There is value in listening to a liberal...

Most conservatives ignore or downplay information originating from liberals, especially those that have been branded as environmental whack-jobs or anti-vaxxers by today's corporatized media.

kennedycoverAn untrustworthy media is more interested in protecting its corporate sponsors than revealing information useful to the general public and which may highlight significant problems with protected institutions and corporations.

There is little doubt that you could find a better example of an individual with the wealthy, educated, elite, and progressive credentials of Robert Kennedy, Jr., whose family was, and is, deeply connected with big business, scandal, and the public good.

I  suggest that you suspend your innate skepticism and consider reading Kennedy's latest book, "The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health."
Not so much for the information on vaccines or the personalities involved, but for acknowledging that we live in a post-constitutional age.

Kennedy openly and freely acknowledges the dysfunctional, dystopian state of today's existence.

Speaking to Fox News's Tucker Carlson, Kennedy starts with a fundamental observation that should resonate with anyone willing to acknowledge a professed truth.

Well, I think, you know, look, what's happened in this country over the last year, this kind of this bizarre imposition of totalitarian controls, a deconstruction of the Constitution, the-- the rise of censorship,the rise of suppression of kind of religious freedoms, of property rights, closing a million businesses without just compensation or due process, the abolition of jury trials, which are guaranteed in the Sixth and Seventh Amendment for any vaccine company that hurts you, all of these-- and the rise of kind of track-and-trace surveillance state, has been troubling to people, both Democrats and Republicans.

I've been working as an environmental lawyer for 40 years, so I understand all of these mechanisms of corporate capture, by which regulatory agencies assert control over the-- I mean, regulating industries assert control over the agencies that are supposed to regulate them, and essentially turn them into sock puppets. And I've been working on vaccine issues since 2005. And the kind of regulatory capture that you see in that space is really capture on steroids, because these agencies, FDA gets 45% of its budget from vaccine companies, from the industry.

Some free-form conversational excerpts from the transcript… [You can watch the interview here.]

tcEverything I ever put on Instagram was sourced to a government database or to peer reviewed publication. But I got-- I got thrown off for vaccine misinformation. Because that term does not have anything to do with whether it's a factually correct or not. It's simply a euphemism for anything that departs from government proclamations and, you know, corporate profit taking. If you threaten those things, then you are passing on misinformation. So anybody who wanted to criticize the government, they got rid of. That's why we had the Revolution, so that we could criticize the government. And yet-- and we put that first, and yet it's gone.

Then the next thing they go after, the other half of the First Amendment, Freedom of Religion. They closed every church in this country for a year, and they keep the liquor stores open, by the way, without any hearing, without showing any science, without notice and comment rulemaking, no discussion, no debate. They keep the liquor stores open as essential businesses. Now, I have no problem with that, but-- with keeping the liquor stores open, but the liquor stores are not in the Constitution. The churches are. And you know, and we shouldn't be able to close those lightly without having a debate about it.

We-- then they go after property rights. They close a million businesses without due process or just compensation.That's a violation of the Constitution.

They get rid of of jury trials, Sixth and Seventh Amendment. Here's what the Seventh Amendment says, "No American shall be deprived of their right to a trial before a jury of their peers in cases or controversies exceeding $25." That's it. It's the whole Amendment. So there's no pandemic exception. There's no-- and yet, anybody now who claims to be doing a countermeasure, if you are-- it's not just the vaccine makers who you can't get a jury trial against if they kill you, but if you go into a hospital and you slip on a slippery floor that somebody negligently, you know, put bacon grease on, you can't sue for that.

You know, anybody who's involved in this project, you can't-- jury trials have been abolished. They've gotten rid of the prohibitions against warrantless searches and seizures, and we're now all part of this, you know, track-and-trace surveillance state. And on and on.

They literally have gotten rid of every Amendment except. And they've gotten due process. Due process of law. Here's what due process says. If you want to pass a law in this country, if Congress passes it, OK. You know, we vote for Congress. If we don't like it, we can vote them out. But if an agency passes it, they have to do certain things to make sure there's democracy involved. They have to put a notice of the rule-making, publish the proposed rule. They have to publish a environmental impact statement explaining all the science behind the proposed rule, citing the studies, citing their rationale. An economic impact statement showing how each person in society will get hurt. And a regulatory impact statement, to make sure the costs meet the benefits. Then they have to have notice and comments. So we get 30, or 60, or 90 days where everybody sends in letters and says, this is going to-- For example, a guy could say, you know, I own a kayak company. I can't put masks on my clients because it could kill them if they fall over. So I should be exempted. Those are the kind of things you do with notice and comment. And the government has to respond, narrowly tailor the rule so it only does what it's intended to do and doesn't affect other people.

And then you have a public hearing, where Tony Fauci could bring in his experts to say why masks work, why lockdowns work, why social distancing works. And we can-- other people who oppose him can bring in theirs. And you have a case that's published and everybody watches it, and then there is an appeal. None of that happened. It was just a doctor who has never treated a COVID patient, saying one week masks don't work, then a month later everybody putting them on, and not signing one study to justify that change. It was government by diktat. And so, during that first year, we literally got rid of every Amendment to the Constitution, except the Second Amendment. It's the only one that's left.

And you know, what I tell people is, you know, we have to-- have to love our freedom more than we fear a germ. We have to. And you know, even-- and I would even, you know, remind people that even if this was the disease that they say it is, there's worse things than death.

And there was a whole generation-- and that may sound cold and people get mad at me for saying it, but we're lucky that it was a whole generation of Americans in 1776, who said, it would be better to die than to not have these rights written down. And they gave us that. They gave us a gift of that Bill of Rights.

And in one year, at the bidding of a doctor, because he's telling us, you know, you need to do this to save them, and orchestrated fear, and, you know, all of the weird stuff they did with the numbers, which is not what public health is supposed to be doing, in one year, all of those rights have been taken away from us.

And you know, we-- we, Democrats and Republicans, need to stop fighting each other and we need to start fighting the bad guys, the people who are taking away everything we value, everything. There's no such thing as Republican children or Democratic children. You know, our kids deserve to have the same Bill of Rights that our parents gave us, and people need, whatever their fears are, they need to put those aside and, you know, and demand that we get those things back.

Bottom line…

Something is wrong with today's governmental influence on the business of medicine and vice versa, specifically with the creation, permissions, and promotion of therapeutics and the need for legislation to shield big pharma from the consequences of their actions, whether negligent or not.

Kennedy does not appear to have "the answer," but he has done a fine job exposing and exploring the fundamental problems involved with "regulatory capture" by the pharmaceutical industry. Unfortunately, someone afflicted with a life-altering ailment has little or no choice other than acknowledging the risk of adverse events and rolling the dice, and praying that they are not among the statistical casualties of adverse events.

We are so screwed by events beyond on control. But we fight on. Exposing the truth to the ignorant.

-- steve

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