While it appears California’s accounting system is defective by design, one might ask why California’s progressive communist democrat leadership can openly discuss the State’s massive debts and future pension obligations and then turn around and claim a mythical budget surplus?


A few points to consider…

(1)  A budget is a proposed spending guide based on assumptions which may be based on a political agenda rather than fiscal facts and reality.

(2)   The Governor’s proposed $286.4 billion proposal is 9% larger than the previous “record” budget proposal.

(3)  As of 2021, “California has the fifth-highest debt of any state, with total liabilities coming out to $362.87 billion. Total assets come out to $301.1 billion, creating a $55.96 billion net debt and giving California a debt ratio of 120.5%. California's debt and liabilities can be broken down into three categories: retirement liabilities, budgetary borrowing, and bond debt. However, combining California's federal, state, and local debt brings California's debt total to over $1 trillion.” <Source>

(4) The final 2020 financial are months late. Fi$Cal, the state financial accounting system, implemented in 2005, is incomplete. Without accurate financial reporting, future decisions are little more than crap-shoot guesses.

(5) The independent state auditor claims the state is currently millions of dollars over budget.

Sold as the “The California Blueprint,” the budget plan is political rhetoric filled with bullpucky.




Governor Newsom’s plan will continue to protect Californians by fighting COVID with science, with a focus on keeping our schools open and t he economy moving. Governor Newsom’s plan will protect frontline workers, battle misinformation, and ensure our healthcare system is prepared to handle whatever curveballs COVID-19 may throw at us in 2022. The Blueprint includes an additional $2.7 billion to ramp up vaccines, boosters, statewide testing, and increase medical personnel to meet potential surges.

[OCS: What “science?” We have seen public policies implemented that ignore credible scientific findings and the greatest source of conflicting or medical  misinformation appears to be coming from “official government sources” that appear to be following a political agenda rather than “the science.”

As for keeping schools open, this is a function of the corrupt teachers’ unions who have demanded political actions unrelated to education before they will return to the classroom.

There is now sufficient evidence to question the efficacy of additional booster shots, the falsity of continued mass testing of the population, and the truthfulness of government polices.

The medical personnel shortage is one of our own making – laying off qualified medical personnel for refusing to get COVID shots when they have “natural immunity” from a previous infection or that may have life-altering consequences.]


California continues to face extreme weather conditions amid a changing climate. Governor Newsom’s plan tackles the increasing threat of climate change including by:

Fighting Wildfires: The Blueprint provides $648 million to support firefighters, and more helicopters and dozers, along with an additional $1.2 billion – building on last year’s $1.5 billion investment – to step-up forest management and other practices that save lives.

[OCS: The climate is always changing and it is impossible to alter climate in the foreseeable future. It does not represent an existential threat. Other than highly-manipulated computer models and dodgy data, the threat arises from a political narrative, not credible science.

Fire is a natural process and in many cases should be left to burn naturally. The greatest threat to our environment is radical environmentalists who are acting out a political agenda rather than prudent stewardship of our natural resources. The answer to reducing the impact of fires is to alter zoning regulations, building codes, allow preemptive clear-cutting and brush removal, and the placement of power lines underground.]

Tackling the Drought: On top of last year’s $5.2 billion water package, the Blueprint makes an additional $750 million investment for immediate drought response to aid residents, farmers, and wildlife as California continues to grapple with a historic drought.

[OCS: Southern California is a desert and adverse environmental politics has created a man-made drought by restricting the build-out of rainwater capture and containment structures in the State of California. Diverting billions of gallons of potable water into the ocean to save a garbage fish is nonsensical – especially when it cripples the State’s prodigious agriculture output.]

● Forging an Oil-Free Future: The plan will decrease California’s reliance on fossil fuels while preparing our economy and workforce for a clean energy future. California will write the playbook for how America confronts the impacts of climate change – investing billions in climate tech research & development, clean cars, preparing Californians for career opportunities, and further readying our infrastructure to withstand extreme weather.

[OCS: Ignoring cheap, reliable fossil fuels and nuclear energy for unreliable solar and wind energy is suicidal. Clean cars that need charging every 400 miles is crazy and the entire fleet becomes vulnerable in a regional disaster as there is no way to truck in electricity. Not to mention battery degradation on hot and cold days. And, the need for expensive rare earth metals to build batteries.]


The Governor’s Blueprint ensures vulnerable people have the necessary help to get off our streets and get the mental health treatment they need. The plan adds $2 billion for mental health housing and services and clearing encampments. Governor Newsom’s new investments expand on last year’s $12 billion package - all told, creating 55,000 new housing units and treatment slots for people exiting homelessness.

[OCS: Short of unconstitutional mandatory incarceration, there is no way to get substance abusers and the mentally ill off the streets. Most housing plans are windfalls to politically-connected developers and non-governmental organizations. The answer to the housing crisis is to reduce regulations that empower politicians to keep developers from wining, dining, and pocket-lining politicians. And, nobody mentions the housing needs of illegal aliens that are welcomed into the state by those who profit off their existence – including a massive bureaucracy to oversee their needs.]


Too many Californians find themselves on the wrong end of income inequality -- crushed by the rising costs of the most basic expenses like healthcare, housing, child care, and keeping the doors of a small business open. Governor Newsom’s plan seeks to bring down the costs of those everyday expenses.

The Governor’s Blueprint will:

Create Universal Access to Healthcare Coverage: Governor Newsom’s Blueprint will make California the first state in the nation to offer universal access to healthcare coverage for all state residents, regardless of immigration status.

[OCS: This is Medi-Cal for all where the government dictates your healthcare. Medical workers become slaves to state reimbursement schedules. All workers will be unionized making the state vulnerable to further union extortion. I did not work my whole life to provide benefits to illegal aliens who did not contribute to the system.]

Confront the cost of child care and education: The plan invests more than ever before in our students by doubling down on achieving free universal pre-K, adding thousands of child care slots and increasing access to before, after, and summer school programs.

[OCS: California’s legislature is a captive of the unions. The only effective way to help students is to eliminate the teachers’ unions and empower competitive charter schools. Pumping even more money into a school system that turns out another generation of politically-aware functional illiterates does nothing for the individual, the community, our nation, or society. The hell with free babysitting and providing more time to indoctrinate rather than educate our children. Reinforce parental rights and responsibilities.]

Building More Housing: The Blueprint will create more housing California desperately needs with $2 billion in new grants and tax credits

[OCS: California needs less regulation, lower taxes, and less developer-politician corruption.]

Growing Small Businesses: Governor Newsom’s plan will invest even more in small businesses cutting red tape, waiving fees and providing hundreds of millions in grants and tax breaks to small businesses suffering from the pandemic.

[OCS: Can you trust a state that has just destroyed small businesses with their regulations and taxes? Demanding that burger-flippers earn a minimum of $32,000 (without benefits) per year. Turning part-time jobs into full-time jobs to support illegal alien families?]


Governor Newsom’s Blueprint includes his Real Public Safety Plan, which focuses on three key areas to fight and prevent crime:

Bolstering law enforcement and local response to stop and apprehend criminals, including $255 million in grants to local law enforcement and creating a new Smash and Grab Enforcement Unit to combat organized retail crime and grants for impacted small businesses.

More prosecutors to hold perpetrators accountable, ensuring District Attorneys are effectively and efficiently prosecuting criminals, and creating a new statewide team of investigators and prosecutors to go after perpetrators.

Getting guns and drugs off our streets – creating a new statewide gun buyback program, holding the gun industry accountable with nation-leading legislation, and intercepting drugs at the border.

[OCS: This is total bullshit in the face of de-fund the police initiatives, George Soros-backed District Attorneys who refuse to prosecute crime, partisan judges who continue to release criminals into our communities, and plea bargaining down gun-related crimes. Notice what’s missing: holding criminals accountable for their crimes, eliminating local drug gangs, and allowing law-abiding citizens to own firearms and not prosecuting them when they defend themselves.]


Bottom line…

The best things that can be done for California are: eliminate political corruption, eliminate self-serving professional politicians, restore checks and balances by eliminating the State’s one-party rule, eliminate public unions, sanctuary cities, attractive social welfare programs, and reduce regulations, taxes, and the bureaucracy.

We are so screwed, especially when we failed to recall Gavin Newsom and elect a conservative Larry Elder for a two-year term.

-- steve

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