Anyone who has recently visited Los Angeles is most often surprised to find that this great city has given way to the type of progressive communist democrat political wokeness that has destroyed San Francisco.


It is impossible to enjoy the sightseeing and peoplescape of Venice Beach without being accosted by drug addicts, the mentally ill, or the homeless. Ditto the nearby Venice Canals. Santa Monica’s Palisades. The scenic grandeur of Malibu. And that’s just the Westside.

Smash-and-grab in Beverly Hills? Unthinkable under former Police Chief Clinton Anderson. Rampant lawlessness in Los Angeles. Not so much under former Chief Darryl Gates. But those were dinosaurs – law enforcers who valued victims over criminals, with an intolerable heavy hand that scared the poverty pimps, the immigration industry, and the various powers that profited from misery and the taxpayer's largess. 

Moving to the East, you find all the ethnic conclaves with their own language, culture, and mores. Homeless, drug addicts and the mentally ill are here too. Downtown Los Angeles could easily be mistaken for a third-world city.

Everywhere you look in an urban environment, you see the filthy hands of the corrupt progressive communist democrats and their equally corrupt special interests at work. Siphoning off the money allocated to repair, replace, or build out the city’s crumbling infrastructure.

Pretty much why we see a forced migration to Arizona, Idaho, Texas, Tennessee, and Florida.

Bottom line…

It appears that the progressive communist democrats have destroyed a broader sense of community where Angelinos support their extended city rather than pay homage to other lands, cultures, and lifestyles. All of this is damage by design. Where the City and County leadership are convincing all of these various populations, they are victims and are being short-changed by anyone who opposes progressive communist democrats. And, if they only come together and support progressive communist democrats, things will be different, and their individual grievances will be redressed.

Yeah. Right! Decades under the progressive communist democrats have passed, billions of dollars have been spent. The rich get richer, and those in position, power, and wealth are still immune from the insane politicians and policies they support.

Our city has been balkanized by design and is decaying. We were destroyed by the very politicians we elected to build a brighter future.

Of course, we are screwed as we continue to import poverty, illiteracy, disease, crime, and individuals with an allegiance to a foreign culture—a never-ending flow of illegal aliens consuming everything we have built in the past fifty years.

No hope in sight. Move while you can. Or throw the progressive communist democrat bums out of office and begin the road to recovery.

-- steve

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