It appears Lindsey Graham is calling out Israel for not supplying arms to Ukraine. Does he not realize that the Israelis have a working agreement with Russia regarding going after Iranian missile assets in nearby Syria?

Lindsey Graham criticizes Israel for refusing to sell weapons to Ukraine

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham criticizes Israel for declining to sell Ukraine weapons to fend off the ongoing Russian invasion.

“They asked Israel — no bigger fan of Israel than Lindsey Graham — for stinger [missiles], and apparently Israel said no. So I’ll get on the phone to Israel. You know, we stand up for Israel with the Iron Dome,” Graham tells Fox News, suggesting that the US expects better from its longstanding ally.

“Putin is a thug. He’s a war criminal. He’s destroying a sovereign nation called Ukraine. And if we don’t get Ukraine and Russia right, the Chinese are going to move on Taiwan and the Iranians gonna break out toward a bomb. So it’s in everybody’s interest” for Ukraine to be able to defend itself, Graham argues. <Source>

Bottom line…

Perhaps Lindsey Graham should be hectoring Joe Biden for sending blankets and MREs during the Obama Administration (2015) when Ukraine asked for lethal defensive and offensive weaponry. President Trump was the one who provided lethal aid, including sniper rifles, rocket launchers, and Javelin anti-tank missiles.

And for those who demand the U.S. and NATO provide a “no-fly” zone over Ukraine, what comes next when we are forced to shoot down a Russian jet, or Russia shoots down an American plane? World War III! All based on Lindsey Graham and the ignorant armchair generals.

Shut up, Lindsey. Go practice jumping the aisle to join the progressive communist democrats where you belong.

With schmucks like Graham, the GOP is screwed.

When the progressive communist democrats try to portray Joe Biden as a “wartime president” to cover his massive pattern of failure, ignore them -- you can’t reason with knaves and fools.

-- steve

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