It is almost beyond belief that the corrupt communist democrats who rule, not govern, the State of California are hell-bent at eliminating oil drilling in California’s coastal and offshore areas – ostensibly protecting the environment but think nothing about drilling for lithium brine in a significant earthquake zone that could trigger a massive earthquake that could kill thousands of people and do billions of property damage.


Drilling for ‘white gold’ is happening right now at the Salton Sea

Barely a mile from the southern shore of the Salton Sea — an accidental lake deep in the California desert, a place best known for dust and decay — a massive drill rig stands sentinel over some of the most closely watched ground in American energy.

There’s no oil or natural gas here, despite a cluster of Halliburton cement tanks and the hum of a generator slowly pushing a drill bit through thousands of feet of underground rock. Instead, an Australian company is preparing to tap a buried reservoir of salty, superheated water to produce renewable energy — and lithium, a crucial ingredient in electric car batteries.

The $500-million project is finally getting started after years of hype and headlines about the Imperial Valley someday becoming a powerhouse in the fight against climate change. The developer, Controlled Thermal Resources, began drilling its first lithium and geothermal power production well this month, backed by millions of dollars from investors including General Motors.

If the “Hell’s Kitchen” project succeeds — still a big “if” — it will be just the second commercial lithium producer in the United States. It will also generate clean electricity around the clock, unlike solar and wind farms that depend on the weather and time of day. <Source>

Salton Sea hazards include earthquakes and volcanoes… 


Scientists focus on Salton Sea as possible earthquake risk

In a bit of coincidental news, no sooner had earthquake scientists posted warnings about the instability of the southern part of the San Andreas Fault hidden beneath the Salton Sea, than an earthquake struck; albeit it, a rather small one, in just that part of southern California. The study, by the Scripps Institute for Oceanography, just published in Nature Geoscience, points out the alarming fact that the fault beneath the Salton Sea has a track record of producing serious earthquakes with regularity every 180 years or so, but has now gone without producing one for 325.

The researchers also raise the question of whether the relatively recent creation of the lake might have altered the time-table of earthquakes in the region, as the massive weight of all that water sits atop the fault, possibly holding everything in place, until such forces become too great, which could of course mean, the area would be in for an earthquake of historical proportions, if it does finally give way. <Source>

Scientists Mystery of Salton Sea buttes solved; volcanoes now a worry

Earthquake swarms and a region-wide rotten egg smell recently reminded Southern California residents they live next to an active volcano field, tiny though it may be. Then, scientists said the phenomena did not reflect changes in the magma chamber below the Salton Sea. Now researchers may need to revise estimates of the potential hazard posed by the Salton Buttes — five volcanoes at the lake’s southern tip.

The lava source for the volcanoes is a magma chamber beneath the Salton Sea, which also heats water for a nearby geothermal plant. <Source>

Bottom line…

One might think that the environmentalists would have something to say about the earthquake danger rather than waffling on about ecological disasters caused by climate change and the shrinking lake. Something other than pumping millions of gallons of drinking water into the ocean to save a garbage fish.

We are so screwed.

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