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I never thought I would see the day when the United States Government would turn against American companies critical to national defense in favor of non-US citizens…

It appears that the United States Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division Immigrant and Employee Rights Section is investigating SpaceX, a company critical to national defense, because the company refuses to comply with the government’s subpoena for information on the hiring of non-US citizens.

According to a court filing to compel SpaceX to comply with an administrative subpoena (Case 2:21-mc-00043; Filed 01/28/21)…

On May 29, 2020, IER accepted a complaint of employment discrimination, also referred to as a charge, from a non-U.S. citizen (“Charging Party”) alleging that SpaceX discriminated against him based on his citizenship status. Specifically, the charge alleges that on or about March 10, 2020, during the Charging Party’s interview for the position of Technology Strategy Associate, SpaceX made inquiries about his citizenship status and ultimately failed to hire him for the position because he is not a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident.

The Subpoena seeks information that is plainly relevant to IER’s investigation, as both IER and OCAHO have already determined. IER has repeatedly informed SpaceX that it is investigating whether the company engages in any pattern or practice of citizenship status discrimination in hiring or unfair documentary practices, as well as the Charging Party’s allegations.

SpaceX’s Form I-9 supporting documents, which employees produced to the company as evidence of their identity and employment eligibility, are necessary to investigate and evaluate: (1) proof of the citizenship status of the individuals that SpaceX has hired, which may not be accurately reflected on the Form I-9 itself; (2) whether such new hires are individuals that are protected from citizenship status discrimination. (3) proof of what documentation individuals presented to demonstrate their identity and employment eligibility, which may not be completely or accurately reflected on the Form I-9 itself; and (4) any communications about or information related to such documentation.

The subpoenaed documents are thus highly relevant because they demonstrate, among other things, the extent to which SpaceX hires non-U.S. citizens and may reveal whether or not it is engaging in a pattern of not hiring them due to their citizenship status. The documents also enable IER to identify potential victims of citizenship status discrimination and reveal trends in document collection during the employment eligibility verification process that may support an unfair documentary practices claim, which may not be apparent on the Forms I-9 themselves. <Source>

WTF: There is a law that can compel critical infrastructure companies to hire individuals who might be foreign spies working to steal an employer's intellectual property in furtherance of a hostile foreign nation?

Bottom line…

It seems illegal aliens, non-U.S. citizens, and possibly foreign spies may have rights and demand the government intervene with an employer.

The government has gone crazy and appears bereft of common sense. Another example of a government department run by lawyers who lack common sense and see everything in terms of advocacy and their continued employment.

We are so screwed

-- steve

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I am thoroughly disgusted with our government, of, by, and for the lawyers who appear to supersede our elected officials in power and authority…


The lawyer…

Kevin Clinesmith, former Assistant General Counsel in the National Security and Cyber Law Branch of the FBI's Office of General Counsel.

The crime…

On December 9, 2019, Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz reported that an FBI lawyer falsified a critical piece of evidence used to obtain a FISA court warrant to spy on Trump campaign associate, Carter Page. Clinesmith was not singled out by name, only by title in the report.

The information contained in the email was allegedly part of the justification for turning a counterintelligence investigation into a more serious criminal investigation. And allowing John H. Durham, Special Attorney to the Attorney General, to widen his investigation into a criminal probe.

Tampering with an official document, an exculpatory e-mail from the CIA was materially altered to indicate that Page was an appropriate target for a criminal investigation based on his contacts with Russian individuals.

The Department of Justice relied on Clinesmith’s assertion as it submitted a third and final renewal application in 2017 to eavesdrop on Page under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

The plea agreement and criminal information…

The August 14, 2020 plea offer signed by John H. Durham, Special Attorney to the Attorney General, and accepted by Clinesmith’s attorney states…

Your client agrees to plead guilty to a Criminal Information, a copy of which is attached, charging your client with False Statements, in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1001(a)(3).

Your client understands that a violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1001(a)(3) carries a maximum sentence of five years of imprisonment; a fine of $250,000, pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 3571(b)(3); a term of supervised release of not more than three years, pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 3583(b)(2); and an obligation to pay any applicable interest or penalties on fines and restitution not timely made.

In addition, your client agrees to pay a special assessment of $100 per felony conviction to the Clerk of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia. Your client also understands that, pursuant to 18 U.S.C. § 3572 and § 5E1.2 of the United States Sentencing Commission, Guidelines Manual (2018) (hereinafter “Sentencing Guidelines,” “Guidelines,” or “U.S.S.G.”), the Court may also impose a fine that is sufficient to pay the federal government the costs of any imprisonment, term of supervised release, and period of probation.” <Source>

The criminal information…

On or about June 19, 2017, within the District of Columbia, the defendant, KEVIN CLINESMITH, did willfully and knowingly make and use a false writing and document , knowing the same to contain a materially false, fictitious, and fraudulent statement and entry in a matter before the jurisdiction of the executive branch and judicial branch of the Government of the United States. Specifically, on or about June 19, 2017, the defendant altered the OGA [Other Government Agency – aka the CIA] Liaison's June 15, 2017 email by adding that Individual # 1[Carter Page] was not a source” and then forwarded the email to the SSA [supervisory special agent] , when in truth , and in fact, and as the defendant well knew , the original June 15, 2017 email from the OGA Liaison did not contain the words “ not a source. <Source>

The outcome …

Handing down an inappropriately lenient sentence for a crime that facilitated fraud on the Court, destroyed Carter Page’s life, and cost the government multiple millions of dollars to pursue a false Democrat campaign dirty trick, District Court Judge James Boasberg sentenced former FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith to 12 months probation and 400 hours community service.

Most egregious was Judge Boasberg’s comments …

The judge cited that the Justice Department’s Inspector General’s investigation failed to establish that political considerations played a role in Clinesmith's actions or numerous other errors and omissions that impacted filings with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

"I see no reason to disagree with that conclusion." 

“There was no real benefit to him from his actions and no real intent to harm.”

"My view of the evidence is that Mr. Clinesmith likely believed that what he said about Mr. Page was true. By altering the email, he was saving himself some work and taking an inappropriate shortcut."

“[He] lost his job, and his government service is what has given his life much of its meaning,  He was also earning $150,000 a year and who knows where the earnings go now. He may be disbarred or suspended from the practice of law, you may never be able to work in the national security field again. These are substantial penalties. What is more, he went from being an obscure career government lawyer to standing in the eye of a media hurricane. He has been threatened, vilified and abused on a nationwide scale.”

“Anybody who has watched what Mr. Clinesmith has suffered is not someone who will readily act in that fashion. Weighing all of these factors together — both in terms of the damages he caused and what he has suffered and the positives in his own life — I believe a probationary sentence is appropriate here and will therefore impose it.”

What makes this sentence troubling is that the DOJ and FBI knowingly perpetrated fraud on the United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court by deliberately omitting exculpatory evidence used for a FISA warrant, knowingly submitted false statements, and lied to the FISA Court.

Not only did the Court fail to hold evidentiary hearings and hold individuals accountable for the discovered fraud to redeem faith in the Court’s future actions – but Judge James Boasberg is now the Presiding Chief Judge of the Court and responsible for the Court’s reputation.

The impact on an individual American citizen…

Faith in the government’s mandate to protect an individual’s rights in one-sided secret court proceedings is now shattered. The trust enjoyed by the Court itself has been significantly damaged.

The impact on the American taxpayer…

A Democrat dirty trick has cost taxpayers multiple millions of dollars and a great loss of time.

The impact on the American people…

A Presidency was severely impacted, and Congress was diverted from serious threats from other nations, compromised individuals, and those who benefited from what is clearly a campaign dirty trick involving the Obama Administration, the Clinton Campaign, and the Democrat National Committee.

Most importantly, the Clinesmith crime's impact is to erode further the people’s loss of trust in our premier intelligence and law enforcement institutions and the government in general.

I believe that specific categories of crimes and egregious prosecutorial misconduct committed by a government attorney must be met with an enhanced sentence, no plea bargains, mandatory prison time, and restitution. And that errant Judges, especially those with life appointments to the Bench, be reassigned to lesser and routine duties. They cannot be terminated except by impeachment, but nothing says they cannot be reassigned to other duties.

Bottom line…

I hear chatter that perhaps this plea-bargained sentence was given to prevent a full trial and potentially compromise the totality of the Durham investigation. However, much of the previous chatter regarding the Courts and their actions, especially in the Michael Flynn case, has proven worthless. Then, there are the QAnon folks suggesting that many of the outcomes we are seeing are driven by compromised individuals being blackmailed by certain unnamed parties based on their previous sexual and criminal activity. Like any good conspiracy theory, this one appears to have a grain of truth when considering Jeffrey Epstein and his activities – another case that suspiciously lacks a vigorous investigation.

My only conclusion is that the Judge apparently believes the adage that the “process is the punishment.”

We are so screwed, and under the Biden Administration, it is getting much worse.

-- steve

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“Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.”-- George Bernard Shaw

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“The key to fighting the craziness of the progressives is to hold them responsible for their actions, not their intentions.” – OCS

"The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane." -- Marcus Aurelius

“A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves, and traitors are not victims... but accomplices” -- George Orwell

“Fere libenter homines id quod volunt credunt." (The people gladly believe what they wish to.) ~Julius Caesar

“Describing the problem is quite different from knowing the solution. Except in politics." ~ OCS


John Kerry is a clear and present danger to America…

John Kerry, styled as a veteran politician-diplomat, has been appointed as a member of President Biden’s National Security Council and given a portfolio as the U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate. This dimwit now has significant input on both energy policy and climate policy within the executive branch. The fact that Kerry does not promote American exceptionalism and is willing to accept significant damage to America and America’s economy on behalf of the “global community” is unacceptable.

As an example of how out-of-touch Kerry is with reality and the American people…

Excerpts from the Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jen Psaki, Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry, and National Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy, January 27, 2021

The stakes on climate change just simply couldn’t be any higher than they are right now.  It is existential.  We use that word too easily, and we throw it away.  But we have a big agenda in front of us on a global basis, and President Biden is deeply committed — totally seized by this issue, as you can tell by this executive order and by the other — the initiative for getting back into Paris immediately.  That’s why he rejoined the Paris agreement so quickly, because he knows it is urgent.

[OCS: The Paris Climate Accord is a non-binding agreement that will serve as a raison d'être for implementing a progressive socialist democrat agenda in the United States while the three largest global polluters and producers of carbon dioxide, China, India, and Russia, all enjoy economic benefits of cheaper energy and industrial growth. It is a Democrat plan to grab political power, allow international incursions into our sovereignty, and a massive wealth redistribution scheme.]

He also knows that Paris alone is not enough — not when almost 90 percent of all of the planet’s emissions — global emissions — come from outside of U.S. borders.  We could go to zero tomorrow, and the problem isn’t solved.

[OCS: The administration’s acknowledgment highlights the sheer idiocy of the scheme that even if we kill our economy, the problem remains.]

So that’s why today, one week into the job, President Biden will sign this additional executive set of orders to help move us down the road, ensuring that ambitious climate action is global in scope and scale, as well as national, here at home.

[OCS: Translation – we will redistribute the wealth of the American taxpayer to foreign governments, organizations, and individuals to incentivize “meaningless” actions.]

And it sets forth a process for us to develop an ambitious new Paris target, as well as a U.S. climate finance plan, both of which are essential to our being able to bring countries of the world together to raise ambition and meet this moment when we go to Glasgow for the follow-on agreement to Paris.

[OCS:  The climate finance plan is nothing more than soak the American taxpayer on behalf of the wealthy. – Taking money from individuals in rich countries and giving it to rich people in poor countries. If the Paris framework is not complete or producing results, why go to Glasgow other than to provide another “high living” experience for diplomats and bureaucratic functionaries on the taxpayer’s dime.]

Well, we didn’t come here to put anybody on notice, except to the seriousness of President Biden’s intent to do what needs to be done to deal with this crisis, and it is a crisis.

With respect to those workers, no — no two people are more — in this room, are more concerned about it.  And the President of the United States has expressed, in every comment he has made about climate, the need to grow the new jobs that pay better, that are cleaner, that —

I mean, you know, you look at the consequences of black lung for a miner, for instance, and measure that against the fastest-growing job in the United States before COVID was solar power technician.  The same people can do those jobs, but the choice of doing the solar power one now is a better choice.  And similarly, you have the second-fastest-growing job pre-COVID was wind turbine technician.

[OCS: What effin world does Kerry live in? Both solar and wind are costly, not reliable, subsidized, and represent another burden on the American people. There simply is not enough land for all of the solar panels and wind farms to provide energy to America. Has this schmuck not seen the bankrupt solar and wind projects that were failures from inception? Has this schmuck not noticed that subsidized imports decimated the solar panel industry and that a tariff is just another tax on American consumers?]

This is happening.  Seventy-five percent, seventy percent of all the electricity that’s come online in the United States in the last few years came from renewables, not — you know, coal plants have been closing over the last 20 years.

[OCS: These declines do not come from free-market forces of energy companies investing in cheaper, more efficient energy – it comes from government mandates and special interest schemes.]

So what President Biden wants to do is make sure those folks have better choices, that they have alternatives, that they can be the people who go to work to make the solar panels — that we’re making them here at home.  That is going to be a particular focus of the Build Back Better agenda.

[OCS: Making the taxpayer pay for expensive union-produced solar panels is tyranny – taxation without representation.]

And I think that, unfortunately, workers have been fed a false narrative.  No surprise, right?  For the last few years, they’ve been fed the notion that, somehow, dealing with climate is coming at their expenseNo, it’s not.  What’s happening to them is happening because of other market forces already taking place.

[OCS: I call bullshit. The forces do not originate with the market; they originate with the government. Not one person stood up and challenged Kerry’s assumptions and assertions. Both of which contain “ass,” the perfect description of John Kerry.]

And what the — what the — what the financiers, the big banks, the asset managers, private investors, venture capital are all discovering is: There’s a lot of money to be made in the creation of these new jobs in these sectors.  So whether it’s green hydrogen that is going to come, whether it is geothermal heat, or whether it — whatever it’s going to be, those are jobs. <Source: White House>

[OCS: None of these people directly make their money from creating jobs. Their money comes from financial engineering and market manipulation. With the exception of people like Elon Musk, few of these people affect our industrial base, preferring to invest in big-tech, medical, and other white-collar companies.]








There is no doubt in my mind that John "Gigolo John" Kerry is a globalist suffering from Francophilia, the love of all things French -- including their social-democratic style of government.

An “elite” greenie…


Bottom line…

I will not relitigate John Kerry’s war record, the questionable circumstances of his service and medals, or that he falsely accused Americans of war crimes. Or that, without any role in the United States government, Kerry, by his own admission, met in 1970 with delegations from the North Vietnamese communist government and discussed how the Vietnam War should be stopped.

Or that he apparently conducted secret talks with Iran on various subjects, including sanctions, payments, and the disastrous IRAN nuclear deal which he helped negotiate.

Where’s the outrage over Kerry’s secret meetings on the Iran deal?

Democrats routinely express outrage over claims of collusion with a foreign power to undermine our democracy. So where is the outrage over revelations that former secretary of state John Kerry held not one but two secret meetings with Iran’s foreign minister to strategize over how to undermine President Trump’s plans to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal?

An Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman confirmed the meetings after the Boston Globe broke the news, declaring , “We don’t see the U.S. just as Mr. Trump; the United States is not just the current ruling administration.” Think about what this means. Iran is a terrorist state responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans in Iraq, whose leaders hold rallies where thousands chant “Death to America!” Kerry was working with a sworn enemy of the United States to try to undermine the foreign policy of the elected president of the United States.

I thought we didn’t like Americans who colluded with our enemies. <Source>

Americans still do not know the off-book provisions of the Iran Nuclear Agreement.

Secret talks and a personal letter: how the US-China climate deal was done

A visit to Beijing by Kerry and a missive from Obama were key moments in a nine-month negotiation between the world’s biggest polluters

The plan unveiled in Beijing by Obama and his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, commits the two countries to ambitious cuts to greenhouse gas emissions after 2020, and could spur other big polluters to similar efforts.

After years of mistrust, the deal began to coalesce last spring after Obama sent a personal letter to Xi suggesting the two countries start to move in tandem to cut carbon pollution, the White House said.

The immediate inspiration for the letter arose from a visit to Beijing by John Kerry, the US secretary of state. Kerry, who had a strong environmental record when he was a senator, raised climate change to a top priority after taking over at State. He floated the idea of setting joint targets in his meetings with Chinese officials, a senior administration official said. <Source>

Another “secret” deal, and who knows how much the feckless Obama administration paid for this photo-op?

In my opinion, John Kerry is a duplicitous self-serving shitweasel.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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“A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves, and traitors are not victims... but accomplices” -- George Orwell

“Fere libenter homines id quod volunt credunt." (The people gladly believe what they wish to.) ~Julius Caesar

“Describing the problem is quite different from knowing the solution. Except in politics." ~ OCS


Be afraid, very afraid, so afraid that you are willing to surrender your God-given inalienable rights to the authoritarian progressive socialist democrats…



The Acting Secretary of Homeland Security has issued a National Terrorism Advisory System(NTAS) Bulletin due to a heightened threat environment across the United States, which DHS believes will persist in the weeks following the successful Presidential Inauguration. Information suggests that some ideologically-motivated violent extremists with objections to the exercise of governmental authority and the presidential transition, as well as other perceived grievances fueled by false narratives, could continue to mobilize to incite or commit violence.


Throughout 2020, Domestic Violent Extremists (DVEs) targeted individuals with opposing views engaged in First Amendment-protected, non-violent protest activity. DVEs motivated by a range of issues, including anger over COVID-19 restrictions, the 2020 election results, and police use of force have plotted and on occasion carried out attacks against government facilities.

[OCS: Notice how they have expanded the group of domestic terrorists to include “extremists,” which can be defined as anyone opposing “official” (i.e., progressive socialist democrat) views.

There is no limit to the anger of so-called extremists of any type. Still, the number of individuals and organizations willing to organize to commit acts of terror or mass killings is relatively few in number. There is no reason to surveil or punish the law-abiding public for the actions of a few.

We have seen our government refuse to call out far-left domestic terrorist groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter when they attack local, state, and federal facilities other than the Capitol complex. In many cases, we find Mayors ordering law enforcement to “stand down” or not cooperate with federal law enforcement.

In the Capitol case, security planning officials noted the danger, requested assistance, and were denied the necessary assistance to protect the Capitol building by the leadership of the House and Senate security apparatus – and the Mayor of Washington D.C.]

Long-standing racial and ethnic tension—including opposition to immigration—has driven DVE attacks, including a 2019 shooting in El Paso, Texas that killed 23 people.

[OCS: Has anyone else noticed that former President Obama and his fellow travelers greatly increased racial tension in the nation – and, in general, the identity politics of the progressive socialist democrats have done more to divide Americans than any other natural or organized force in America?]

DHS is concerned these same drivers to violence will remain through early 2021 and some DVEs may be emboldened by the January 6, 2021 breach of the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., to target elected officials and government facilities.

[OCS: Has anyone considered that the activists and agitators were encouraged to attack the Capitol complex because prior attacks on state capitol buildings, federal buildings, and other government infrastructure were tolerated, lauded, and excused by the political leadership.

Most of those who entered the Capitol Complex were not domestic terrorists; they were useful idiots there for the excitement, selfies, and souvenirs. Attacks in other venues by the same individuals were not punished, so they did not understand or appreciate the risk of attacking the Capitol building with a joint session of Congress in session.

The fact that the Capitol police did not immediately stop individuals wearing ballistic armor, gas masks, and carrying improvised weapons for trespass and intent to riot is inexcusable. That the Capitol Police were denied sufficient support to carry out arrests and protect the Capitol building lies with the government. It is almost as if they encouraged the riot as the raison d'être for taking political action against President Trump and the American populace.]

DHS remains concerned that Homegrown Violent Extremists (HVEs) inspired by foreign terrorist groups, who committed three attacks targeting government officials in 2020,remain a threat.

[OCS: This is a nonsense statement because it is a given that foreign groups will always try to radicalize homegrown terrorists. Islamic terrorists have made it a priority to convert and radicalize black prisoners while incarcerated.] 

Threats of violence against critical infrastructure, including the electric, telecommunications and healthcare sectors, increased in 2020 with violent extremists citing misinformation and conspiracy theories about COVID-19 for their actions.

[OCS: I wish someone would explain why "terrorist" activity happens mostly in areas governed by progressive socialist democrats?]

DHS, as well as other Federal agencies and law enforcement partners will continue to take precautions to protect people and infrastructure across the United States.

[OCS: Right! Like the number of times the FBI ignored or did not act on credible intelligence. DHS is too big, too unwieldy, and with too much infighting to be an effective force in the war against terror. Fusion centers are not the answer. A smaller agency with fewer bureaucrats and more agents is a viable solution.

I would be remiss if I did not note that our premier intelligence and law enforcement agencies breached the trust of the American people by misusing tools aimed at terrorists against U.S. citizens on domestic soil for political purposes.]

DHS remains committed to preventing violence and threats meant to intimidate or coerce specific populations on the basis of their religion, race, ethnicity, identity or political views.

[OCS: More bullshit identity politics from the progressive socialist democrats. Protect ALL Americans, not just those who claim to be in a privileged class. This is tantamount to a racist statement because most straight white male individuals do not fall into any protected class.]

DHS encourages state, local, tribal, and territorial homeland security partners to continue prioritizing physical security measures, particularly around government facilities, to protect people and critical infrastructure.

[OCS: Listen up, progressive socialist democrats – your government is speaking.]

In the final analysis, this appears to be little more than a CYA (“cover your ass”) warning designed to scare people into allowing intrusive surveillance, censorship, and other authoritarian practices.

Why do we need a standing army in Washington, D.C., if not for the optics of potential peril and panic?

Are our legislators, or should I say the majority Democrats, so afraid of what they are doing or about to do that they need 7,000 soldiers in addition to the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police and the Capitol Police? 

Sen. Tom Cotton: Our National Guard's Capitol mission is complete – it's time to send home the troops

The lesson of the Capitol riot is not that we should quarter a standing army at the Capitol just in case. The National Guard soldiers who deployed to protect the Capitol this month certainly deserve such gratitude. They deployed on short notice, leaving behind their families and jobs.

Despite cold weather and uncomfortable conditions, these soldiers did their duty, in the finest traditions of the Guard. Their presence, coupled with tough federal charges against the Capitol rioters, deterred any further violence; the presidential inauguration occurred without incident.

With the inauguration complete and threats receding, now it’s time, yes, to send home the troops. <Source>

Another backdoor to the surveillance state or a publicity/promotion strategy?

Without any legal protections or safeguards, will U.S. individuals eventually be panicked into giving up DNA that can be used by the government to identify criminals and the family members of people of interest?

New 23andMe Tool Assesses Risk of Covid-19 Becoming Severe.

DNA-testing company 23andMe Inc. has launched a new tool that aims to predict an infected person’s risk of developing a severe case of Covid-19, expanding the company’s bid to deliver actionable insight on health.

An algorithm was created from the data that the company says can predict the likelihood of hospitalization for those infected. The ability of companies such as 23andMe to show that DNA tests can do more than help people explore their heritage is key to the growth of the consumer genomics industry.

Anyone can use the tool. Just input data points like age, sex and pre-existing health conditions, and the algorithm will spit out the percentage of people with those characteristics likely to be hospitalized with the virus.

The tool does not incorporate genetic factors in analyzing a person’s risk, but as more research uncovers associations between genetics and the coronavirus, that may come down the line. <Source>

I find it ironic that the woke social justice warrior progressives are not calling out the company for disparate impact and a lack of access for economically disadvantaged communities. Or attempting to subsidize the service, offering tax credits, or demanding that insurance companies cover the costs.


What’s up with the “Fauch? …

When does a scientist answer “likely does” when asked an important question about a deadly subject? The truth may be that Fauci was partly responsible for the pandemic when he agreed to fund coronavirus research in the Wuhan lab at the center of the virus outbreak.

In 2019, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), with the backing of Fauci-led National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), committed $3.7 million over six years for research on coronaviruses in China, according to a report in Newsweek. The research also included gain of function work, which involves manipulating viruses in the lab to explore their potential for infecting humans. The program followed another $3.7 million, 5-year project for collecting and studying bat coronaviruses, which ended in 2019, bringing the total to $7.4 million, it said. <Source>


Dr. Fauci recommends TWO masks after previously advising to not wear a mask at all

Dr. Anthony Fauci was asked on the Today Show about the efficacy of wearing two face masks to prevent against the spread of coronavirus, and he said that it "likely does" make a difference.

"This is a physical covering," Fauci said, "to prevent droplets and virus to get in. So if you have a physical covering with one layer, you put another layer on it just makes common sense that it likely would be more effective and that's why you see people either double masking or doing a version of an N95."

On March 8 in an interview with 60 Minutes, Fauci said "There's no reason to be walking around with a mask. When you're in the middle of an outbreak, wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better and it might even block a droplet, but it's not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is. And, often, there are unintended consequences—people keep fiddling with the mask and they keep touching their face."

It was in April that the CDC updated its guidance on face masking and Fauci began to change his tune. The CDC said that face masks were recommended "in public settings when around people outside their household, especially when social distancing measures are difficult to maintain." <Source>

When angry, Joe is awake…


Pissed off…

It appears that the National Baseball Hall of Shame will have no inductees this year since the “woke” sportswriters failed to support Curt Schilling, one of the best players of all time, because of his conservativism. Schilling came 16-votes shy of the 75% of the votes required with 71.1 percent. It appears that with some sportswriters, your political belief defines your character. Schilling requested to be left off next year’s ballot, the last year of his eligibility.

Bottom line…

You can’t trust the government. You can’t trust the media. You can’t trust the science. You can’t trust the teachers. You can’t even trust sports. The only thing left is to believe in is yourself, do your own research, and make an informed bet on the odds. It's all summed up in this WWII Penny Postcard.


We are so screwed.

-- steve

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"The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane." -- Marcus Aurelius

“A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves, and traitors are not victims... but accomplices” -- George Orwell

“Fere libenter homines id quod volunt credunt." (The people gladly believe what they wish to.) ~Julius Caesar

“Describing the problem is quite different from knowing the solution. Except in politics." ~ OCS


It appears that former President Trump has engaged former campaign manager Brad Parscale's company, Nucleus, to build a resilient and robust email distribution system designed to circumvent third-party email vendors who could be pressured to censor Trump’s communications.


The first e-mail establishes the tone of the enterprise.


The possibilities are exploding…

(1)  Considering the number of Trump’s social media followers, Trump can quickly build a large list of supporters that can be used to mobilize support or opposition to candidates, legislation, and organizations.

(2)  Attention can be directed into a Trump-controlled tax-exempt Super PAC to support any political activities of Trump’s choice.

(3)  Attention can be directed into a Trump-controlled merchandise store. It appears that the campaign, Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. has reassigned all trademarks like “Make America Great Again” to DTTM Operations,  LLC, the organization that controls all of Trump’s commercial trademarks.

(4)  Attention can be directed into a Trump profit-making newsletter, podcast, or video blog, which could raise large sums of money to help offset Trump’s debts, which are coming due shortly.

It remains to see which payment processors will accept payments to Trump’s various ventures. Will Trump or his associates invest in their own non-depositary financial institution. Remember, billionaire Peter Thiel, the co-founded PayPal in 1999 and serving as the chief executive officer until it was sold to eBay, was one of Trump’s supporters in the tech world of Silicon Valley. Thiel is also associated with various big data information aggregation and analysis firms.

The downside – Trump’s a two-edged sword …

Trump has the name-recognition, media attention, and resources to disrupt the Republican National Committee's activities and the various Congressional committees that support Republicans. This is a major concern for GOP candidates who failed to support Trump’s election assertions vigorously or actively participated in the two bogus impeachment efforts. This could convey an advantage to the progressive socialist democrats as GOP factions fight among themselves. Additionally, the partisan progressive mainstream media could freeze-out any GOP messaging as they focus on Trump to build an audience, ratings, and profits.

Why this is necessary …

Imagine a world where media outlets and commentators openly suggest that a competitor be silenced because of the perception of their commentary. Do they understand that the freedom to comment drives their own media enterprise and gives them a lucrative career? Or are they simply stupid, parroting the progressive socialist democrat line knowing that nobody with power in their management chain will hold them accountable for their obvious suicidal suggestion?

Nicholas Kristof opining in the New York Times is a prime example of both stupidity, hypocrisy, and circular logic…

Impeachment Is a Call for ‘Moral Clarity’

We must clear an ecosystem of mass delusion spread by Fox News and many Republicans.

I believe deeply in listening to alternative voices, not drowning them out.

They have First Amendment rights, but not a right to advertising or to private platforms. So I’d like to see pressure on advertisers to withdraw from Fox News so long as it functions as an extremist madrasa, and cable providers should be asked why they distribute channels that peddle lies. <Source>

Max Boot opining in the Washington Post is another example…

Trump couldn’t have incited sedition without the help of Fox News

Cumulus Media, one of America’s largest talk-radio companies, has ordered its hosts — who include some Fox News personalities — to stop spreading false claims of election fraud. (If only Cumulus were doing a better job of enforcing its new policy.) But Fox News itself has issued no such edict.

[OCS: The media claimed over-and-over that Mark Levin, Ben Shapiro, and Dan Bongino were told what they could not say about potential election fraud. This was an absolute lie. Even Bongino offered $100,000 for any of the authors who could produce the proof that they received such advice]

James and Kathryn Murdoch, part of the family that controls Fox News, just called on “media property owners” to stop propagating “lies” that “have unleashed insidious and uncontrollable forces.” If James’s brother, Lachlan (co-chairman of News Corp and chief executive of Fox Corporation), and father, Rupert (executive chairman of News Corp and co-chairman of Fox Corporation), won’t listen, then large cable companies such as Comcast and Charter Spectrum, which carry Fox News and provide much of its revenue in the form of user fees, need to step in and kick Fox News off. And if smaller competitors such as One America News and Newsmax continue to incite viewers, they, too, should be booted off.

But while we should expect better behavior from media executives, we shouldn’t count on it. CNN (where I’m a global affairs analyst) notes that the United Kingdom doesn’t have its own version of Fox News, because it has a government regulator that metes out hefty fines to broadcasters that violate minimal standards of impartiality and accuracy. <Source>

[OCS: CNN is a network known for partisan rhetoric, lies, and support for un-America activities. The United Kingdom also lacks a constitution and unlimited free speech,]

Anand Giridharadas of MSNBC tweets…

Should Fox News be allowed to exist?

Brain-mashing as a business model shouldn’t be legal.” <Source>

These useful idiots, and other progressive fellow travelers of their ilk, advocate for the government to legislate a “Fairness Doctrine,” which would circumvent the First Amendment of the Constitution and allow the government to indirectly control political, commercial, and private speech on government-regulated platforms. The beginning of the end of talk radio and political commentary on other platforms.

Bottom line…

We are entering dangerous times with few remedies other than the courts and control over how we spend our disposable income. Progressives are using the potential of domestic terrorism -- mostly from the right -- to undermine civil liberties. Of course, they ignore domestic terrorism from the left like Antifa and Black Lives Matter.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

“Nullius in verba.”-- take nobody's word for it!

“Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.”-- George Bernard Shaw

“Progressive, liberal, Socialist, Marxist, Democratic Socialist -- they are all COMMUNISTS.”

“The key to fighting the craziness of the progressives is to hold them responsible for their actions, not their intentions.” – OCS

"The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane." -- Marcus Aurelius

“A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves, and traitors are not victims... but accomplices” -- George Orwell

“Fere libenter homines id quod volunt credunt." (The people gladly believe what they wish to.) ~Julius Caesar

“Describing the problem is quite different from knowing the solution. Except in politics." ~ OCS


The mythical octopus-like Kraken...

All we heard from Sidney Powell in the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election was that she was about to release the “Kraken” because she had “evidence” of evildoers manipulating voting machines that were specifically designed to steal elections.

What was actually presented to the public was a series of sworn affidavits and declarations where individuals swore, under the penalty of perjury, that they actually believed – not that it was true – what they were alleging. Some of their identities needed to remain secret for their own safety. And as we later learned, some of the statements appeared to have been crafted by persons other than the sworn author, some had egregiously misstated their backgrounds, and in one case, identical declarations were apparently attributed to two different individuals. Remember, while sworn statements are considered a form of “evidence,” but do not rise to the level of “proof” or “fact” until they are tested in court.

Simultaneously, we heard the words "election fraud" from some attorneys and saw multiple lawsuits filed in various jurisdictions. However, I did not see any lawsuit allege election fraud, especially fraud involving Dominion voting machines, only procedural issues. In fact, the lawsuits that were filed appeared to be the work of amateurs – filled with misspellings, including the name of a court. Some lawsuits were tossed due to lack of standing, others because the court could not or would not fashion a wide-ranging remedy that disenfranchised thousands of voters who voted in good faith.

At least three attorneys pressed a vigorous media campaign, including presentations before election officials…

The most strident voices were attorney Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and L. Lin Wood. Both Powell and Wood even urged Republican voters in Georgia to sit out the Georgia run-off election for two U.S. Senate seats – the loss of which cost the Republicans a narrow majority in the Senate -- to punish the GOP for not forcefully supporting Trump. 

Much like President Trump, the public appearances were filled with bluster, bombast, and bravado.

Demands for retractions from Dominion were ignored with vigor – with the parties claiming that their allegations would be affirmed and their reputations redeemed after lengthy discovery and presentation in court. Dominion Voting Systems sued Powell and Giuliani for more than one billion dollars. [Powell (Case 1:21-cv-00040 Filed 01/08/21), Giuliani (Case 1:21-cv-00213 Filed 01/25/21)]

G-P-CONSPIRACYBe careful what you wish for…

Excerpt from the Dominion/Giuliani filing…

1. During a court hearing contesting the results of the 2020 election in Pennsylvania, Rudy Giuliani admitted that the Trump Campaign “doesn’t plead fraud” and that “this is not a
fraud case

Although he was unwilling to make false election fraud claims about Dominion and its voting machines in a court of law because he knew those allegations are false, he and his allies manufactured and disseminated the “Big Lie,” which foreseeably went viral and deceived millions of people into believing that Dominion had stolen their votes and fixed the election.

Giuliani reportedly demanded $20,000 per day for that Big Lie. But he also cashed in by hosting a podcast where he exploited election falsehoods to market gold coins, supplements, cigars, and protection from “cyberthieves.”

Even after the United States Capitol had been stormed by rioters who had been deceived by Giuliani and his allies, Giuliani shirked responsibility for the consequences of his words and repeated the Big Lie again. This defamation action follows.

2. Dominion was founded for the purpose of creating a fully auditable paper-based vote system that would empower people with disabilities to vote independently on verifiable paper ballots. As it grew, Dominion developed technology to solve many of the technical and voter intent issues that came to light as a result of the 2000 election. Its systems are certified under standards promulgated by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission  (“EAC”), reviewed and tested by independent testing laboratories accredited by the EAC, and were designed to be auditable and include a paper ballot backup to verify results. Indeed, recounts of paper ballots have repeatedly shown that Dominion machines accurately counted votes in the 2020 election—conclusively disproving the election-fixing claims promoted by Giuliani and his allies.

3. As a result of the defamatory falsehoods peddled by Giuliani—in concert with Sidney Powell, Russell Ramsland, L. Lin Wood, Mike Lindell, Patrick Byrne, Lou Dobbs, Fox News, Fox Business, Newsmax, One America News Network (“OAN”), The Epoch Times, and other like-minded allies and media outlets determined to promote a false preconceived narrative about the 2020 election—Dominion’s founder and employees have been harassed and have received death threats, and Dominion has suffered unprecedented and irreparable harm.

4. Dominion brings this action to set the record straight, to vindicate the company’s rights under civil law, to recover compensatory and punitive damages, and to stand up for itself, its employees, and the electoral process.

The way I see it…

Many in the Trump legal defense team were buffoonish and unprofessional as they pursued fantastical tales of massive voter fraud. That is to say, some level of fraud was likely and being covered up by local election officials who are desperately trying to keep ballots, voting systems, and other information from the public. There is no doubt that there were constitutional issues involved and that much of what has happened can be attributed to the Supreme Court and Chief Justice Roberts. The Roberts’ Court refused an election-related case that should have ended in a ruling that states needed to follow the U.S, Constitution and, secondarily, their own state constitutions. Not following the Constitution did result in a massive number of illegal votes cast – votes that could potentially overturn the 2020 election results. However, nobody in the judiciary wanted to disenfranchise individuals who voted in good faith but were mislead by election officials.

As for the fantastical claims regarding vote-stealing machines, foreign involvement, and other shenanigans, they have a low probability of being valid. A little higher up on the probability scale is the mishandling of ballots during the transport and tally process. When dealing with large events like elections, people will make mistakes, things will be misplaced, and some level of fraud is guaranteed.

I cannot wait to see the next filings after those being sued, deny each and every allegation, or ask for onerous discovery – some of which may not be possible given the mishandling of election materials and machines.

Capitalizing on publicity – be wary of those donation requests…

Some attorneys establish “defense funds” which they publicize – forgetting to mention that much of the money goes to the attorneys, some into professional fundraising, and some for expenses the principals use for travel, food, beverage, and lodging in premium venues. Other attorneys establish other types of legal entities.

Restore the Republic…

Sidney Powell Has Started A Super PAC which provides her and her associates with the ability to raise unlimited amounts of money to pursue any political activities of her choice. It appears that the principals of Restore the Republic were involved in the General Michael Flynn defense as well as Trump election defense activities.

According to the FEC filing, it appears that the PAC is located in a mailbox (#342) at The UPS Store #4138, 10130 Northlake Blvd., Ste 214, West Palm Beach, FL 33412, in the Publix Shopping Center. It should be noted that a Super PAC may receive money from other sources that do not disclose their donors – washing dark money of unknown origin through the political system.

Defending the Republic …

Powell also requests donations at “Defending the Republic, a 501c3 (Tax Exempt Status Pending) Non-Profit for Non-Partisan Government Corruption, Federal Litigation, Education, and Constitutional Issues Vital to Maintaining the Republic.” The address for Defending the Republic also appears to be the same mailbox address. “please make payable to: Sidney Powell, PC. Address: 10130 Northlake Blvd. #214342, West Palm Beach, Florida 33412 Memo: Defending The Republic Election Integrity.”

The craziness continues with continuing claims of foreign involvement...


Bottom line…

What are the two most important takeaways? One, people are being whipped into a frenzy by publicity campaigns based on specious allegations. And two, grifters abound, and all want some of your hard-earned cash.

Considering the number of dodgy characters who are piggybacking on the Trump name, the 2022 congressional election is a beneficent windfall for fundraisers on both sides.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

“Nullius in verba.”-- take nobody's word for it!

“Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.”-- George Bernard Shaw

“Progressive, liberal, Socialist, Marxist, Democratic Socialist -- they are all COMMUNISTS.”

“The key to fighting the craziness of the progressives is to hold them responsible for their actions, not their intentions.” – OCS

"The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane." -- Marcus Aurelius

“A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves, and traitors are not victims... but accomplices” -- George Orwell

“Fere libenter homines id quod volunt credunt." (The people gladly believe what they wish to.) ~Julius Caesar

“Describing the problem is quite different from knowing the solution. Except in politics." ~ OCS


Democrat dilemma? Yeah, where you voted not specifically for Joe Biden, but whipped into a frenzy by the media to vote against the bad orange man, Donald Trump?

A lie doesn't become truth, wrong doesn't become right, and evil doesn't become good, just because it's accepted by a majority.” – Booker T. Washington

(1)  Will Biden be an absentee president?

While it was customary for Biden’s handlers to call a “lid” while candidate Joe Biden kept to himself in his basement bunker, nobody expected such behavior only four days into his presidency. Thus raising issues of energy, stamina, and fitness for office. Who is the person behind the President at these times? “Doctor” Jill Biden? A nurse or handler?


(2)  Does he understand or even care about what he is signing?


What were we thinking? It appears that several unions that endorsed Joe Biden found out the hard way that Joe Biden meant what he said about killing the fossil fuel industry, including stopping the Keystone Pipeline and halting drilling permits on federal lands. Killing thousands of jobs, severely reducing revenues for cash-strapped underfunded union pension funds, municipalities, and states, and injuring the economy. How are they going to spin this?

Biden Order Blocks Keystone XL Pipeline

"Killing 10,000 jobs and taking $2.2 billion in payroll out of workers' pockets is not what Americans need or want right now," said Andy Black, president and CEO of the Association of Oil Pipe Lines. <Source>


The United Association of Union Plumbers and Pipefitters (UA) today announced that the UA Political Engagement Committee (PEC) has concluded its endorsement process with a decision to endorse former Vice President Joe Biden for President. “We’re not going to sit on the sidelines at the UA. This endorsement is about putting UA members to work and fighting for fair wages and good benefits. Under a Biden Administration, that’s exactly what we’ll get,” said Mark McManus, General President of the United Association. “Let’s be real: nobody in the Oval Office will be with us on every single issue. But with his long history of standing shoulder to shoulder with working families and his commitment to an all-of-the-above energy approach that will mean more UA jobs, protecting the hard-earned retirements of our members, and appointing union-friendly judges, Joe Biden will be a fierce ally to our UA Brothers and Sisters in the White House.” <Source>

American Indians on the warpath?


Diversity and bathrooms…

It appears that boys who self declare as girls can not only use the girl’s bathrooms and locker-rooms, but they can also compete on girls' sports teams where they have a definite physical advantage. Boys who could barely compete against other boys are smoking the girl's events, denying them not only medals but athletic scholarships.

From his first days in office, Biden sounds like Bernie Sanders won the election. 

(3)  Is Biden a threat to national security?

There is little or no doubt that Biden's family was engaged in dodgy deals with China, had direct connections with the Chinese Communist intelligence and military officials, and now appears compromised.

Biden removes Trump order protecting US power grid from China

President Joe Biden has rescinded a Trump administration protection of the United State's power grid from foreign adversaries, through one of his several executive orders signed shortly after entering office.

Section 7, subsection C of the order suspends a Trump administration executive order for 90 days, called "Securing the United States Bulk-Power System", passed in May 2020 to protect the U.S. power grid from foreign access.

"The following actions are prohibited: any acquisition, importation, transfer, or installation of any bulk power system electric equipment," by persons or parties who may pose "an undue risk of sabotage to or subversion of the design, integrity, manufacturing, production, distribution, installation, operation, or maintenance of the bulk-power system in the United States," the Trump administration order reads. 

The measure was taken to ensure that the U.S. defense power grid was not exposed to enemies of the U.S. who could exploit an opening in access to hurt the nation. <Source>

For the GOP, this is an excellent start to the 2022 Congressional election.  Not so much for the nation. Where are we going to find a GOP leader who is not Trump?

In the Senate, self-serving Mitch McConnell is a corrupt establishment whore. Kevin McCarthy is a wonky candidate who can’t be trusted. And it certainly isn’t Mitt Romney…

Excerpts From "Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace" January 24, 2021.


WALLACE: We will discuss with the trial means for the Biden agenda, his call for unity, and Donald Trump's hold on the GOP with Republican Senator Mitt Romney.

WALLACE: Now, some of your Republican colleagues, including Marco Rubio, who's going to be on in the next segment, say that President Biden has already breached that call for unity with some of his actions, executive actions, legislative agenda in the opening days.

Do you see an inherent conflict between calling for unity and a new president pursuing his agenda?

WALLACE: Well, I think it would be unrealistic to assume that Democrats and Republicans are going to see eye to eye on every issue. There are going to be differences of opinion, that's expected. But at the same time, I think it's appropriate for us to have unity of purpose, unity of heart, a recognition that we respect each other and treat each other with comity and that is something which I believe President Biden wants to see.

[OCS: Differences of opinion? How about a full-on assault on the Constitution, our national sovereignty, our economy, our culture, and the American people?] 

At the same time, I think there are some actions the president is taking that are going to lead to some anger and division. I think, for instance, saying we're not going to allow further leases on the government land for oil and gas, that obviously very badly hurt some of our rural communities, stopping the Keystone pipeline, that puts a lot of people out of work. Those people are going to be understandably angry.

[OCS: Ya Think? Good-paying jobs are gone. Unable to feed your family and pay your bills?]

So I think you've got to be pretty careful even recognizing the bounds of disagreement, to not do things that incite a great deal of unnecessary anger.

[OCS: You mean, “Ignore a toxic and dangerous ideology and do the right thing for America and Americans?

As you can see, a mealy-mouthed Romney speaks in worthless platitudes and ignores the opportunity to make a forceful case for the GOP. Much like Romney’s behavior in his prior presidential campaigns, he refuses to engage in the same type of aggressive party promotion you see with Democrat candidates. Another laid-back George W. or Jeb Bush who refuses to bring the fight to the progressive socialist democrats.]


Where is the GOP now, Senator? What's -- what is the balance between the traditional Republicans and the Trump Republicans, and what do you think is the key to where your party goes over the next few years?

ROMNEY: Well, first, I'd note that there are going to be new faces that are going to be the spokespeople for our party and their own vision, and that could be Larry Hogan, it could be Charlie Baker, it could be Marco Rubio, who's going to be on in a moment, or Ben Sasse. So there will be some new faces.

[OCS: Both Larry Hogan, Governor of Massachusetts, and Charlie Baker, the Governor of Massachusetts, are feckless establishment Mitt Romney clones catering to a primarily progressive socialist democrat constituency and can often be found on the other side of the aisle. Marco Rubio, a small-minded Senator who has less fight and exposure than even a Lindsey Graham.]

President Trump, of course, will continue to have influence, but I think our party is going to return to some of our more fundamental principles, which is fiscal responsibility, believing in the importance of character, standing with our allies and pushing back against people like Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin.

[OCS: Former President Trump will continue to have media-driven attention, but his actual influence is still debatable after the loss of the Senate in Georgia. What are the fundamental principles of the GOP, because it certainly is not “fiscal responsibility?” As for character, that is an oxymoron when referring to any politician. The GOP’s first goal is to realize who our allies might be – certainly not allies like Pakistan and some of the countries in the Middle East who have stabbed us in the back while taking our money. Notice that Romney did not mention the two greatest threats: China and Iran.]

But I also think it's important to recognize a new strand in our party that's critical, and that is to communicate more effectively to working men and women in our country that our policies are best designed to help them and to give them and their families a better future.

That's something I think we've missed, something I missed in my campaign. I think that's something that's going to help define us going forward.

[OCS: Romney is and will continue to be an elitist. To admit he overlooked the hard-working men and women who make America function is to demonstrate just how out-of-touch Romney was then and is now.

Romney is not a Republican, not even a RINO (Republican In Name Only), he is a progressive socialist democrat in disguise, willing to represent and support the establishment status quo – go along to get along. In many ways, a Mitt Romney is more dangerous than the democrats because he attacks the GOP from within.]

<Transcript Source: Fox News>

Bottom line…

While the progressive socialist democrats are busy campaigning 24/7/365 and purchasing votes with their newfound presidential and congressional powers, the GOP is fighting among itself to find a leader who can return the House and Senate in 2022 and the presidency in 2024.

Unfortunately, the GOP appears as dysfunctional as before when they controlled the House, Senate, and the Presidency during the George W. Bush presidency and squandered the legislative advantage along with the taxpayer's money. Traditionally, it is better for America to have a divided government where one party controls the presidency, and the other party controls the House, Senate, or both. All acting as a system of checks and balances along with an honest, non-partisan judiciary.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

P.S. Just asking, What will the progressive socialist democrats do with their violent shock troops such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter after they created the necessary chaos and unrest that ushered in the democrats to restore normalcy?

“Nullius in verba.”-- take nobody's word for it!

“Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.”-- George Bernard Shaw

“Progressive, liberal, Socialist, Marxist, Democratic Socialist -- they are all COMMUNISTS.”

“The key to fighting the craziness of the progressives is to hold them responsible for their actions, not their intentions.” – OCS

"The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane." -- Marcus Aurelius

“A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves, and traitors are not victims... but accomplices” -- George Orwell

“Fere libenter homines id quod volunt credunt." (The people gladly believe what they wish to.) ~Julius Caesar

“Describing the problem is quite different from knowing the solution. Except in politics." ~ OCS


Once again, we see the hypocrisy of the progressive socialist democrats on full display as they and their captive-media leg-humpers excoriate Donald Trump for the January 6, 2021, Capitol Building incursion during a joint session of Congress…

How quickly they “forgot” and black-holed the memory of the radical far-left communist terror group who bombed the second floor of the Capitol's Senate chamber in 1983…


“The 1983 U.S. Senate bombing was a bomb explosion at the United States Senate on November 7, 1983, motivated by United States military involvement in Lebanon and Grenada. The attack led to heightened security in the DC metropolitan area, and the inaccessibility of certain parts of the Senate Building. Six members of the radical left-wing Resistance Conspiracy were arrested in May 1988 and charged with the bombing.” <Source>

Also relevant in the discussion of President Trump’s pardons…

After a four and a half years investigation, federal agents arrested six members of the Resistance Conspiracy, on May 12, 1988, and charged them with bombings of the Capitol, Fort McNair, and the Washington Navy Yard. On December 7, 1990, Federal Judge Harold H. Greene sentenced Laura Whitehorn and Linda Evans to lengthy prison terms for conspiracy and malicious destruction of government property. The Court dropped charges against three co-defendants, who already served extended prison sentences for related crimes. Whitehorn was sentenced to 20 years; Evans, to 5 years, concurrent with 35 years for illegally buying guns. On January 20, 2001, the day he left office, President Bill Clinton commuted Evans's sentence.  <Source>

Democrat President Clinton had a soft spot for terrorists…

Former Terrorist Is Among Those Pardoned or Freed in Clinton's Final Acts in Office

The most controversial local case involves Susan L. Rosenberg, a former member of the Weather Underground who had been denied parole in a New Jersey explosives and weapons case because of charges brought against her in the 1981 armed robbery of a Brink's armored car. That heist left two police officers and a security guard dead.

Ms. Rosenberg was arrested in November 1984, when she and a companion, Timothy A. Blunk, were caught unloading 740 pounds of dynamite and weapons, including a submachine gun, from their car off Interstate 295 in Cherry Hill, N.J. She admitted that she was planning to supply the explosives to others for bombings and has apologized for the crime.

But at the time, Ms. Rosenberg was also wanted for fleeing while under indictment for charges that included federal racketeering and bank robbery.

The indictment covered the Oct. 20, 1981, attack on the Brink's truck by a band of people that included members of the Weather Underground and the Black Liberation Army. The security guard was killed in the Nanuet Mall, and the two police officers were killed in a roadblock shootout. The robbers took $1.6 million. Federal investigations later showed that Ms. Rosenberg lived for a year in New Haven with Marilyn Jean Buck, the driver of the getaway car.

In the explosives case, Ms. Rosenberg was convicted in 1985 of eight counts of possessing explosives, weapons and fake identification cards. She was sentenced to 58 years in prison. <Source>

Fat Jerry…

Left-Wing Terrorists Bombed The Senate In 1983. Bill Clinton Let Them Out Of Prison Early — At Jerry Nadler’s Request

According to the New York Post in 2001, New York Democratic Rep. Jerry Nadler, who today serves as the House Judiciary Committee chairman, played a “crucial role” in Clinton’s decision to commute Rosenberg’s sentence. Nadler’s rabbi, a Nadler spokesman at the time told the Post, gave “compelling information from [Rosenberg’s] parole hearing” to the Manhattan congressman, who, in turn, passed on the material to the White House counsel’s office. That transfer, the Post reported, played a “key role” in the president’s decision to include Rosenberg on his list of 140 last-minute pardons just moments before George W. Bush took the White House.

Rosenberg’s case is a reminder of the long, growing list of left-wing acts of terrorism either excused or endorsed by Democrats and their allies in corporate media, who now condemn the violent attacks on the U.S. Capitol that came from right-wing extremists last week. <Source>

Surprise, Rosenberg is associated with Black Lives Matter, another alleged violent communist terror group…

As of 2020, Rosenberg serves as vice-chair of the board of directors of Thousand Currents, a non-profit foundation that sponsors the fundraising and does administrative work for the Black Lives Matter global network. <Source>


Let us not forget President Barack Obama’s long-time friends and political mentors William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, both members of the violent communist terror group known as the Weather Underground, the group that claimed credit for 25 bombings—including the U.S. Capitol, the Pentagon, the California Attorney General’s office, and a New York City police station. <Source: FBI>

There is little or no doubt in my mind that Obama is a communist, especially with his surrogate father being Frank Marshall Davis, a noted communist.

Trivia: The Soros-funded San Francisco District Attorney, Chesa Boudin, was raised by domestic terrorists Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn when his terrorist parents, Kathy Boudin and David Gilbert, were sentenced to lengthy prison terms for the murder of two police officers and an armored-car guard. Boudin was granted parole on August 20, 2003, as part of a plea deal that reduced her sentence. Her husband and Chesa’s father, David Gilbert, is not eligible for parole until October 13, 2056. The push is on to have New York Governor Andrew Cuomo grant clemency based on COVID-19 and Gilbert’s age.

Bottom line…

Communists have so thoroughly infiltrated the Democrat Party that it represents a clear and present danger to America. You need look no further than the radical far-left domestic terrorists who are currently attacking state capitols, federal buildings, and burning portions of cities to the ground – with Democrat acceptance and tacit approval as they order their law enforcement officers to use minimal force or stand-down altogether.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

“Nullius in verba.”-- take nobody's word for it!

“Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.”-- George Bernard Shaw

“Progressive, liberal, Socialist, Marxist, Democratic Socialist -- they are all COMMUNISTS.”

“The key to fighting the craziness of the progressives is to hold them responsible for their actions, not their intentions.” – OCS

"The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane." -- Marcus Aurelius

“A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves, and traitors are not victims... but accomplices” -- George Orwell

“Fere libenter homines id quod volunt credunt." (The people gladly believe what they wish to.) ~Julius Caesar

“Describing the problem is quite different from knowing the solution. Except in politics." ~ OCS