There is no doubt in my mind that many U.S. elected officials, bureaucrats, and special interests in the corporate world are inextricably linked to Communist China.

From President Joe Biden and his corrupt family dealings with China, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, whose family fortunes are linked to Communist China’s shipping industry, to the tech corporations that control the censorship of our media and pander to Chinese demands, we are being significantly influenced by Communist China propaganda and economic threats.

So why am I not surprised that the Communist China government is inviting America to commit suicide by implementing the kill shot of the progressive communist democrats, which is deceptively titled “Build Back Better?” A package of economy-killing programs designed to fundamentally transform America into a socialist disaster where everybody but the elites are equally miserable.

CGTN - China state-affiliated media: China’s Ambassador Qin Gang welcomes the U.S. to take part in the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and “find its complementarity with Build Back Better World.”

What is China’s Belt and Road Initiative(BRI)

The BRI is an ambitious plan to develop two new trade routes connecting China with the rest of the world. But the initiative is about far more than infrastructure.

It is an effort to develop an expanded, interdependent market for China, grow China’s economic and political power, and create the right conditions for China to build a high technology economy.

Why create the Belt and Road?

There are three main motivations for the BRI. The first, and most discussed internationally, is China’s rivalry with the US. The vast majority of Chinese international trade passes by sea through the Malacca strait off the coast of Singapore which is a major US ally. The initiative is integral to China’s efforts to create its own more secure trade routes.

There is no doubt that China’s intention is also to make participating nations interdependent with the Chinese economy, and thereby build economic and political influence for China.

In that respect it has similarities with the Marshall Plan that followed the Second World War – but with the essential difference that China dispenses funding to other nations based purely on shared economic interests.

The second key reason for the initiative is the legacy of the 2008 financial crisis. China’s government responded to the emergency with a ¥4tn stimulus package, issuing contracts to build railways, bridges, and airports, but saturated the Chinese market in the process. The Belt and Road framework provides an alternative market for China’s vast state-owned companies beyond the borders of China.

Finally, the Belt and Road is seen as a crucial element in the Chinese government’s efforts to stimulate economies of the country’s central provinces, which historically lag behind richer coastal areas. The government uses the Belt and Road to encourage and support businesses in these central regions, allocating budget generously, and encouraging businesses to compete for Belt and Road contracts.

The Belt and Road Initiative debt trap

‘Debt trap diplomacy’ is the accusation that China uses Belt and Road as part of a manipulative global strategy, funding major infrastructure projects in developing nations with unsustainable loans, then using the debt to gain leverage over those governments. <Source>

It’s all bafflegab and bullpucky…

How many people remember the heavily-touted November 15, 2021, “virtual summit” where President Biden spoke over a Zoom video link for three and a half hours with Communist Chinese dictator Xi Jinping? A joke on the American people where nothing substantive happened. According to the released readout, the only thing Xi gave Biden was a promise to make a promise sometime in the future— the promise of a possible conversation that will most likely never happen. It had to be a virtual conference, probably with apparatchiks furiously typing messages on Biden’s teleprompter to compensate for the inability of a cognitively impaired President Biden to carry on a coherent conversation for more than a few minutes.

The sad fact is that the Chinese Communists continue to eat our lunch, steal our technology, and further infiltrate American government agencies, institutions, infrastructure, and corporations with the assistance of quislings, enemy collaborators, who are selling out their nation in return for the proverbial thirty pieces of silver. Or, in the case of Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA), a few moments of pleasure with Fang-Fang, a Communist Chinese spy.

Bottom line…

Say what you want about President Trump’s erratic behavior and mean tweets – he is an American, puts America first, and takes no crap from the Chinese or others that impact American interests.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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