Before you get all high and mighty and sling around the racist label, that is the self-described label of the senior Black Lives Matter leadership, and if you are upset, I will give you something to be upset about.

Black Lives Matter, the communist front group founded by hard-core black queers, attempts to subvert children as young as kindergarten-age with their toxic un-American, anti-White, anti-Semitic rhetoric. Separating children into privileged oppressors and victims and pitting them against each other, their parents, and their country.


Consider BLM’s implementation of a national “Week of Action” to indoctrinate, rather than educate, children in the ways of identity politics, class warfare, and revolution. 

After each principle, I’ve suggested some language you might want to use when talking to young children. Whenever possible, make connections to children’s lived experience, in your classroom, your home, or out in the world.

Restorative Justice is the commitment to build a beloved and loving community that is sustainable and growing. [OCS: Restorative justice is a canard that values the criminal as well as the victim. This is wrong, leads to injustice, and recidivism!]

“We know that if you knock down someone's block building, you have to help them rebuild it,you can't just say, "Sorry," and walk away. Another way to say that is restorative justice, and it's the idea that we have to help people when something happens to them, even if it was by accident.”

Empathy is one’s ability to connect with others by building relationships built on mutual trust and understanding. [OCS: understanding should precede empathy, without understanding, their can be no empathy.]

“It’s so important to think about how other people feel, because different people have different feelings. Sometimes it helps to think about how you would feel if the same thing that happened to your friend happened to you. Another way to say that is empathy.”

Loving Engagement is the commitment to practice justice, liberation and peace. [OCS: A nonsensical word salad devoid of rational meaning.]

“It’s so important to make sure that we are always trying to be fair and peaceful. We have to keep practicing this so that we can get better and better at it. Another way to say that is loving engagement.”

Diversity is the celebration and acknowledgment of differences and commonalities across cultures. [OCS: There is nothing wrong with diversity, unless it is weaponized to benefit a certain class of individuals at the expense of another class.]

“Different people do different things and have different feelings. It’s so important that we have lots of different kinds of people in our community and that everyone feels safe. Another way to say that is diversity.”

Globalism is our ability to see how we are impacted or privileged within the Black global family that exists across the world in different regions. [OCS: Why do few question the exemplary performance of black immigrants from the global community when measured against the poor performance of indigenous inner city blacks?]

“Globalism means that we are thinking about all the different people all over the world, and thinking about the ways to keep things fair everywhere.” [OCS: There is no way to overcome human nature except with authoritarian force and nature is built on a construct of competing and cooperating interests.]

Transgender Affirming is the commitment to continue to make space for our trans siblings by encouraging leadership and recognizing trans-antagonistic violence, while doing the work required to dismantle cisgender privilege and uplift Black trans folk. [OCS: You cannot make people feel better about themselves or others by decree.]

“Everybody has the right to choose their own gender by listening to their own heart and mind. Everyone gets to choose if they are a girl or a boy or both or neither or something else, and no one else gets to choose for them.”

Queer Affirming is working towards a queer-affirming network where heteronormative thinking no longer exists. [OCS: regardless of the academically-inspired label, “heteronormative thinking” is the default of the majority of our society. To believe otherwise is to impose the tyranny of the minority on the majority.] 

“Everybody has the right to choose who they love and the kind of family they want by listening to their own heart and mind.”

Collective Value means that all Black lives, regardless of actual or perceived sexual identity, gender identity, gender expression, economic status, ability, disability, religious beliefs or disbeliefs, immigration status or location, matter.

Everybody is important, and has the right to be safe and happy. Another way to say that is collective value.” [OCS: It is contradictory to claim all black lives matter and then teach “everybody is important. If everybody is important, than all lives matter.]”

Intergenerational is a space free from ageism where we can learn from each other. [OCS: It is ironic that the Hollywood elites have built an extreme form of ageism that is both openly acknowledged and ignored. Many cultures are respectful of their elders as it should be.] 

“It’s important that we have spaces where people of different ages can come together and learn from each other. Another way to say that is intergenerational.”

Black Families creates a space that is family friendly and free from patriarchal practices. “There are lots of different kinds of families; what makes a family is that it’s people who take care of each other. It’s important to make sure that all families feel welcome.” [OCS: Without male role models and a guiding hand, many young men become irresponsible, unreliable, and are prone to mistreat others. It is bad enough we are raising another generation of little boys who are being conditioned to act like obedient little girls. Much of the black male ethos comes from poor influences in the media and in the community.]

Black Villages is the disruption of Western nuclear family dynamics and a return to the“collective village” that takes care of each other. [OCS: Communism on display!]

“There are lots of different kinds of families; what makes a family is that it’s people who take care of each other; those people might be related, or maybe they choose to be family together and to take care of each other. Sometimes, when it’s lots of families together, it can be called a village.”

Black Women is the building of women-centered spaces free from sexism, misogyny, and male-centeredness. [OCS: As one would expect from a lesbian-centric leadership.]

“There are some people who think that women are less important than men. We know that all people are important and have the right to be safe and talk about their own feelings.”

Unapologetically Black is the affirmation that Black Lives Matter and that our love, and desire for justice and freedom are prerequisites for wanting that for others. These principles are the blueprint for healing and do not include nor do they support ignoring or sanitizing the ugliness and discomfort that comes with dealing with race and anti-race issues. [Black Lives Matter is evil as they promote a toxic ideology that has killed and enslaved millions. The only equality is the equality of misery – except for the BLM leadership who are suddenly millionaires.]

“There are lots of different kinds of people and one way that we’re different is the color of our skin. It’s important to make sure that all people are treated fairly, and that’s why we, and lots of other people all over the country and the world are part of the Black Lives Matter movement.”


BLM donors get screwed...

Black Lives Matter sent millions to bogus charity run by Patrisse’s wife…

Black Lives Matter transferred millions to a Canadian entity run by the wife of its co-founder to purchase a sprawling mansion that had once served as the headquarters of the Communist Party.

M4BJ, a Toronto-based non-profit set up by Janaya Khan and other Canadian grifters, snagged the 10,000 square foot historic property for $6.3 million in cash in July 2021, according to Toronto property records viewed by The NY Post. Khan is the wife of Patrisse Khan-Cullors, a co-founder of Black Lives Matter Global Foundation Network and a self-avowed Marxist.

She resigned from the group last year, a month after The Post revealed that she had spent $3.2 million on homes in Georgia and Los Angeles. In Canada, the purchase was criticized by two senior members of the group who resigned earlier this month over the building’s funding. <Source>

Bottom line…

Consider traditional core beliefs and values.

(1)  All lives matter and are worthy of respect, and you do not empower certain people by disempowering others.

(2)  The nuclear family, not a collective coalition of competing interests, is the most effective way to raise children.

(3)  Individuals are not responsible for the behavior and actions of their ancestors or members of the same “identity class.” You are individually responsible for your own behavior and actions.

(4)  Excusing or ignoring the behavior of evildoers based on “restorative justice” is morally wrong and reprehensible.

(5)  A small vocal minority, with the help of a corrupt media echo chamber, should not be allowed to impose tyranny on the majority.

(6) One needs to consider the competing interests at play in any situation before the decision-making process is complete.

(7)  Lifestyle choices trump legislation and authoritarian mandates.

(8)  Everything you need to know is contained in the Ten Commandments or condensed into the Golden “Do unto others….” Rule.

We are so screwed when we allow BLM to riot rather than protest.

-- steve

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