There is no doubt in my mind that we are at the mercy of our unions, multi-national corporations, financial institutions, and politicians. All following Rahm Emanuel's exhortation to never let a crisis go to waste.

By artificially controlling the scarcity of items, big profits await -- relying on inflation (an increased money supply chasing fewer goods) to produce record profits for those in control. And, as always, the wealthy and powerful elites are isolated from the consequences of their actions.

Consider the supply chain and the backlog of ships waiting to be off-loaded. It appears that the unions are controlling the situation and receiving extortionate salaries while continuing to impose onerous work rules to prolong the backlog. Even President Biden's request for 24/7 port operations has been mostly ignored while the State of California's politicians continues to cripple the supply of both port trucks and drivers with its insane public policies.

How is it that the mainstream media is giving these obvious harmful public policies and their consequences little or no mention? Oh, I forgot. Today's media is being controlled by the media moguls and tech tyrants profiting from the ongoing disaster.

For years the Federal Reserve has been supplying money, much of it artificially created, at little or no interest. Allowing banks that were recently technically insolvent to recapitalize and earn record profits. They pay near nothing for the money, lend it out at 18%, securitize the debt which is sold to investors -- and they generate profits with minimal risks. And thanks to our politicians, consumer protections against usury (lending money at exorbitantly high rates) are almost non-existent.

While a thoroughly incompetent and feckless "Mayor Pete" Buttigieg, the Secretary of Transportation, is on maternity leave with his husband or is missing-in-action, the situation continues to grow worse.

I need someone to explain…

  • Why is the federal government being allowed to kill America's energy independence, pay farmers not to grow crops, and divert billions of gallons of water from agriculture to the ocean?
  • Why are politicians and special interests demanding the replacement of reliable energy with unreliable and more expensive energy?
  • Why are the elites promoting electric kiddie cars that are range and temperature limited?
  • Why has the State of California refused to build water capture and containment structures or expand refining capacity in the state?
  • Why was a workable nuclear plan scrapped and billions in decommissioning costs passed along to consumers?
    What ever happened to California's billion-dollar purchase of masks from a Chinese company known to build busses? Where are the masks?
  • Why are the tech tyrants and corporatists like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Tim Cook colluding with the Chinese Communists on dual-use and suppression technology? Elite capture by the ChiComs to encourage selling out America.? 
  • Why is Medicare and Medicaid fraud not investigated and punished? With only a few blatant cases being highlighted by the media?  

The short answer: artificial scarcity-driven profits and control. 

Bottom line…

Cui Bono? Who benefits? Not "We the People."

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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