In what universe do you let your sworn enemies, Communist China and Russia, mediate with another hostile foreign power, Iran, on a matter of future existential importance? Or one that involves nuclear weapons and Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles capable of striking the continental United States? Incompetence or part of the plan to destroy America from within?

Any cursory look at Joe Biden’s political career will reveal a few fundamental truths about the man and his media myth.

One, his surface charm, really a faux working-guy schtick, hides a bully’s mean streak and nasty temper.

Two, he is a congenital liar that goes far beyond a politician’s “say anything, do anything” behavior. Even when confronted with recorded evidence of his lies, he has no shame.

Three, he is a weak intellect who needs to plagiarize the work of others – and doesn’t even do that well.

Four, his career is littered with failure and a record of being on the wrong side of history in everything he has attempted.

Five, most damaging of all, Joe Biden is corrupt and lacks moral core values. Like most narcissistic individuals, everything is about Biden. I sincerely believe that Biden is not patriotic, and is amoral like most psychopaths.

And six, Joe Biden is physically and mentally unwell, with severe cognitive decline, inability to recall information, and speaks incoherently at times. A definite candidate for removal from office under the Twenty-Fifth Amendment – except for the fact that Vice President Kamala Harris and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi are also unsuitable to lead this great nation.

So why am I not surprised that Joe Biden, at the direction of former President Obama’s cadre of incompetent foreign policy experts, is following Obama’s appeasement playbook to secure a signed nuclear agreement that accomplishes nothing and is not literally worth the paper it is written upon. Offering to strengthen the Iranian regime with billions of dollars even knowing they are the largest sponsor of state terror in the world?

Capitulation: Biden Team Offers Russia Concessions to Get Iran Nuclear Giveaway Back on Track

New Iran Agreement Would Let Russia Cash in on $10 Billion Contract To Build Nuclear Sites

Russia’s top state-controlled energy company is set to cash in on a $10 billion contract to build out one of Iran’s most contested nuclear sites as part of concessions granted in the soon-to-be-announced nuclear agreement that will guarantee sanctions on both countries are lifted.

Russian and Iranian documents translated for the Washington Free Beacon show that Rosatom, Russia’s leading energy company, has a $10 billion contract with Iran’s atomic energy organization to expand Tehran’s Bushehr nuclear plant. Russia and the Biden administration confirmed on Tuesday that the new nuclear agreement includes carveouts that will waive sanctions on both countries so that Russia can make good on this contract.

"We, of course, would not sanction Russian participation in nuclear projects that are part of resuming full implementation of the JCPOA," State Department spokesman Ned Price confirmed on Tuesday, referring to the original 2015 nuclear accord. Russia’s foreign ministry made a similar statement on Tuesday, saying that "additions were made to the text of the future agreement on JCPOA restoration to ensure that all the JCPOA-related projects, [especially] with Russian participation, as well as Bushehr [nuclear power plant], are protected from negative impact of anti-Russian restrictions" by the United States and European Union.

The removal of these sanctions will provide Moscow’s Rosatom company with a critical source of revenue as American and European sanctions crush Russia’s economy in response to its unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. The concessions to Moscow have generated frustration on Capitol Hill, with top Republican leaders accusing the Biden administration of weakening penalties on Russia to secure an agreement with Iran. Moscow has served as the United States' top interlocutor in talks, even as the country’s war machine rolls across Ukraine. The Free Beacon first reported on Tuesday that a policy document circulating among lawmakers exposes how the new nuclear agreement will create a "sanctions evasion hub" for Russian president Vladimir Putin. <Source>

For those with a short memory, Rosatom was the Russian energy company that was allowed to purchase twenty percent of the U.S. uranium production under the Obama Administration after the deal was green-lighted by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and other Democrat sell-outs, including:

  • Attorney General Eric Holder;
  • Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner;
  • Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke;
  • Secretary of Defense Robert Gates;
  • Energy Secretary Steven Chu;
  • Secretary of Homeland Defense Janet Napolitano;
  • U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk; and
  • John Holdren of the Office of Science and Technology Policy.

-- all sitting as members of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the U.S. (CFIUS).

Not to gloss over the lesser scandal of millions of dollars paid to the Clinton Foundation -- including speaking fees to Bill Clinton personally -- that were among the other Obama-era scandals that remained under “perpetual investigation” until the statute of limitations passed.

Why does everything seem to revolve around Ukraine?

Have you ever wondered why much of the scandal involving the attempt to derail candidate, then later President, Donald Trump, had deep Ukraine connections?

Or that Ukraine conspired, colluded, and coordinated with the Democrats in these matters?

Or that Victoria Nuland, Alexander Vindman, and others associated with the plot had deep Ukraine or Russian connections.

Did the Democrats deliberately provoke Putin into a war as just another useful idiot to distract from the criminality of the Obama/Biden Administration? Or to distract from the domestic and foreign policy failures that have damaged the United States just before the 2022 midterm election?

Bottom line…


Perhaps, we should look to former President Obama for the truth about Biden and accept Hillary Clinton’s corruption as a demonstrable given.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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