While it is nice to see when your ballot was mailed and returned, it is relatively meaningless unless you can verify it was you that returned the ballot, the ballot choices you made were recorded accurately, and the valid vote was correctly totaled.


Unfortunately, President Joe Biden said the silent part out loud, "The struggle's no longer just who gets to vote, or making it easier for eligible people to vote, it's about who gets to count the vote and whether your vote counts at all."

What do you know about the Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk for Los Angeles County Dean Logan?

Dean Logan stole ’04 governor’s race, and he’s at it again in California

The man who stole the governor’s election in Washington state is now doing the same thing in Los Angeles. We had absolute criminals in charge of the Democratic Party in Washington in 2004.

In case you need your memory refreshed, that was when Attorney General Christine Gregoire was running for governor against Republican candidate Dino Rossi. When they counted all the votes, Dino Rossi was the winner – by 261 votes. Such a thin margin triggers an automatic recount. When they did the recount, they found some more Gregoire votes, but Rossi won again — by 42 votes this time.

And that is when the Democratic machine of Ron Simms, Christine Gregoire, and the head of King County Elections at the time, a guy named Dean Logan, got involved. What was revealed in subsequent lawsuits was remarkable. On the third recount, they miraculously found a few hundred more votes for Gregoire to steal away the governor’s race. Apparently, there were 300 illegal votes, 400 more where the voter could not be verified, 240 felons who voted illegally, 44 votes from dead people, and 10 people who voted twice. When all of those votes were counted, the third time around, all of a sudden Christine Gregoire was the governor.

Then and now, I think it was a Democratic Party criminal conspiracy. The guy spearheading this in King County was Dean Logan, who was finding uncounted ballots all over. He was absolutely amazing at finding Gregoire ballots in between counts.

Dean Logan had to resign in disgrace from King County Elections. Where did he go? Los Angeles County. <Source>

Bottom line…

Unless we investigate the past elections, cure the faults, punish those that interfered with the election or compromised the vote, we no longer can rely on voter integrity.

Ask yourself why the progressive communist democrats who govern California and Los Angeles fight against voter identification and transparency? Why do they want everyone to vote by mail – passing votes through uncontrolled union employees or left in anonymous drop boxes? Why do they demand that all votes be accepted regardless of their source – even if the voter cannot be authenticated or authentication procedures are relaxed or bypassed altogether? Why are they fighting forensic audits?

Democrats are incapable of protecting the safety and security of the United States. They are more interested in the sovereignty and borders of Ukraine than they are in American sovereignty and borders. They have mucked up the economy and brought us to record inflation. And they cannot be trusted to manage our elections.

We are so screwed


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