Once again, it appears that the GOP  is hurtling down the road to extinction as the diseased establishment RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) are allowed to affect the herd rather than being culled to save it.

gop-lossIn this case, we find aisle-hopper and anti-Trumper Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) announcing her bid for reelection with the financial support and backing of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-KY) Senate Leadership Fund. There is little or no doubt in my mind that McConnell, a master manipulator of Senate rules and procedures, is every bit as corrupt as the progressive communist democrats with their state-based corruption and ties to Communist China.

In addition to McConnell’s endorsement, Senator Rick Scott (R-FL), who oversees the National Republican Senatorial Committee, declared that the Senate GOP’s campaign arm will “absolutely” support Murkowski. “We support all of our incumbents.”

Proof that Murkowski has few, if any, patriotic core values and can be bought with a handout for her state like she did in the recent $1.2 trillion spending bill…

“I will work with anyone from either party to advance Alaska’s priorities and I will always stand up to any politician or special interest that threatens our way of life.”

“My heart is, and always has been, in Alaska, and that’s why I am proud to announce my campaign for reelection to the US Senate in 2022,” Murkowski said in a statement, noting further that she has always made Alaska, its industries, and its people her top priority.

“In this election, lower 48 outsiders are going to try to grab Alaska’s Senate seat for their partisan agendas,” Murkowski said in the campaign video released Friday. “They don’t understand our state and frankly, they couldn’t care less about your future.”

Partisan agendas? Do you mean supporting and defending the Constitution of the United States? Do you mean restoring faith in America’s premier intelligence and law enforcement agencies which were thoroughly corrupted and politicized by the progressive communist democrats? Do you mean weeding out communists embedded in the bureaucracy where they continue to sabotage our nation from within?

Election shenanigans in Alaska…

Following the progressive communist democrat disruption in so much of our electoral system, we find that the State of Alaska is trying a new election methodology for the upcoming 2022 mid-term election. For the first time, Alaska will employ a “top four” “ranked-choice” "jungle primary" voting system where candidates from all parties will be listed together on one primary ballot, and the top four will advance to the general election.

The well-qualified GOP opposition…

Murkowski, the legacy candidate, has a sketchy background since being appointed by her father, then-Senator Frank Murkowski, to finish his term after his resignation to become the Governor of Alaska. Murkowski has won three subsequent elections by a plurality, not a majority, and she lost the 2010 GOP primary but made a come-back with a write-in campaign in the general election. She is well-funded by Alaska’s special interests, and her dominant theme is that the citizens of other states do not understand the uniqueness of Alaska.

Her major opponent is Kelly Tshibaka, the Harvard-trained lawyer who spent 18 years in Justice Department’s Inspector General’s Office and Tshibaka and formerly served as Alaska’s commissioner of administration.  Tshibaka has the endorsement of former President Trump; many believe solely because Murkowski voted to impeach Trump “for incitement of an insurrection in the wake of the January 6 Capitol riot,” for which she was censured by the Alaska Republican Party.

Tshibaka is supported by the Alaska Republican Party and is promoting traditional values.

“I am grateful and thrilled to have the strong support of the Alaska Republican Party, which voted overwhelmingly to endorse my candidacy for the U.S. Senate. We all share a unified goal: to promote the principles upon which our country and state were founded. I have pledged that I will be true to our shared, conservative Alaska ideals and be a senator upon whom they can depend to make every decision based on what is best for our great state.

Murkowski has a substantial multi-million dollar funding lead and superior name recognition.

Bottom line…

My greatest complaint about Murkowski, other than corruption, is that she believes, like Senator Lindsey Graham, that presidents, having been elected by the American public, should be able to have their nominees confirmed. No matter how radical, anti-America, anti-white, or anti-Semitic they might be. Thus, Murkowski will vote for virtually any Democratic nominee even if they represent a clear and present danger to America. Let us note that Murkowski voted against confirming Brett Kavanaugh based on nothing but unsubstantiated allegations and innuendo of sexual misconduct decades earlier and only brought to light prior to his confirmation.

Murkowski, who represents a red state, is even to the left of Susan Collins, who represents a blue state. 

Once again, the GOP is faced with an existential choice. Support the “go along to get along” establishment Republicans who are feathering their own nests while helping the progressive communist democrats destroy our nation from within OR stand up to tyranny and sanction those corrupt Republicans who have sold out our nation in the past and are likely to continue their past pattern and practice.

We are so screwed as the GOP continues to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory by ignoring that our nation’s enemies, foreign and domestic, are playing for keeps and will do anything in their power to destroy America’s Constitution military, economy, and culture of exceptionalism. They do not believe in collegiality or civil behavior. Neither should the GOP that needs to play by their rules.

-- steve

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