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Once again, I wonder how we find ourselves so far behind the curve when it comes to foreign and domestic affairs.


The roots of our situation lie in political corruption…

There is no doubt in my mind that Ukraine, much like Russia, was a corrupt state. Likewise, there is no doubt that malignant United States-based business interests played a major role in cutting special interest deals in Ukraine. And that these special interests turned to the U.S. State Department to pressure Ukrainian officials into supporting their corrupt business interests. Including, not so coincidently, the Biden family who sold access to Vice President Biden, who Obama placed in charge of Ukraine policy as well as access to other U.S. officials.

President Biden openly interfered with Ukraine's internal politics when he used a quid pro quo threat to have a Ukraine State prosecutor investigating a company that employed his son for an outrageous retainer -- given the son's lack of knowledge and experience in Ukraine oil and gas matters. What Hunter Biden did have was the ability to move the Vice President into protecting the company from prosecution.

Of course, the Ukrainian contingent of the State Department and National Security Council needed to cover up their illegal actions by misdirecting the public's attention to a phony impeachment scheme over the alleged illegality of President Trump's quid pro quo phone call asking for the Biden dealings with the independent state investigator to be investigated.

Newly released State memos undercut Democrats' Ukraine impeachment story

Just months before Joe Biden forced his firing, Ukraine's chief prosecutor was told by U.S. State Department officials that they were "impressed" with his anti-corruption plan and fully supportive of his work, according to newly released memos that cast doubt on a key Democrat impeachment narrative.

During former President Donald Trump's first impeachment trial two years ago, House Democrats alleged that Ukrainian Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin was fired in March 2016 because State officials were widely displeased with his anti-corruption efforts and not because Shokin's office was investigating the Ukrainian gas firm that had given then-Vice President Biden's son Hunter a lucrative job.

But the memos obtained by Just the News and the Southeastern Legal Foundation under a Freedom of Information Act request show senior State Department officials — including then-Secretary of State John Kerry — were sending the opposite message to Shokin the summer before his firing.

"We have been impressed with the ambitious reform and anti-corruption agenda of your government," then-Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Victoria Nuland personally wrote Shokin in an official letter dated June 9, 2015 that was delivered to the prosecutor two days later by then-U.S. Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt.

Nuland, now President Biden's undersecretary of state, wrote that "Secretary Kerry asked me to reply on his behalf" to let Shokin know he enjoyed the full support of the United States as he set out to fight endemic corruption in the former Soviet republic.

"The ongoing reform of your office, law enforcement, and the judiciary will enable you to investigate and prosecute corruption and other crimes in an effective, fair, and transparent manner," Nuland added. "The United States fully supports your government's efforts to fight corruption and other crimes in an effective, fair and transparent manner." <Source> <Document>

Enter Vladimir Putin...

Ukraine, instead of recognizing its status as a "buffer state" between two larger powers, Russia and the European Union, moved toward the West, even to the extent of seeking their membership in the European Union (with open passports and unfettered migration) and NATO which represented Western military power.

Given the natural resources of Ukraine, including massive oil and wheat productions, this represented a threat to Russia, both economically and militarily. A situation that could be rectified with another Russian puppet regime installed in Ukraine. Both logical and prudent, a decision that the Commissariat and the Oligarchs could back. The stage was set by the lack of U.S. response to Georgia (2008), the lack of U.S. response to the Crimean Peninsula (2014), and Biden’s idiotic response to Russia in 2022, threatening to do something if they invade a small part of Ukraine and something larger if they invade more territory. The course of action became clear – the U.S. was a paper tiger and unlikely to do more than a few ceremonial sanctions.

The return of corrupt Vice President Joe Biden as the President of the United States...

Given his career-long failure of being on the wrong side of U.S. foreign policy interventions, his obvious corruption, his cognitive impairment, fecklessness, and an Administration run by a cadre of former President Obama's acolytes and their "lead from behind" posture, the situation was a tinderbox waiting to catch fire.

Boom! The match was Afghanistan, which saw an ineffective Obamacon-led State Department run roughshod over a military who seemed more concerned with diversity, equity, and inclusion than their readiness to fight. It was an abject surrender that even saw Americans left behind enemy lines to be hunted, tortured, and killed. A low point in American history that signaled peak weakness to Putin and his allies.

The Ukraine invasion was on. And Russia was somewhat protected from military intervention. Nobody wanted to start World War III by imposing a no-fly zone over Ukraine and then dealing with combatant aircraft shooting at each other.

Even now, the corruption of the moneyed interests is supreme...

Instead of restoring and ramping up U.S. coal, oil, and gas production to counteract the Russian pressure on Europe dealing with a cold winter, the Biden Administration levied "tough sanctions" on Russia and their oligarchs.

Just kidding! The Biden Administration carefully avoided sanctioning energy production and the financial institutions that processed energy payments. Biden, meanwhile, falsely positioned himself as leading a "worldwide" coalition even though it was the Europeans looking out for their own interests that were leading the charge.

Putin's miscalculation was threefold, one, he underestimated the ability of invading troops who were falsely told they were attacking Nazis and would be welcomed with open arms; he underestimated the resistance level of a besieged population that had driven out Putin's previous puppet; and three, he underestimated the power of social media which sent real-time eye-witness evidence of horrific atrocities around the globe. A war was no longer conducted in secrecy, with war crimes hidden in the fog of war.

What now?

How will the citizens of Ukraine fair after having much of their infrastructure destroyed and lives upended? Will the United States pour in billions of dollars to assist in rebuilding the nation – all to the benefit of Putin and Russia? Will the U.S. turn its back and play diplomatic musical chairs? Who knows?

Bottom line…

One thing is abundantly clear. Obama, Biden, and the progressive communist democrats have severely weakened the United States here and abroad. Some behavior bordering on the traitorous – like giving military intelligence to Communist China in a time of war. Biden has driven our most virulent enemies, China and Russia, together rather than inducing discord and distractions.

We are screwed, and so are the Ukrainians; political corruption won – and even more, opportunities are presented in any recovery managed by the same bad actors.

-- steve

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