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PoliceIn what universe does someone condemn a police officer risking his life by confronting an armed assailant to protect himself and members of the community…

[OCS: Is it possible that increasing racism in Los Angeles and elsewhere is being driven by Black activists and agitators who are being given easy access to media sources to "gin up" click-bait stories? And just what “Black Community” might this be that is mentioned in this example?]

Black community outraged after California cop shoots and kills a black man, but cellphone video shows he was pulling a gun

Some members of the black community in Southern California are expressing outrage over the latest incident of a police officer shooting and killing a black man, but cellphone video shows that he was pulling a gun during the altercation.

Some of the neighborhood members expressed outrage at the incident and condemned the officer for being so quick to shoot at the man, implying that racism was a motive for his actions.

"You can't justify a murder because he had a gun," said John Anderson, a resident of the neighborhood, to KCAL-TV. "He had a gun, if he did, to protect themselves, probably from them. They're the ones doing the damage, they're the ones doing the hurt."

[OCS: Let’s review. A police officer, sworn to protect the community -- the entire community -- suddenly finds their motives question, the jobs at risk, and possibly facing a media-driven life altering event is just as likely to be thrown under the bus by their politically-conscious leadership as they are by local politicians playing identity politics.]

A statement released by the San Bernardino Police Department said that the officer had responded to a call about a man with a gun jumping on cars in the "King Tut" liquor store. He was near the store at the time and arrived quickly.

The officer confronted Bender, but the man refused to follow his commands and attempted to enter the liquor store, inside which were numerous employees and residents.

The statement said that the officer attempted to physically restrain Bender but that he was overpowered. It added that Bender reached for his gun and turned toward the officer when the officer shot at him four times.

[OCS: Armed, Erratic Behavior, Dangerous…]

Police said they provided Bender with medical aid but that he died at the hospital. They also claimed that they recovered a firearm at the scene. The 9mm handgun was loaded and not registered, and Bender was not legally allowed to possess a gun at the time.

The statement also lists Bender's long history of arrests for violent crimes, including false imprisonment, criminal threats, and attempted murder. In addition he also had been arrested for domestic violence, possession of narcotics for sale, grand theft, and various probation violations.

[OCS: What does that say about these community members?] 

Despite the report of the gun, some community members still accused the police of acting inappropriately.]


Bottom line...

Ever wonder why some individuals cross the street when they see young Black men and women walking down the street, especially in a group? Could it be that it is human nature to maintain situational awareness and employ a heuristic that is based on the statistical probability that someone in a particular cohort is more likely to cause you harm?

By appearing to support thugs, criminals, and drug dealers over members of law enforcement, certain individuals are reinforcing common stereotypes.

BLM, domestic terrorists seeking to affect political discourse through violence, is making it more likely that an armed citizen will discharge a weapon because of a perceived threat. And, the fact that someone is not armed does not mean that they cannot present an existential threat that may require the use of deadly force as protection.

We are so screwed when any segment of our society routinely condemns law enforcement and provides some measure of sympathy for thugs, criminals, crazies, and terrorists.

-- steve

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