It appears that the progressive communist democrat propagandists at CNN have no sense of irony as they attempt to hire disinformation specialists. No joke, the positions exist.

Can YOU spot the disinformation below? We will provide tools to help!


Yes, CNN (also known as the Communist News Network) wants to hire people to cover disinformation. Obviously, a full-time job given that CNN’s coverage is almost wall-to-wall disinformation. 

Alex Koppelman, the managing editor for CNN Business, overseeing the coverage of tech, media, consumer, and transportation, as well as the site's features, went on to explain more…

What do we mean by covering misinformation? Really it's about covering reality: The uses, abuses, and distortions of it, the people twisting it, and the effect that has on all of us. We already do a lot of important work on this; we want to do more.

We’re looking for someone who can run day-to-day news on the beat, oversee incredibly sensitive and complicated and important enterprise stories, and help us define and develop the team,


  • Committed progressive communist democrat agenda. (No conservatives need apply.)
  • Blind to CNN-generated disinformation while hyper-critical of anything not comporting with the progressive communist democrat narrative.
  • Must be able to watch White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki for hours without throwing up or calling bullshit.
  • Identify news and narratives and be able to transform one into the other.
  • Must be well-versed in woke ideology, Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, and the creation of alternative definitions.
  • Must be able to falsify, distort, garble, warp, twist, contort, deform, color, strain, and misrepresent any narrative on the fly.
  • Willing to ignore actual data and craft alternative narratives using a speculative fiction format.
  • Able to cut and paste documents to be used as program graphics.
  • Ability to create lower-third chyrons using state-of-the-art character generation equipment.
  • Can maintain a straight face or feigned emotion as needed.
  • Tolerant of co-worker and management sexual harassment.
  • Willing to take direction from management without questions.
  • Willing to donate a portion of your small salary to the Democratic National Committee and company-designated candidates.
  • BiPOCs preferred. (Self-identity declarations will not be referenced checked.)

Bottom line…

The Cable News Network (CNN), founded by Ted Turner and Reese Schonfeld as a 24-hour cable news channel headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia (not New York), was once a trusted and reliable media outlet. Now, CNN has lost all credibility as a news source and appears to be little more than the propaganda outlet for progressive communist democrats.

We are so screwed when we lack a free non-corporatized press in America. Unfortunately, our best domestic news comes from foreign sources.

-- steve

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