By now, almost everyone knows that former President Trump has cut a deal to launch his own media company known as TMTG (Trump Media & Technology Group) to combat the media moguls and tech tyrants who want to censor or cancel conservative voices. The initial offerings of this enterprise are TRUTH Social, TMTG +, and TMTG News.

Trump Media & Technology Group -- A Uniting Force For Freedom of Expression

  • No Political Discrimination
  • Canceling Cancel Culture
  • Standing Up to Big Tech

Our Vision

In the year 2021, the media pendulum has swung dangerously far to the left. Silicon Valley, the mainstream media, and Big Tech have begun to forcibly silence voices that do not align with their woke ideology. Big Tech platforms demonetize, throttle, and cancel those who stray from the mainstream narrative. They are not just censoring content – they are determining what can and cannot be said. By controlling how information is shared, they control the narrative. They control the future. They control you.

To counter this dangerous exercise of Big Tech monopoly power, President Donald J. Trump and TMTG are building a media and technology company rooted in social media, digital streaming, and more. TMTG intends to even the playing field by providing people with open media platforms where they can share and create content without fear of reputational ruin. <Source>

So why do we find the scummy scammers at the National Republican Senatorial Committee trying to piggyback on Trump’s efforts with a fundraising pitch that has apparently nothing to do with  Trump’s project?


President Trump TOOK ACTION against the Silicon Valley socialists running Big Tech and DELIVERED for the American people, so we CANNOT believe a TOP TRUMP PATRIOT, LIKE YOU, has not stepped up yet to pledge your loyalty.

We’re only selecting 75 patriots to activate their OFFICIAL TRUMP SOCIAL MEDIA MEMBERSHIP PLEDGE CARD a day, so if you don’t claim yours now, there’s NO guarantee yours will EVER be ACTIVATED. 

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Paid for by the NRSC. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

Bottom line…

There is little or no doubt in my mind that the corrupt and feckless Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell uses funds collected to promote GOP Senate Candidates for office to keep himself in power by selectively dispersing the majority of those funds to allies who will continue to support him. Most likely, once again, as the Senate Majority Leader if the GOP should assume the majority in the 2022 mid-term elections.

But Mitch McConnell is no friend of conservatives, nor does he keep members of his caucus from jumping the aisle to advance the progressive communist agenda.

I see no reason why we should allow McConnell or the NRSC to misrepresent themselves to “We the People.”

Don’t be screwed by these phony pitches… Investigate BEFORE you invest in the GOP future.

Save your money to support TMTG, not Mitch McConnell.

-- steve

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