NBA Co-Owner: I Don’t Care About China’s Genocide Against the Uyghurs. Deal With It.

NBA Team Owner: ‘Nobody Cares’ about Uyghur Genocide

NBA Owner Declares He Doesn’t Care About China’s Uyghurs

Co-owner of NBA’s Warriors slammed after saying ‘nobody cares about the Uyghurs’

Billionaire investor Chamath Palihapitiya says ‘nobody cares’ about Uyghurs in China

Golden State Warriors Owner Proudly Declares He Doesn’t Care About China’s Treatment of Uyghurs

In a discussion of human rights on episode 63 of the All-In podcast featuring Jason Calacanis, Chamath Palihapitiya, David Friedberg, and David Sacks, Chamath Palihapitiya commented that China’s treatment of the Uyghurs was not one of his primary concerns.

Calacanis: His [President Biden’s] China policy, the fact that he came out with a statement on the Uyghurs, I thought it was very strong.

You know, it’s one of the stronger things he did, but it’s not coming up in the polls.

Palihapitiya: Let’s be honest, nobody, nobody cares about what’s happening to the Uyghurs, okay? You bring it up because you really care. And I think that’s really nice that you care but ...

Calacanis: What? What do you mean nobody cares?

Palihapitiya: The rest of us don’t care. I’m just telling you a very hard truth.

Calacanis: Wait, you personally don’t care?

Palihapitiya: I’m telling you a very hard truth, okay? Of all the things that I care about. Yes, it is below my line. Okay, of all the things that I care about it is below my line.

Calacanis: Disappointing.

Palihapitiya’s media crime? Telling the truth about his personal feelings in a public forum.

You can’t have that -- or anything that does not support the progressive narrative or the “only do evil behind closed doors” mantra of the virtue-signaling elites burnishing their public images while stealing from the poor and disadvantaged.

Or in the case of major corporations headed by virtue-signaling progressives, profiting from the use of Uyghur’s slave labor to line their pockets with outrageous profits. Hear that Nike, Apple, and the National Basketball Association? 

Palihapitiya: “… if you're asking me do I care about a segment of a class of people in another country, not until we can take care of ourselves will I prioritize them over us and I think a lot of people believe that. And I'm sorry if that's a hard truth to hear but every time I say that I care about the Uyghurs, I’m really just lying if I don’t really care. And so, I’d rather not lie to you and tell you the truth, it’s not a priority for me.”

Of course, his commonly-held opinion was amplified in the media by the perpetually outraged media and NGO  pimps who profit from filling their pockets while “educating the world” on the evils of human rights violations but do nothing about them. That he is an elite billionaire investor and a minority stakeholder in the NBA’s Golden State Warriors only adds exploitable elements to the story.

The actual conversation starting about 14:48 is interesting and informative as you can hear about “luxury beliefs” and “virtue signaling” from a progressive truth-teller—also his allegiance to his adopted country.

The walk (back) of shame...

"In re-listening to this week's podcast, I recognize that I come across as lacking empathy. I acknowledge that entirely. As a refugee, my family fled a country with its own set of human rights issues so this is something that is very much a part of my lived experience. To be clear, my belief is that human rights matter, whether in China, the United States, or elsewhere. Full stop."

This is a perfect demonstration of wokeism: forget horrific crimes against humanity unless you publicly show the requisite amount of "empathy."

There is no doubt that Palihapitiya is a progressive who bemoans the number of black and brown men incarcerated in the United States. But to mention China and the United States in the same sentence about human rights violations is really abhorrent. 

Bottom line…

Funny, how the woke Golden State Warriors refuse to protest the NBA's acceptance of China's ethnic cleansing. Or refuses to sell NBA China-made merchandise.  

Chamath Palihapitiya may be an elite billionaire investor and hold progressive political views, but at least he isn’t afraid to tell his personal truth. That it is a despicable position is not the point -- unless you are a woke harpy shrew liberal. 

When will we see the Muslim nations defend the Muslim Uyghurs?  When will we see the United Nations, arguably the firestop against genocide and ethnic cleansing, stand up against China? Don't hold your breath. 

We are so screwed when we do not speak up and defend the truth.

-- steve

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