It is within the Judge’s discretion to declare a mistrial at any point in the case, including after a jury renders a verdict…

Once more, it appears that the Kenosha, Wisconsin Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger has played fast and loose with his arguments, statements, and evidence in the Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial.


EXCLUSIVE: Kyle Rittenhouse prosecutors HELD BACK high-def drone footage of Kenosha shootings from defense and gave them low-quality video - sparking them to file mistrial motion that could see teen walk free

  • Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger initially shared low-quality drone footage from the night of the shooting with the defense
  • The defense claims Binger only shared the high-definition footage after evidence had closed on Saturday 
  • According to a motion filed today by the defense, ‘The problem is the prosecution gave the defense a compressed version of the video’
  • ‘What that means is the video provided to the defense was not as clear as the video kept by the state,’ the motion states
  • Lawyers for Rittenhouse filed their motion for a mistrial with prejudice based on this and several other grounds

The motion states, ‘As it relates to the compressed drone footage. The prosecution should be required to explain to the Court why they did not copy the footage for the defendant with the same quality as their copy.

‘The video footage has been at the center of this case. The idea that the state would provide lesser quality footage and then use that footage as a linchpin in their case is the very reason they requested and were granted the provocation instruction by the Court.’

Lawyers for Rittenhouse filed their motion for a mistrial with prejudice based on this and several other grounds.

They had already raised the issue of ‘prosecutorial misconduct’ and over-reach for Binger’s behavior when he ‘violated’ Rittenhouse’s constitutional right to remain silent by suggesting that he had done so that he could ‘tailor’ his story to fit the facts as they emerged during the trial. <Source>

Bottom line…

There is no doubt that Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger was looking for a high-profile case to try in the media to advance his ambitions for higher political office. This is a case of apparent self-defense and should have never been brought. The case has been terribly distorted in the media and may be the subject of defamation actions should Rittenhouse be cleared of the charges.

We are so screwed when our judicial system is falling apart from hyper-politicized police, prosecutors, and court officers.

-- steve

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