Strong words, but true…

Consider that Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin went about his normal and customary police duties until responding to a call for assistance. Nothing that day portended the tragedy that was to follow – a life-altering tragedy that saw Chauvin vilified and imprisoned for the alleged murder of a criminal actively resisting arrest and already dying from a drug overdose and underlying medical complications.

Chauvin must be guilty because the progressive media told us so. A high-powered race-baiting attorney with a professional communications staff told us so. The community, roiling with racial discord and violence, told us so. The City of Minneapolis, with its premature multi-million dollar settlement, told us so. The State’s prosecutors told us so. The Jury told us so. And, the judge who sent Chauvin to prison told us so.

A single lawyer with a meager staff stood up against this onslaught of race-based lies and a racially-motivated opposition. Besieged with last-minute filings and adverse judicial rulings, dead tired but trying his best to defend Chauvin from lies, distortions, and prosecutorial malfeasance.

So, Derek Chauvin sits in prison, having done his duty and trying to subdue a resisting suspect. Operating in the moment, responding to circumstances, and being exploited by racially-motivated political activists and second-guessed by armchair lawyers who saw the orchestrated lynching led by 30th attorney general of Minnesota, Keith Ellison. Or should I call the admirer of white-hating, black segregationist Louis Farrakhan by his preferred name at the time, Keith X?


Now you can assist in righting this grievous wrong…

After numerous law firms and attorneys refused to assist Derek Chauvin to respond to a zealous, racially-motivated prosecution, a suspect judge, and a tainted jury, one law firm stepped forward,  Mohrman, Kaardal & Erickson, where partner Gregory M. Erickson represents Chauvin in the civil case and his partner, Bill Mohrman, will represent Chauvin in his appeal and acting a lead counsel. 

But he cannot do what needs to be done without backing. The resources to manage a million documents, engage experts when necessary, and fight a corrupt system with a racial bias against a police officer, corrupt prosecutors, and a public afraid of continuing riots led by professional agitators and the communist-infiltrated Black Lives Matter.

This is a critical juncture for Chauvin and his family. It is also a critical juncture for our nation and the righteous rule of law. 

I humbly beseech you to donate whatever you can to Chauvin’s legal defense fund. Knowing that you are up against a well-financed progressive movement and their race-baiting propagandists.


Bottom line…

Like the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot,” meme, much of what you have been told has been filtered by the racially-motivated progressive propagandists in the corrupt mainstream media. If nothing else, Derek Chauvin deserves another trial away from a racially-charged environment, scared witnesses and jurors, a community living in fear of organized racial violence led by professionally-trained agitators. Please help.


If there were such a thing as justice, I believe Chauvin would be released from jail, similarly compensated by the Minneapolis City Council, and given a public apology. While we all know that this is unlikely to happen as the racists double-down to demonstrate they were right, may Derek Chauvin get the trial he deserved in the first place?


Thank you.

-- steve

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