Donating cash and merchandise was a Christmas tradition until the Salvation Army broke the faith and peddled Critical Race Theory, which proclaims I am a racist, conditioned by systemic racism and acting out of ignorance…


Despite their forced apology, or should I say non-apology, there is no way I can consider the organization to be anything less than a moral cesspool tainted by un-American Marxist claptrap, which seeks to divide rather than unite.



The prejudiced treatment, stereotyping or discrimination of POC on the basis of race. Racism also refers to the system of social advantage and disadvantage or privilege and oppression that is based on race.8 Racism is a marriage of racist policies and racist ideas that produces and normalizes racial inequities.

[OCS: This is textbook Marxist rhetoric. You notice that they fail to note that racism is the outcome of identity or class politics where superficial characteristics are exploited to gain political power. And, inherent in the definition, we find one-way racism, that of white people discriminating against people of color (POC) as if virulent POC racism and animosity toward whites doesn’t exist.]


The desire is that Salvationists achieve the following:

  • Understand and acknowledge the definitions of race and racism and how the social construct of race has affected society.
  • Hear first-hand testimonies of racist treatment and come to appreciate the ways that racism has impacted fellow Salvationists.
  • Understand God’s design for a diverse and unified humanity.
  • Move from the flawed human idea of race and culture into God’s design and purpose for us to live as a unified, diverse and equitable people.
  • Lament, repent and apologize for biases or racist ideologies held and actions committed.
  • Develop action steps for continued personal and corporate growth towards a posture of humility and anti-racism.
  • Experience God’s presence

This document is filled with the type of un-American Marxist rhetoric found in books written by progressive communist democrat race-hustlers like Ibram X. Kendi and Ta-Nehisi Coates, whose screeds appear in the recommended reading. If you wish to read “Let’s Talk About Racism,” it can be found here.

Salvation Army pushes back on criticism against guide urging white people to ‘apologize’ for racism

On Thursday, The Salvation Army back-peddled on a recently issued internal guide that urged staff members to “stop denying the existence of individual and systemic/institutional racism” after receiving heavy criticism for the material that pushed ideas congruent with critical race theory.

The organization known for its bell ringers collecting donations in red kettles outside of storefronts during the Christmas season issued a statement to combat what they called “false claims” about the organization’s beliefs and defended their “Let’s Talk About Racism” guide by asserting that they had “done their best to provide accurate information.” In the same breath, they withdrew the guide for “appropriate review.” <Source>

[OCS: It can get any worse than using racism to divide America for the purpose of gaining and maintaining political power.]

Bottom line…

I, and my ancestors, have never owned slaves, and I refuse to apologize for accepting real-world reality and attempting to live a legal and moral life. I owe nothing to nobody as they owe nothing to me. I do not regard people of color as individuals that need special privileges, nor do I attempt to infantilize them in n effort to control their susceptibility to life’s risks faced by all humans.  

Human nature abhors a vacuum and will always allow for a disparity between the strong and the weak, smart and the less smart, wealthy and the poor, the leaders and the followers, the producers and the consumers, ad infinitum. To deny this is to live in the land of self-licking lollipops and unicorns with rainbow farts.

How stupid is the leadership of the Salvation Army if they can’t see the Marxist promotion of division and their hatred of religion – especially Christianity?

If you support critical race theory, you support racism, communism, genocide, and atheism over faith, morality, and decency. 

I will no longer donate money or merchandise to the Salvation Army.

-- steve

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