Recently I received a survey form from Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) soliciting my donation and, as if he really cares, my opinion on what issues ate most important to me.



  • Ending the pandemic – the pandemic is a medical, not a political issue, and cannot be ended by any particular government public policy. You cannot trust the government, at least the present Biden Administration, to tell you the truth about the efficacy of masks, vaccines, or lockdowns. What they claim is “science” is politicized science and the expert medical spokespeople they offer to the public are little more that politicized bureaucrats with medical credentials.
  • Making the economy work for everyone – our capitalist economic system allows for equality of opportunity and mobile economic class status. There will always be the strong and the weak, the wealthy and the poor -- unlike the socialist/communist economic system that purports to provide equality of outcomes to everybody. In truth the only thing shared by the masses is deprivation, misery, and the scarcity of goods and services -- except the ruling elite and their special interest friends who have a vested interest in the system and are immune from the consequences of the regime in power.
  • Climate change – the climate is constantly changing and the only thing new is the politicization of climate change to gain and maintain political power over the population and to loot the public treasury.
  • Protecting our democracy – One might ask from who? Foreign hostile powers who have used currency manipulation, bribes, and incentives to buy the votes of our politicians or who are buying up our critical infrastructure at record low prices? From a malevolent domestic political regime bend on grasping power at any costs?
  • Voting rights – Ask yourself if we are truly free to vote or just vote for the pre-selected candidates presented by the major parties? How did we get nominees like Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Donald Trump? Are you seriously telling me that minorities cannot get free identification from their state governments.
  • Universal health care – This is a misnomer. We already have universal healthcare where anyone, even illegal aliens, can get healthcare. What they are talking about is single-payer healthcare where the government controls your health care and your life.
  • Racial justice – You do not end discrimination of one class of people by discriminating against another class of people. That is unless you are Marxists using class discrimination and identity politics to gain and maintain political; power.
  • LGBTQ rights – See racial justice. Just another example of identity politics.
  • Education – Despite the billions of dollars poured into the system, we are indoctrinating students, not educating them. The average six grader in the early 1900s was more knowledgeable and accomplished than some of today’s college students. The teachers’ unions are a form of organized crime and are political entities that stand idly by while another generation of function illiterates is created by our school system. Even lowering or eliminating standards is not enough to disguise the fact that Johnny, Suzie, Mohamed, Jing, Pedro, and Kumar cannot read, write, or do arithmetic – or lack historical knowledge to measure how they are getting screwed.
  • Immigration – Without controlled borders, you do not have a nation state. We are seeing the dilution of our economic assets and culture by those illegal aliens who are being allowed entry by politicians.
  • Reproductive rights – This is a code word for abortion. If politicians were really concerned with body autonomy and freedoms, there would be no vaccine or mask mandates.
  • Gun violence prevention – There is no such thing as gun violence. It is violence caused by individuals who choose to use a gun. The solution is punish crime and criminals, not law-abiding gun owners who have an inalienable right to self-defense.
  • Paid family & medical leave – This is wealth re-distribution for political purposes. Unearned entitlements as enticement to vote Democrat.
  • Affordable housing – The reason housing is not affordable can be correlated directly to the political control of zoning and building codes on behalf of the developers who are politically powerful and who are directly and indirectly bribing our local politicians.
  • Other – political corruption and lying/leaking progressive communist democrats like Representative Adam Schiff who alters evidence before presenting it to Congress and the American public. And, of course, a politically corrupt media that acts as propagandists for the regime.

Considering his education, Schiff is not stupid; he is malevolent…

Schiff graduated with distinction with a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and graduated with honor with a Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School. So when I see him lie, it is either he is a pathological liar or malevolent.

From a recent email...

Stephen — I wanted to share some thoughts as the Senate is set to debate voting rights and the filibuster this week.

A few days ago, President Biden came to a Senate Caucus meeting to urge Senators to pass voting rights and not let the filibuster get in the way. After spending decades in the Senate himself, he understood the need for a change in the Senate rules if the nation was going to move forward, not backward.

[OCS: Consider the Senate rules that attempt to check the power of the majority, by providing a rule that prolongs debate on proposed legislation so as to delay or entirely prevent a decision without 60 Senators voting to end debate using the Senate’s cloture rule. To eliminate the filibuster would give the majority party the ability to pass any legislation without check. Not all legislation, especially some measures proposed by the progressive communist democrats are good for the nation or advance the cause of democracy.]

But just prior to his speaking, and knowing the purpose of this personal visit by the President of the United States, one of the Democratic Senators took to the Senate floor to pledge her loyalty to the filibuster even if it meant the death of voting rights. That’s right, a member of the President’s own party would not even allow him to make the case without preemptively telling him and the country she thought it a waste of time.

[OCS: It is a brave individual who stands up for the Senate Rules; against the overwhelming scorn of her party, the President of the United States, and the propagandists in the mainstream and social media.

Truth be told, the proposed voting rights legislation would not only usurp the power of the states to control their own electoral process, but would facilitate voter fraud on a massive scale by eliminating many election integrity countermeasures. In essence it federalizes voting procedures.

President Joe Biden, himself, spilled the beans,  “The struggle’s no longer just who gets to vote, or making it easier for eligible people to vote, it’s about who gets to count the vote and whether your vote counts at all.”]

It is maddening, and I won’t sugarcoat what it means for the likelihood of success legislatively, in pushing back against the pernicious Republican efforts to disenfranchise people and compromise the integrity of our elections.

Instead, I come back to something the Speaker often tells us, “we don’t agonize, we organize.”

[OCS: This would be the corrupt Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. Who, truth be told, should be regarded as a co-conspirator in the January 6 riots and forced to testify about her part in stage-managing the events that occurred.]

All around the country, we must ensure that whatever obstacle is put in our way, we will help Americans vote, and make sure every vote is counted. We will protect independent elections officials from harassment — including death threats — so that they remain in their important posts. We will use the courts to challenge any effort to turn away citizens with the right to vote, or to use these anti-democratic new processes to overturn the popular will at the polls.

[OCS: It was Democrat shyster Marc Elias, the bagman for the Trump/Russia hoax dossier, that went around the nation trying to implement illegal voting procedures. It was the progressive communist democrats who fought tooth-and-nail against forensic audits of voting results or refused to cooperate with election investigations – even with clear proof of procedural violations and suspicious electoral activity.]

In short, we will save our democracy.

[OCS: The Democrats are like Seinfeld’s George Costanza, everything they says should be taken as the opposite of what they means. In short, instead of saving democracy, the Democrat-proposed legislation will diminish democracy and move us closer to big government authoritarian rule. The goal, voter subversion that will ensure that the Democrats can become a perpetual party that controls America.]

As Americans, we have an important democratic legacy to protect. And we will do everything in our power to do so. We will do our duty to our country, and to our children and grandchildren.

[OCS: Liar/Leaker Adam Schiff is an amoral piece of Schiff that has proven over and over again that his loyalty to his corrupt party supersedes his duty to the Constitution, our nation and his constituents.]

Thank you for doing your part. I can’t tell you how much it means to me.

[OCS: If you really want to do your part, demand Adam Schiff be disciplined for not demonstrating the qualities of honesty, fairness, candor, trustworthiness, observance of fiduciary responsibility, respect for and obedience to the law, and respect for the rights of others and for the judicial process. Namely lying to Congress, altering evidence, engaging in a conspiracy to interfere with a presidential election, and obstruction of justice.]

Bottom line…

Ignore this piece of Schiff.

We're so screwed.

-- steve

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