There is little or no doubt in my mind that the Republican National Committee, the United States Chamber of Commerce, and The Wall Street Journal all favor Mitt Romney-style establishment Republicans and are not friends of conservatives.

Therefore, as a constitutional conservative, I take it an insult that the Wall Street Journal would allow the Georgia Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, to publish an op-ed on its editorial opinion page. Not that I oppose Raffensperger’s right to sound off and the Journal’s right to publish Raffensperger’s opinion, but that the Journal should have known that Raffensperger appears to be a corrupt liar and one of the leading opponents of a forensic audit in his state. To permit him to lie on the Journal’s pages should be an insult to all conservatives.


Who Stole Americans’ Confidence in Elections?
By Brad Raffensperger

[OCS: I would first point to election officials like Raffensperger who failed to uphold their state’s election codes, closely monitor the election, immediately address irregularities in a timely manner, and preserve election materials and the status of election equipment for the prescribed period as set by law. Investigating and prosecuting anyone who did not obey the rules and regulations or who lost or erased election information.]

The Clinton campaign and Stacey Abrams spread falsehoods about vote theft years before Trump’s loss.

[OCS: While this may be true, it is simply an attempt at misdirection from the matter at hand: Raffensperger’s abysmal and corrupt performance as Georgia’s Secretary of State.]

I’m mostly known for standing up for the integrity of Georgia’s November 2020 elections. I spent months debunking conspiracy theories, refuting lies about our voting procedures, and enduring threats because I refused to bend on the facts.

[OCS: I call bullshit! There is no other description for Raffensperger’s behavior and lack of due diligence when it came to the 2020 election.]

Before all that, I was a Trump supporter. In June 2016, I donated to the Trump campaign. Little did I know that at around the same time, one of the most significant election disinformation operations was beginning—one that would create almost constant turmoil for President Trump during his four years in office and convulse the country. Ultimately, the Steele dossier would set the stage for a political environment where Americans have more confidence in stolen election claims than in the elections themselves.

[OCS: The fact that Raffensperger is now portraying himself as a loyal supporter of Donald Trump and feels qualified to discuss the Steele Dossier and apparently defend Trump is pure misdirection from the subject at hand: Raffensperger’s malfeasance (an act that is illegal or wrongful), misfeasance (an act that is legal but improperly performed), or nonfeasance (a failure to act that results in harm).during the 2020 election cycle and his failure to resolve previous election issues prior to the election.]

That is what the Steele dossier always was: election disinformation. Several years of investigations into the origins of the salacious lies has resulted in two indictments, one of them handed up Nov. 3, of men connected to the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic Party for lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation about those connections. An FBI lawyer also admitted to altering an email that the bureau used to secure the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant connected to the dossier. It turns out that not only did much of the unverified report alleging collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign come from biased political sources, many of the claims were made up or regurgitated from rumors published in various news outlets.

[OCS: Yada. Yada. Yada.]

The damage this dossier did may be irreparable. With the complicity of major media outlets, the country was told to believe a falsehood. The Clinton campaign, Democratic Party affiliates and mainstream media ran a concerted campaign to undermine the integrity of the 2016 election.

[OCS: Again, with the misdirection – it is the 2020 election that has brought about the current economic, immigration, and cultural disaster.]

All too often, conservatives like me get accused of plotting complicated “House of Cards”-style efforts to steal elections. Stacey Abrams has alleged, without any credible evidence, that Georgia Republicans did such things in 2018, and she still refuses to concede that year’s election for governor. Yet the Steele dossier, and how it was used improperly to turn America’s justice system to political ends, serves as the starkest example in memory.

[OCS: One, Raffensperger is not a conservative. Two, nobody accused him of being smart enough to plot an effort to steal and election – that lies solely with the progressive communist democrats. If anything, Raffensperger was a useful idiot, a dupe that appeared to go along to get along.]

The atmosphere of distrust fed Ms. Abrams’s claims. After all, it was gospel among liberals that the Trump campaign had colluded with the Russians to steal the 2016 election. The media and the public had been primed to believe an election could be stolen.

When Mr. Trump said the 2020 election was stolen, it should have been obvious how easy it would be to convince Americans not to trust the election. They had just watched major political figures, law-enforcement officials and trusted news anchors spend years making similar assertions about Mr. Trump. Many of the same actors unquestioningly endorsed Ms. Abrams’s claims that her election was stolen.

[OCS: As time goes on and irregularities surface, it looks like President Trump does have a legitimate basis for his beliefs.]

There has been no mea culpa from anyone involved in pushing the 2016 and 2018 stolen-election lies. To this day, Ms. Abrams maintains that her election was stolen and argues her case was “different” from Mr. Trump’s. The same media outlets that reported around the clock that Mr. Trump stole his election have been quiet since the evidence disproved that claim.

I have said many times that stolen-election claims undermine the integrity of America’s elections, regardless of who makes them or why. They are as bad when they come from Republicans as Democrats. American politicians need the moral courage to accept their losses and move on. If American democracy is to survive, political figures of both parties need to abandon stolen-election claims once and for all. <Source>

[OCS: Right! Nothing to see here, move along. Ignore my bad behavior. And, above all, quit investigating those irregularities in my state.]

Raffensperger’s office ran the fairest and most honest election possible…

  • In January, Raffensperger, who should have been kicked out of office by now, made an appearance on national television claiming that his office ran the fairest and most honest election possible. He said that knowing he had the 29-page report that proved every word out of his mouth was a total lie. A 29-page report that has come into the possession of Just the News reveals the massive problems in the way the election count was handled in Fulton County. The report mentions double-counting, insecure storage, a massive chain of custody problems, and a worker’s threat to “f*ck sh*t up. Raffensperger received the report and still claimed the election was run fair and honestly and that he didn’t know there was a chain of custody problems. <Source>
  • Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger’s Amicus Brief Attempting to Prevent an Independent Audit in the State’s 2020 Election Results Includes At Least Seven False Accusations <Source>
  • One has to wonder why Georgia Secretary of State opposes auditors to review the ballots as they investigate the 2020 election in Fulton County. Raffensperger changed the rules of counting ballots because of an agreement he made with Hillary and DNC attorney Marc Elias. That in itself does not pass the smell test. He is up for reelection and voters are not happy with him and with Gov Brian Kemp. <Source>
  • That audit, an initial hand recount held November 14-15, 2020, and lauded by Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, is now under intense scrutiny for unreported errors and for potentially not being properly certified. <Source>

Bottom line…

Why is this RINO (Republican In Name Only) rising to the top of the toilet bowl? The Georgia GOP secretary of state who denigrated Donald Trump at every turn is now up against serious resistance within his party and several challengers from both parties who legitimately point to his failures as they seek to unseat him.

What is problematic is that the establishment Republicans like Mitt Romney, the various Bushies, and Congressional RINOs may continue covertly supporting this quisling.

We are so screwed if the GOP cannot see straight and correct any potentially corrupt practices before 2022.

-- steve

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