To identify, investigate, and punish those who have pushed this nation closer to catastrophe. Those who have attempted to divide America with Marxist identity politics that pit one class of Americans against another class of Americans. Those who have used domestic terrorist groups and criminals to soften American resolve and promote acceptance of a larger, more powerful government to make Americans feel safer in their homes. Those who want to abolish the Second Amendment and curtail the right of self-defense against criminals, crazies, terrorists, and an increasingly tyrannical government. And those who want to wreak economic chaos and destroy our economy with uncontrolled inflation and worthless money.  And promote mythical impacts of an improbable climate change scenario to control our energy.

The second test is to prosecute members of the Obama Administration for the damage they have done to our nation. We are now seeing far-reaching tentacles of the corrupt Obama Administration interwoven with almost every aspect of our life. 

-- steve

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