Another message from Adam Schiff, the deranged liar, leaker, and lunatic that continues to destroy America from inside the House of Representatives…


Yesterday, the House passed the Protecting Our Democracy Act, my sweeping, landmark legislation to prevent presidential abuses of power and begin to repair our democracy after four years of Donald Trump.

[OCS: As with everything the progressive communist democrats say, the opposite is usually accurate as they project their un-American behavior onto their opposition.]

And as I walked off the House Floor, I couldn't help but think how very close we came to seeing our democracy fail just eleven months earlier.

[OCS: Since Joe Biden was sworn into office, Executive Orders and the slim majority rule of Congress has created destructivechaos and we have never been closer to permanently damaging our republic in such a short period of time.]

How on the same Floor where I proudly cast my vote, Capitol Police instructed Members of Congress to prepare to don gas masks as rioters and insurrectionists attempted to beat down our chamber's doors.

[OCS: Ask yourself a few logical questions that remain unanswered:

    • Why were multiple armed members of the Capitol Police standing in front of the door leading to the House Chamber and did nothing to stop the rioters who broke the window. These same officers were standing next to Ashley Babbitt when she was shot and killed by a Capitol Police Officer who would have been charged with manslaughter for his reckless use of unnecessary force against an unarmed citizen under ordinary circumstances?
    • Who were the guys in suits with the earpieces standing next to the wall doing nothing?
    • And what about the team of armed SWAT officers less than 100-feet away from Babbitt and the chaos?
    • Insurrectionists? Nobody was armed or prepared to take over the government. What about that large crowd of peaceful protesters that never appear in the government videos? Why was the Capitol Police directing peaceful protesters into the building?

These are the question Schiff should be asking – but he continues to ignore the government's role in the protest, including the leadership of the Congressional Democrats and the FBI, which refuses to charge certain agitators – possibly because they are part of a government false-flag team. However, before you dismiss the notion of a false flag operation, consider what the leadership of our premier intelligence and law enforcement agencies has already admitted to in sworn testimony and documentary evidence.]

This Congress, and this country, have witnessed events in the past year that few of us previously thought possible in the United States.

[OCS: This is absolutely true, but not for the reasons Schiff cites.]

81 million votes for Joe Biden are what stood between our democracy and an authoritarian striving to tear it down. Even then, Donald Trump pulled out every stop to halt the peaceful transfer of power — something that has been an unbroken and vital practice since our nation's inception.

[OCS: As we continue to learn, there were massive irregularities in the election process that have not been thoroughly investigated. When you consider that the Biden transition team was working with the Trump administration months before the inauguration, this is not a true statement. Trump left quietly and did not attend the inauguration.]

And we're not out of the woods yet. Not by a long shot.

[OCS: The progressive communist democrats will continue to advance their agenda while in power and out of power. Hence, Obama's call for the resistance movementto oppose Trump from within.]

A Big Lie has shaken our nation and threatens the integrity of our elections in the future. The same Big Lie that led to a bloody insurrection that injured at least 151 Capitol and Metropolitan Police officers, and is now being used to usher in a new generation of Jim Crow laws around the country.

[OCS: Schiff is the master of "The Big Lie." Pretending that the criminality of the Obama Administration and the corruption of the Biden Administration does not exist. And that the Obamacons did not stage a coup against a sitting President of the United States and manipulated a presidential election. Another Big Lie – calling any election reform legislation racist by falsely referring to Jim Crow.] 

The Protecting Our Democracy Act puts into law the norms of office that were destroyed over the last four years. But to pass this package of reforms, we need relief from the same archaic rule that has thus far stymied progress on voting rights legislation.

[OCS: The Act, H.R. 5413, is profoundly flawed and partly unconstitutional.

One, it interferes with an enumerated power granted to the President concerning presidential pardons, thus violating the separation of powers. Two, it increases whistleblower protections – ironic given Schiff's illegal manipulation of the whistleblower process in bringing unconstitutional impeachment charges against President, and then civilian, Trump.  And three, it suspends the statute of limitations for federal offenses committed by a sitting President or Vice President, but conveniently does not include members of Congress or their staffs.]

So I ask my Senate colleagues: What is more important to you?

An unconstitutional, anti-democratic, procedural rule that prevents a simple elected majority from passing legislation demanded by those who elected them.

Or the survival of our democracy?

The Senate must abolish the filibuster. We must demand it. Because there is no room for compromise or half-measures against the forces of authoritarianism. If we give an inch, they will take a mile. We have to make a stand.

[OCS: The filibuster is the last-ditch procedure for keeping the majority in check. We essentially have one-party rule in Congress without the filibuster, regardless of the slimmest of voting majorities. Abolishing the filibuster is running down the road of authoritarianism.]


Bottom line…

Under the authority of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Representative Adam Schiff, the Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, has abused his power, destroyed long-standing committee rules, and has engaged in numerous acts of what might be termed a criminal conspiracy to perpetrate a fraud on the United States. He continues to bizarrely support progressive communist democrat hoaxes despite sworn testimony and documented evidence. Schiff lies, leaks, and probably mishandles classified information. He has spied on fellow Congress members. He needs to be investigated and held accountable for his actions.

We are so screwed when liars, leakers, and traitors to democracy are not held accountable for their actions.

-- steve

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