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Is the Biden Administration pushing America into another foreign conflict to misdirect the nation’s attention from the gross and growing failure of the Biden Administration that is being stage-managed by the Obamacons?

White House: Russia prepping pretext for Ukraine invasion

U.S. intelligence officials have determined a Russian effort is underway to create a pretext for its troops to further invade Ukraine, and Moscow has already prepositioned operatives to conduct “a false-flag operation” in eastern Ukraine, according to the White House.

[OCS: Why is it that these same intelligence experts never reveal that the majority of the affected population in these disputed areas are ethnic Russians, speak the Russian language, and in many cases hold Russian passports and would rather be associated with Russia rather than Ukraine?]

White House press secretary Jen Psaki said on Friday the intelligence findings show Russia is also laying the groundwork through a social media disinformation campaign that frames Ukraine as an aggressor that has been preparing an imminent attack against Russian-backed forces in eastern Ukraine.

[OCS: White House press secretary Jen Psaki is a liar – a despicable, duplicitous. liar willing to say anything to advance the Administration’s agenda. Baghdad Bob in a skirt!]

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby described the intelligence as “very credible.” A U.S. official, who was not authorized to comment on the intelligence and spoke on condition of anonymity, said much of it was gleaned from intercepted communications and observations of the movements of people.

[OCS: Intelligence from the corrupt Obamacons embedded in the government, especially the National Security Council? Intelligence who seem shocked and surprised when major developments occur on the world state? Intelligence gleaned from mostly open sources – using the social media as a primary source of “credible” information?]

The U.S. intelligence findings, which were declassified and shared with U.S. allies before being made public, estimate that a military invasion could begin between mid-January and mid-February.

[OCS: As we have seen before, true intelligence is almost never revealed, unless the administration is advancing their agenda or conditioning the battlefield, both foreign and domestic.]

Ukraine is also monitoring the potential use of disinformation by Russia. Separately, Ukrainian media on Friday reported that authorities believed Russian special services were planning a possible false flag incident to provoke additional conflict. <Source>

[OCS: Historically, false flag incidents are used to create propaganda justifying further political or military action.]

Purported intelligence on social media sites is suspect...


Whose side is Alexander Vindman really on?

Trump Impeachment Whistleblower Alexander Vindman Slams Biden Over Russia and Ukraine

Trump impeachment whistleblower Alexander Vindman slammed the Biden administration on Thursday over its approach to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

“Now what? Diplomacy looks to be a dead-end & the U.S. & West have done little on deterrence. Russia’s offensive against Ukraine will be the largest in Europe since World War II & there is nothing effective being done to avert it. Start working contingencies & arm Ukraine,” tweeted Vindman.

The USG should have started with an engagement (diplomacy) & pressure track. When paired, the pressure track would aid the possibility of dissuading the coming Russian offensive. Instead, the West went all-in on diplomacy, absent a display of hard power. It was destined to fail.

The pressure track, still has a small, possibly of being effective. The intent is to avoid the kind of war that is likely to drag the U.S. into a conflict (e.g. World War II). What to do: 1) Send troops to Eastern Europe to reassure allies and help with refugees coming from Ukr.

2) Arm Ukraine with defensive lethal aid (air & coastal defense, electronic warfare, & anti-armor; 3) coax Sweden & Finland into initial talks on joining NATO; 4) legislate sanction to snap in as soon as Russia escalates; 5) consider NATO (not U.S.) deployments to west Ukraine.

A major war in Europe would be a disaster for the Biden admin. On the hells of the Afghanistan withdrawal fiasco, this would kill hopes of dems holding Congress in 22 & be a disaster for the 24 election cycle. Preservation of the Republic necessitates Biden gets this one right. <Source>

[OCS: I have always regarding Vindman as a quisling who was working for the Ukraine oligarchs. An advisor proven to be an un-American liar who should have been cashiered long ago. His twitterstorm of advice is about as reliable as his account of the Trump/Ukraine telephone call.]

Bottom line…

We are entering desperate times when the out-of-control Biden Administration fails before our very eyes. Becoming more authoritarian as they elevate domestic dissent over true existential foreign threats. Possibly creating the conditions for foreign conflict to justify some of their more radical and draconian actions on the population of the United States.

To say we are screwed by powers beyond our immediate control is an understatement.

-- steve

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