A few readers asked me how I view the political landscape—a highly subjective topic, to say the least. However, given my science-oriented mind, I thought I would attempt to explain my framework that informs my viewpoint and positioning.

The false conceptualization that your politics is static and linear...

Media pundits and pollsters would have you believe that political positioning is a straight line that runs from very conservative through very liberal – and your overall positioning on this scale informs your opinions, choices, and decision-making. Of course, this ignores your upbringing, education, experiences, and peers.

  • very conservative
  • conservative
  • slightly conservative
  • moderate or centrist
  • slightly liberal
  • liberal
  • very liberal

Of course, it is demonstrably false given that the same individual can hold multiple opinions on a multiplicity of issues -- being very conservative on issue one and very liberal on issue two.

A mathematically-based viewpoint…


Perhaps, the best way to explain what is really happening can be taken from mathematics. Consider a sphere with you at the center. Consider the issues to be placed around the sphere at different points, both within and on the sphere's surface. Draw arrows from the center of the sphere to each of these issues. Now for a little vector mathematics, where a vector is a straight line from you in the center pointing at a given issue that has both magnitude (intensity of your feeling) and direction (political leaning). Now consider that, at any given time, you are the sum of all vectors in your spherical universe.

A more useful conceptual picture…

Let us cut the sphere in half on the vertical axis for those who cannot easily visualize or utilize the vector analogy above.


You are still the sum of your opinions and beliefs, but they may be more easily visualized.

Do you tend to believe in more government and less self-reliance or less government and more self-reliance when considering a particular matter?

Of course, some matters can only be solved with government intervention. Matters that require truth and uniformity in description like weights and measures and matters which demand due process and equality under the law. Others are best left to your own informed judgment based on your particular circumstances, like those involving healthcare.

My beliefs…

(1)  Unless you are a psychopath, you have an intrinsic understanding of good and evil, right and wrong.

(2)  Government is not monolithic and is comprised of individuals each acting according to their own self-interests.

(3)  While there might be credentialed, educated, and experienced individuals working in government, you cannot rely on the government’s claim of expertise, as well-credentialed, well-educated, and well-experienced individuals have often been proven to be fools or ideologically compromised. Especially when operating outside their narrow field of expertise and accepting compromise as a modus operandi.

(4)  You cannot rely on the government for your individual needs because competing interests favor the elite, powerful, wealthy, or politically connected individuals and organizations.

(5)  Your loyalty should be, first to yourself and family; second, to your proven friends; and third, to your community. To the extent you wish to prioritize God and Country is your individual choice.

(6)  If you cannot come to a decision, ask CUI BONO, Latin, for who benefits. Follow the money to the truth.

(7)  Remember, political parties, politicians, and other powerful people are like celebrities – they have a public persona that can be radically different from the monsters they may truly be.

The current situation…

Both political parties are moving at different speeds toward the great reset where perpetual political power trumps humanity.

The Russian people do not want war. The Ukrainian people do not want war. We do not want war. We want to live our lives unmolested by the government and their special interest friends.

Unfortunately, it appears that the elites in power want us at war. A war between our nations. A war between ourselves. War to deplete our personal reserves and social safety nets to the point where we become dependent on government -- and eventually dependent on a global government ruled by the elites under rules that perpetuate their power.

Bottom line…

If you are to believe psychologists, your subconscious mind has already considered the facts at hand, extrapolated to fill in missing data, and has formed a conclusion leading to a decision. It is now up to your conscious mind to rationalize that subconscious decision or suffer the discomforts of cognitive dissonance when dealing with two dissimilar thoughts—discomforts that can become physical maladies and stress.

No matter how you slice and dice the rationalizations, it all comes down to credibility and trust. If either of those is lost, you might do well to prepare yourself for hard times or consider altering your beliefs, actions, and allegiances.

In the final analysis, politics is the acceptance of the lesser of two evils – both being evil and reprehensible.

At this moment, our troubles are being caused and compounded by the progressive communist democrats. And to a lesser extent, by establishment Republicans who are RINOs, Republicans In Name Only. Thus the path forward is clear – support the GOP until they, once again, disappoint us as they surely must. 

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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“Fere libenter homines id quod volunt credunt." (The people gladly believe what they wish to.) ~Julius Caesar

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