The FDA is analogous to a trusted third-party financial rating agency…

One of the most damaging factors in the 2008 mortgage meltdown and the broader financial crisis was the appearance of trusted third-party rating agencies to vouch for the underlying integrity of securities being sold to the public and institutional investors. We later found that the trusted third-party rating agencies were not only paid by those seeking ratings but were competing among the other rating agencies to secure business. While business competition is good for the buyer, it often produces false impressions for the consumer as the rating agency bends its “gold standard” analysis to generate revenue.

Similarly, we see the same thing with the FDA, a trusted third-party rating agency for the pharmaceutical industry that derives a significant portion of its funding from the “user fees” paid by the pharmaceutical companies seeking approval for their drugs and medical devices.

Has the FDA been corrupted in the same manner as the rating agencies?

At this point, one can only suspect that the FDA has been politicized and has altered their off-label approvals, recommendations, and conditional use permits to satisfy those in the pharmaceutical industry who have invested large sums of money in a taxpayer-funded, consistently profitable "vaccine" business, worth billions of dollars per year.

Science or “the science?”

There is no such thing as “the science.” The underlying science of our universe is immutable and not easily subject or susceptible to change. What changes in our understanding of science as time progresses. In fact, the one variable that cannot be simulated to any degree of certainty is time, especially how any pharmaceutical product will work over long time periods in the general population.

Why should the FDA be suspect?

One, they are corrupting the scientific method by withholding the public dissemination of information about the approval process itself as well as the information submitted by the companies seeking approvals -- often under the guise of “proprietary information” or “trade secret” claims.

Two, the FDA discourages public comment and dissent, even from well-educated, well-credentialed, and well-experienced individuals, as if their findings and opinions could be imputed to incompetence, inefficiency, and, yes, corruption within the FDA itself.

Three, in managing the approval process where multiple entities are competing in the same marketplace and time is of the essence in terms of first-mover advantage, the FDA may be afraid of appearing biased or being attacked in the media?


Worst case scenario?

What if conventional, low-cost drugs could have been used for the early treatment of symptomatic COVID-19 individuals?

What if the efficacy of COVID-19 treatments had limited viability and decreased over time?

What if the current treatments have undisclosed or under-reported life-threatening side effects?

What if age- and co-morbidity stratified cohorts were not at extreme risk for developing severe COVID-19 symptoms and forced to accept treatments that carried demonstrably higher risks of serious side effects? Where the untreated population fares better than the treated population? 

What if the major pharmaceutical companies become liable for damages based on misrepresenting data or perpetrating fraud on the public?

Bottom line…

It all comes down to who you can trust in a government preoccupied with gaining or maintaining power and perpetuating the regime’s governance.

What can the public make of a government willing to threaten or punish healthcare professionals if they step beyond government-promoted orthodoxy and adherence to "correct" or accepted narratives?

There are no concrete answers at this time, only inferences, as we ask why the FDA, together with Pfizer and others, are trying to hide the clinical data used in the approval process.

And, it appears that we are about to find out how corrupt our government has become and the social and financial consequences of their treachery and breach of faith.

We are so screwed when we find no pharmaceutical science without pharmaceutical politics.

-- steve

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