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Something is radically wrong in America and we are under attack from the Obamacons in the federal government...

Something is radically wrong in the land when the federal government orders you, under penalties of fines or loss of employment, to take an unproven medication that can cause death or grievous bodily injury when administered against specific medical advice based on your personal physician's informed recommendation. That 19 state attorneys general are filing suit and the country is facing mass firings at a time of a major supply chain crisis is not only unconstitutional but a malevolent act of progressive communist democrats seeking to destroy America from within. Add to that a President who is severely cognitively impaired and being manipulated by unelected subordinates and you have the makings of a cataclysmic catastrophe. 

Under court test are questions of whether the federal government can fundamentally alter State's Rights and continue to federalize crime, healthcare, and elections. Or overriding the provisions of the Constitutions such as denying religious exemptions for vaccines or demanding gun confiscations. Our Constitution and way of life is at risk!


A number of readers have noticed that I usually end my posts with some variation of "we are screwed." A few asked why I chose that sign-off or exactly how screwed are we?

Everyone reading this has been forced to answer similar questions as they experience a daily life that is trending toward unreality, unmoored from anything in history.

For the average person who has little awareness of political machinations, high finance, and no knowledge of controversial medical treatments, the realization of just how screwed we are is a sobering one. 

There is little doubt that we are living in a world of corruption, hypocrisy, narcissism, and groupthink.

Your choices are limited. You can submit with resignation and despair or perhaps live with the painful cognitive dissonance that arises between what you experience and see with your own eyes and what the corporate propagandists in the mainstream media tell you.

Or, you can go down the rabbit hole of the alternative media, into the realm of off-the-wall conspiracy theories, untested medical remedies, and pseudoscience offered up by talking heads who parrot partisan talking points that purport to interpret the politics of the day and the various published "scientific" studies. Studies that the media fools may not fully understand, recognize that they contain serious methodological flaws, and are being manipulated to advance a partisan public policy agenda.

Each side insinuates the opposition's need for a psychological evaluation or labels others as being racists, ‘phobes, or misogynists as a means of silencing the opposition and shutting down legitimate debate. 

You are unlikely to get satisfying answers from your elected officials. They have long abandoned the need to respond to their constituents as they interact with special interests capable of funding their campaigns, doing favors for family and friends, providing voter support, and media attention. It's all about gaming the system to gain or maintain political power and preserving their cushy positions with its profits, perks, and privileges.

While there are multiple legitimate ways to frame and interpret scientific data, it appears that the politicians and propagandists are viewing everything through an agenda-driven lens. Journalism is more about narrative and commentary delivered by pseudo-celebrities than objective reporting.

Having grown up with cutting-edge technology over the years, I could have never imagined that the big tech and social media companies would informally collude to suppress any content that questions a one-sided political narrative or the discussion of ideas that counter a government narrative. Neither could I imagine the depth of leadership corruption in our premier intelligence, law enforcement, military, and educational institutions.

While there appear to be some lines even the most radical of politicians won’t cross, it does not mean that they will not provide tacit approval, support, and freedom from prosecution to those who will cross these lines. Ask yourselves, why is it that our government is so willing to ignore demonstrable criminality within its top agencies, but willingly prosecutes a number of ordinary people traipsing through our Capitol while talking trash and taking selfies and souvenirs? Why are these same government officials giving a pass to domestic terrorists such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter who have destroyed over two billion dollars in property and murdered over twenty individuals?  

I cannot even begin to fathom radical politicians and activists who are demanding to defund the police while murder and mayhem cripple their communities. In the name of humanity and a civil, law-abiding society, what the hell is going on? Or encouraging a hoard of illiterate, impoverished, diseased, and criminal individuals to swarm over the border? With citizens of hostile governments and terrorists in the mix. To consume housing, employment, and social safety net assets like a hoard of locusts in a wheat field? 

Bottom line...

Despite the wide range of extremely damaging symptoms, much of the chattering class ignores or minimizes these corrupt politicians who often imply that everything is under control and such extreme events and behaviors are short-term aberrations and are likely to be corrected in the future -- as long as we listen to the "experts" and continue to fund their prescriptives and initiatives. WTF? These are the very same people who placed our nation, our communities, and our citizens in danger. 

If you are in the majority who believes whatever the progressive communist democrats put in its press releases is a true and objective fact, you do not understand the political process and the promotion of its own self-serving and often malevolent agenda -- and whether or not it harms America and ALL Americans.

It is unlikely that the rank and file Democrats will shed their preconceived notions about our Country and former President Trump. Especially after years of negative and misleading media propaganda. And, unless confronted by the painful reality of a dysfunctional democrat-majority government and the systemic damage being done by former President Obama and his embedded cadre of Obamacons. The very same Obamacons who are striving to radically transform America into a European socialist-like nation.

Yes, we are so screwed. It is painfully obvious. It is also painfully obvious that the national discomfort is rising to the point of mass civil disobedience and direct street action.

-- steve

“Nullius in verba.”-- take nobody's word for it!

“Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.”-- George Bernard Shaw

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“A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves, and traitors are not victims... but accomplices” -- George Orwell