I find it unbelievable, unconscionable, and downright treasonous that the progressive communist democrats in the Biden Administration would do everything in their power to reverse the energy independence of our nation, cripple or kill the petroleum industry, including coal, natural gas, and hydroelectric power generation, to advance an unprovable hypothesis of global warming put forth by communists seeking political power and the destruction of the United States.


Pure bullshit from Obama’s cadre of communist puppeteers pulling Biden’s strings…

Biden Responds to Soaring Inflation, Orders Economic Council to ‘Reduce Energy Costs’

President Joe Biden says he’s directed the National Economic Council to focus on reducing energy costs for U.S. consumers following a Department of Labor report suggesting that inflation hit a three-decade high in October. “Today’s report shows an increase over last month. Inflation hurts Americans pocketbooks [sic], and reversing this trend is a top priority for me,” Biden said in a statement on Nov. 10. “The largest share of the increase in prices in this report is due to rising energy costs.”

The president said he directed his top economic aides to attempt to “further reduce these costs,” regarding energy prices. He also asked the Federal Trade Commission to deal with “market manipulation or price gouging in this sector.” <Source>

  • Point: The United States has ceded influence over the largest oil producers in Iraq to Iran.
  • Point: The United States has failed to sufficiently reassure Saudi Arabia against a soon-to-be nuclear Iran. We are now seeing Saudi Arabia turning toward China for possible protection and as their largest customer for oil. China is one of the three largest polluters globally and is unlikely to change its behavior based on demands by the United States and the United Nations. Oil might likely doom the use of the U.S. Dollar as the world’s reserve currency. And energy-driven inflation is upon us.

Saudi Arabia Turns Toward China

Doubts about the Biden administration’s reliability are ubiquitous and readily expressed. Saudi Arabia is edging East with no apologies. China is now Saudi Arabia’s largest trading partner because of Beijing’s thirst for Saudi oil. The kingdom buys weapons from China. The growing animosity over Taiwan and global trade unnerve Riyadh. The U.S habit of imposing sanctions on opponents and expecting allies to join is something Saudi Arabia seems determined to resist. “Don’t make us choose,” says a prominent Saudi minister in a sentiment echoed by many.

While the Biden administration pays lip service to partnership with Saudi Arabia, actions haven’t followed. The U.S. has largely cut sales of offensive weapons to Riyadh, pulled out the defensive Patriot missiles that protect the kingdom from attack, and thus far failed to enunciate any strategy for how to confront a nuclear Iran. Saudis believe an Iranian bomb is imminent. There also is grumbling here that the U.S. purports to want peace in Yemen but won’t act to interdict the flow of weapons from Iran to the Houthis. “Muddled” and “confused” are the words Saudi ministers use to describe U.S. Mideast policy. “Public pronouncements are fine but on the working level nothing happens,” says a Saudi foreign policy official.

As the world’s largest producer of fossil fuels, however, it is a favorite target of green activists who want an immediate end to investments in fossil fuel. President Biden, who has hamstrung U.S. production to please climate activists, now insists that the Saudis pump more oil to keep stateside gas prices low. “Hypocrisy,” say senior Saudis.  <Source>

  • Point: The recently-passed “infrastructure” bill is laden with pork and does little or nothing to harden our existing electric grid against an EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) likely to cripple wide areas of the United States. Nor does it do much to protect existing infrastructure. The bill doubles down on unsustainable, unreliable, and higher-cost energy sources to please the environmentalists, the de-growthers, and the population control crowd. It is a gift to the unions and progressive communist democrat special interests who want to see America fail.

The Washington Times summed it up best.

A year into office, President Joe Biden has shown us that what he lacks in leadership, he makes up for in incompetence.  This is the result of voters so committed to voting against Donald Trump, that they supported a candidate who, on a good day, is ill-informed, ill-prepared, ill-motivated to lead the nation.  By just about every conceivable measure, the President lacks the capacity and competence to shepherd America through the challenges we face as a nation in these troubled times. <Source>

Bottom line…

They know what they are doing and are proceeding to affirmatively damage the United States.

  • Some know what they are doing and don’t care.
  • Some are following the advice of “ignorant” experts and academicians.
  • Some don’t know what they are doing and don’t care.
  • Many are looking for a political solution with good optics regardless of its outcome.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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