I wonder about the patriotism of those who provide advice to our government or is it all about money?

For those unfamiliar with McKinsey & Company, they are the premier worldwide management consultancy providing organizational, technical expertise, research, and advice in various practice areas to governments, corporations, and other organizations. Beyond providing actionable advice, they also serve as a second opinion to ratify executive actions while insulating executives from the consequences of their decisions.

But what happens when a consultant’s advice mirrors the fashionable beliefs of the day, or they accept false premises advanced by their clients?


Defense organizations are a major source of carbon emissions. How can they operate more sustainably while preserving mission-critical capabilities?

[OCS: The question is backward. It should be, “How can the American military enhance or preserve mission-critical capabilities regardless of a faux global agenda set by our enemies?”]

Climate change is high on the global agenda. In the run-up to the 26th United Nations Climate Change (COP26) conference in Glasgow, governments and companies worldwide are announcing ambitious new decarbonization targets to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

[OCS: There is a saying in the military, “the enemy gets a vote.” But why would you allow the United Nations, filled with despots, dictators, anti-America sentiment, and outright hostility toward anything American, to set the agenda for the most exceptional nation on the planet?

Especially when that political organization’s primary goal is to make itself financially sustainable without member contributions, the seat of global governance that can breach a nation’s sovereignty, and is totally and thoroughly corrupt? And serves as a forum for America's enemies who can outvote or table American initiatives?] 

While climate change as a national security matter is well understood, there is little consensus about how to align defense forces to address it.

[OCS: One, you align defense forces to keep your nation strong, sovereign, and able to protect itself and its citizens. Two, climate change is not a matter of immediate national security, given its effects are only observable over geological time scales of hundreds, thousands, and even millions of years. And three, there is no planetary emergency as envisioned by corrupt politicians cherry-picking favorable scientific tidbits and publicized by a corrupt hysterical mainstream media.]

For defense forces, climate change brings wide-ranging risks, from undermining military assets to destabilizing societies to triggering conflict over resources.

[OCS: The primary risk facing the United States and its military is the corrupt politicians who form a fifth column to destroy America from within using our own Constitution and America's legal system as a potent attack weapon.

Many of our politicians have been corrupted by foreign hostile powers, and our government infiltrated by foreign agents. Politicians who do not face conventional security checks have already compromised the leadership of this nation’s premier intelligence and law enforcement agencies – and are in the process of neutering our military using politically attuned senior leadership like General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Admiral Mike Gilday, Chief of Naval Operations, to pursue their toxic un-American agenda.

And what better way to weaken our military than to force the use of costly and less efficient “green fuels” or to sow dissention in the ranks by introducing race into a “green and blue” military force?

The only thing undermining America's military are corrupt politicians and complicit pet general officers. And there has always been, and will always be, global conflicts over natural resources.]

Defense forces, which typically account for at least 50 percent of governments’ carbon emissions, could help prevent these risks by taking dramatic action to decarbonize and reduce emissions.

[OCS: Beyond the fact that any risks were created out of whole cloth by corrupt politicians, it is not in our national interests to curtail our military in any way while our enemies, namely China. Russia, North Korea, Iran, and others are strengthening their respective militaries without regard to this artificially created climate crisis by politicians who want to destroy or subjugate America.

Why are we the only nation not refreshing and augmenting our strategic and tactical nuclear capabilities? Democrats and their fellow travelers.]

Defense departments will encounter challenges when attempting to reduce the emissions for which they are directly responsible because of the primacy of having mission-critical capability (that is, the ability to achieve a desired effect in a specific operating environment), long equipment life cycles (which means fossil-fuel-powered equipment in use now, or coming into service shortly, will still be fielded in 2050), and an increased focus on niches with high emission intensity, such as space launch.

[OCS: Today's major challenge will be to improvise, adapt and overcome the mission-crippling nonsense put forth by corrupt politicians who leak national defense secrets on the pages of the New York Times or aired by CNN and MSNBC. It should be a given that military equipment and operations should be exempt from any restrictions that impair their effectiveness and efficiency.]

In consequence, a complete elimination of all defense emissions is unlikely by 2050.

[OCS: If you believe the bullpucky put out by the Chinese Communists, the ChiComs will be the dominant power in the world in the near future – and they will have leveraged America’s great strength against itself. This is a stupid goal put forth by corrupt individuals.]

A net-zero defense force will therefore need to find ways to compensate for these remaining emissions, such as by pursuing offsets in countries with high climate-change risk or by pushing for decarbonization beyond their own emissions.

[OCS: Are you saying wealth redistribution and investment in foreign counties to the detriment of the United States will make America better and stronger? To which I say, F*ck you and the horse you rode in on!]


There is no doubt in my mind that this article, as well as similar articles from other consultancies, is an implicit business pitch targeted at those in government who want to affirm their un-American viewpoint while isolating themselves from the consequences – including adverse media – of their corrupt actions.

I do not blame McKinsey & Company for their business pitch. Still, I have to wonder what advice they may be giving other governments or companies overtly or covertly owned, governed, or influenced by hostile foreign nations.

Bottom line…

Our enemies are laughing at our national naïveté, the corruptness of our politicians, and the cheapness and ease at which our politicians and industry leaders can be compromised. I am still waiting for an explanation why a Chinese Communist spy in Senator Dianne Feinstein’s office for nearly twenty years was allowed to retire rather than being sent to prison, especially since Feinstein served on the Senate Intelligence Committee. Or why  Eric Swalwell is still on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence after being sexually compromised by a Communist Chinese operative.

Enough of this Marxist/Mao/Leninist-inspired woke nonsense. It is time to quit looking for white supremacists in the military and restore good order and discipline, including taking a harder look at those above the rank of  Lt. Colonel to see who has been compromised by political corruption. Stop altering the rules of engagement to favor foreign combatants and eliminate lawyers from combat operations.

Let the military do what they do best, kill the enemy and break things. It’s tough to witness (and better not to be) collateral damage, but that’s the price civilians pay for not controlling their politicians who place them in that position. Our country is under attack, from within and without. It’s time to wake up and realize that the Democrat Party has been captured by the enemy and is no longer to be trusted with the defense of our country when it comes to both our foreign and domestic enemies.

Perhaps it is not good business to stand up and tell the truth, but it is a hell of a lot better than being Nike, capitalizing on slave labor and declaring, “Nike is a brand that is of China and for China.”

We are so screwed.

-- steve


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