Today I received another solicitation e-mail from the NRSC (National Republican Senatorial Committee) with the FROM header asking, “Are you a Republican? (via NRSC) and the SUBJECT header asking me to “Correct the record.”

The message was designed to elicit a response and urged me to “TAKE THE POLL.”

Stephen Richard,

Is it true you're thinking of becoming a DEMOCRAT?

If not, correct the record.

Submit your response to the Election Year Poll NOW and correct the record. >>

Thank you,

NRSC Headquarters

I don’t know anymore if I would describe myself as a Republican.

I am positive I am not, and will not, ever become a progressive communist democrat. I am also positive that I am not a libertarian, a conservative, or an establishment Republican. I am a constitutional conservative who believes in American exceptionalism.

I am not even sure what the core values of the Republican party might be. I am not talking about the traditional fiscal and social responsibility objectives they violate with impunity. Because we can all see that the feckless, gutless, and “go along to get along” congressional Republicans have strayed so far from the original advertised values of the Republican Party as to appear to be old-time Democrats.

Of course, the online poll was pretty much what you would expect, a series of questions leading you into the inevitable donation panel.

Some of the questions…

  • Should we do more to secure our border with Mexico?
  • Do you believe the Liberal media, Hollywood, and Big-Tech are a hostile threat to Americans with conservative values?
  • Do you believe Big-tech has the right to censor conservative voices in America?
  • Do you believe “Defund the Police” has been a disaster and has led to increased violent crime?
  • Do you support the NRSC’s mission to take back the Senate so we can prevent President Biden from enacting his socialist agenda?
  • Which issues(choose up to three) do you want Republicans to focus on?
  • Cutting taxes and spending
  • Creating jobs
  • Education reform/school choice
  • New protections for unborn children
  • Maintaining our alliance with Israel
  • Upholding the Second Amendment
  • Stopping socialism
  • Enforcing our borders
  • Lowering health care costs
  • Protecting America against terrorism
  • Election reform
  • Other (there was no opportunity or place to enter a freeform answer)

Of course, the survey serves multiple purposes:

  • to grab your attention;
  • to encourage engagement;
  • to select the topics which resonate with the majority of respondents for further messaging;
  • to select those topics which resonate with you and will serve as the basis for further targeted e-mail pitches;
  • to continue to build out your personal profile (supplemented with commercial databases and social media data) and, of course,
  • to solicit money.

The email was paid for by the NRSC (National Republican Senatorial Committee) with the stated purpose of working to elect Republicans to the Senate.

Of course, I am not pleased with Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) leadership of the Senate or the actions of at least fifteen Senators who routinely jump the aisle to support the progressive communist democrat agenda to grab pork scraps off the Democrat-dominated table to bring back to their district – essentially being bought cheaply by our ideological enemies.

The online survey notes that it was “Paid for by WinRed and “not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.” For those unfamiliar with WinRed, the Republican National Committee’s technology platform is similar to the Democratic National Committee’s technology platform, ActBlue.

While I am pissing and moaning…

I am displeased with Senator Rick Scott (R-FL), the head of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, and the people asking for my money, who refused to take a stand against former Missouri Governor Eric Greitens, who resigned in disgrace rather than face impeachment over allegations of sexual misconduct and violations of campaign-finance law. While claiming to represent GOP family values, Greitens, long-registered as a Democrat, was alleged to have been sexually abusive during an illicit affair while married. 

Likewise... "The Washington Post published a headline that read, 'NRSC chair Rick Scott declines to say if Trump-backed Senate hopeful accused of strangling wife is the right candidate for the job.'" 

Sen. Rick Scott, who heads the group that works to elect Senate Republicans, declined Monday to say whether Sean Parnell, a GOP hopeful in Pennsylvania who has been accused of strangling his wife and abusing his children, is the right candidate for the job. <Source>

I can understand that the NRSC does not take positions in Senate primaries, but one might think that Scott would have the moral courage to disavow flawed candidates who clearly are ethically challenged and do not reflect the family values of the Republican Party.

I am also displeased with the news that the Republican National Committee is taking $1.6 million in donor funding to pay former President Trump’s legal bills for actions before his presidency. One, Trump is a billionaire and can afford his own “personal” legal defense. Two, Trump’s affinity for get-rich-quick schemes, dodgy individuals, and loosey-goosey accounting is on him, not the party. Spend the money on current candidates who can win their 2022 mid-term races and not speculative future candidates.

Bottom line…

The answers I really want from the Republican Party are simple:

  1. What values do Republicans embrace, and to what extent will they publicize and fight for these values?
  2. Are the Republicans going to sanction aisle-hoppers who subvert major votes for their own self-serving political or financial purposes?
  3. Are the Republicans going to loudly call out the Democrats, including individual politicians, for corrupt practices and ethical breaches?
  4. Are the Republicans going to investigate the Democrats with the same dedication and fervor that they were subject to during the Obama and Biden Administrations?
  5. Are the Republicans going to stop supporting weak sisters and RINOs (Republicans In Name Only?)
  6. Are the Republicans going to quit pandering to the various Democrat identity classes and represent the whole nation?

And most of all, are the Republicans going to point out that Biden, like the Emperor’s New Clothes, is a senile shell being manipulated by malevolent Obamacons to further the radical transformation of this exceptional country and to destroy the nation from within?

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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