The stark truth is: “It’s not for the children; it's for the progressive communist democrats who want to indoctrinate rather than educate.”

AFT Partners with NewsGuard to Combat Misinformation Online

National Partnership Will Roll Out Crucial News Literacy Tool to Tens of Millions of US Students and Families

The American Federation of Teachers has launched a national partnership with a leading anti-misinformation tool NewsGuard to protect and champion legitimate journalism and fact-based reporting and to help educators and their students navigate a sea of online disinformation.

Under the terms of the pathbreaking licensing agreement, coinciding with National News Literacy Week, the AFT’s 1.7 million members, tens of millions of kids they teach, and their families, can now receive free, real-time “traffic light” news ratings and detailed “Nutrition Label” reviews, via a licensed copy of NewsGuard’s browser extension, whenever they search the web for news and information. 

For years, educators have fought battles against suspect sourcing, with their students often misled by dubious outlets and spam sites posing as “news.” NewsGuard offers a practical solution, alerting students and educators to those sites while also providing a valuable lesson in media literacy. <Source>

A few unpleasant truths…

(1)  This is the American Federation of Teachers, the union that fought for more money, more benefits, and more political activism outside of school activities. The same union that continues to keep schools closed and teachers on a paid vacation. A union headed by a committed lesbian political activist, Randi Weingarten, who embraces Marxist teachings and particularly the type of virulent critical race theory that pits students against students based on the color of their skin.  The AFT is also complicit in turning out decades of ill-equipped, ill-informed functional illiterates trained in political activism and sexual perversion.

(2)  NewsGuard, that organization that purports to protect your children from misinformation, appears to be using the same “trained” (i.e., “woke”) journalists who fed you narratives, not news. NewsGuard is headed by Steven Brill, the Yale Law School attorney that founded The American Lawyer magazine and Court TV. There is little doubt that Brill, like most elite attorneys, contributes to progressive democrat politicians and causes.

Some of the advisors on Brill’s team should raise red flags…

  • Michael Hayden: former head of the NSA head and architect of a national electronic surveillance system on US citizens.
  • Arne Duncan: former Secretary of Education for President Obama. This man signed a formal educational partnership agreement with the Peoples' Republic of China.
  • Tom Ridge: first Secretary of Homeland Security.
  • Kate O’Sullivan: general manager for digital diplomacy of Microsoft.
  • Richard Stengel: former Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy during the Obama administration.
  • Jimmy Wales: co-founder of Wikipedia.

These are not arbiters of “misinformation”; they are the swamp propagandists who created much of the misinformation and narratives in their previous positions – and it is unlikely that the leopard can change its spots. And most journalists are already suspect; their viewpoint, for the most part, has already been tainted by Marxist methodology, peer pressure, and the requirement to play to get paid.

(3)  Let us not forget that a large portion of federal funding comes from the government – with a vested interest in pushing a political narrative and bamboozling citizens on behalf of the administration, the bureaucracy, and the special interests.

The end goal – big bucks from those who provide disinformation…


Use Cases -- NewsGuard enables a wide range of businesses, institutions, and governments to combat misinformation and create trustworthy digital environments.

  • Digital Platforms -- Arming platforms and content moderation teams with data and intelligence to protect users from online harms and control the spread of misinformation.
  • News Aggregators -- Guiding aggregation services as they work to curate news and information from publishers of the highest caliber.
  • Broadband and Mobile Providers -- Enabling internet and mobile providers to deliver a safer, trustworthy internet to the households they serve.
  • Security and Defense -- Using human intelligence and AI to help defense agencies and cybersecurity firms track and combat disinformation and extremism.
  • Researchers -- Providing detailed datasets about online source credibility to facilitate cutting-edge research about misinformation and disinformation.
  • Schools and Libraries -- Offering a media literacy tool to help guide students and library patrons through the overwhelming landscape of online news and information.
  • Advertising Industry -- Helping advertisers redirect ad spend away from purveyors of misinformation and towards sources of quality journalism.

Let us not forget that Microsoft, the owner of LinkedIn, has just censored a user that dared to review Peter Schweitzer’s latest, well-sourced book…

Microsoft’s LinkedIn Censors Post of Peter Schweizer’s ‘Red-Handed’ Criticizing Big Tech Ties to China

Microsoft-owned LinkedIn censored a Breitbart News story containing a book excerpt from Red-Handed, Peter Schweizer's new bombshell investigation into American elites’ ties to communist china, one that focused specifically on Big Tech’s ties to the communist regime.

But when a LinkedIn user tried to share it on the platform, along with a post condemning China for genocidal policies, LinkedIn removed the post for violating its “community policies.”

It’s not the first time LinkedIn has been caught censoring criticism of Communist China on its platform. In October, the Microsoft-owned platform attracted widespread bipartisan condemnation after it censored an Axios reporter who had referenced her own work exposing China’s internment camps in Xinjiang province on her profile.

Now LinkedIn is censoring posts that expose Big Tech’s own links to the authoritarian regime in China. Microsoft, which owns LinkedIn, is exposed in Schweizer’s book for working with the Chinese military on artificial intelligence research.<Source>

Bottom line…

Without contrarian opinions and dissent in the world of ideas, all that is left is propaganda from the government and its special interests.

As with most browser extensions, they often contain proprietary tracking code that covertly surveils your behavior in the guide of providing a free or useful benefit.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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