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Make top-level universities pay their fair share…

American Universities, mostly run by progressive communist democrats and their sympathizers, have been the beneficiaries of extremely liberal taxpayer money in the form of massive loan guarantees for large loans given to any student who appears to be breathing without any assessment of the 5 C’s of sound credit (character, capacity, collateral, capital, and conditions) or if the major is in a field that is likely to yield profitable employment in the future – leading to loan payback.

To my way of thinking, it is unconscionable for universities to continue raising their tuition and other expenses, knowing that it is the student on the hook for the entire amount – giving the university a free ride. How many administrators and professors receive salaries commensurate with top executives in the private sector with apparent comfort and ease, with few demands on their time – leading to highly profitable side hustles? Some get six figures to teach a single class per quarter.

So, now that the United States is experiencing financial difficulties, I believe it is more than equitable for universities with large endowments to assume the responsibility for the loan guarantees and be responsible for any defaults. The university would benefit from the interest paid on the loan or, in the case of protected classes such as minorities, forgo the interest and assume the opportunity costs associated with the funds. In addition, the university would curtail useless majors that leave the student highly educated but unemployed in an increasingly competitive world-- and massively in debt.

Yes, they can afford it…


And some more than others…


You might notice that some of these “top” schools often produce the most radical students and their professors continue to crank out radical public policies that support the progressive communist agenda.

Even Harvard students are complaining, but for the wrong reasons…


Harvard students criticize $53B endowment as Ivy threatens cost-cutting

Harvard University may be the gold standard of Ivy League institutions, but its own students have accused it of using unethical and predatory practices to bolster its massive $53.2 billion endowment while threatening to slash jobs and deny workers a living wage.

[OCS: When social justice warriors encounter conservatives who ignore them, they turn on their own – forcing them to become even more aggressive to save their cushy jobs filled with political power, profits, perks, and privileges.

The administrators have become frightened of the very students they purport to teach.]

Harvard Management Company, which oversees the endowment, returned 33.6% on its investments for the fiscal year ending in June 2021. That’s an $11.3 billion increase from the previous year, which catapulted the endowment, already the largest in the world, to its largest sum in history.

Harvard’s subsequent victory lap over the money made during a pandemic and on the backs of consistently underpaid employees isn’t sitting well with students like Sophie Goldman.

“This ostentatious praise for the endowment’s growth (which was already larger than half the world’s economies) is not only in poor taste, but also morally wrong,” she wrote in the Harvard Crimson. “Despite this monumental financial gain of over $11 billion in the past year, the University continues to lower its budget allocated for essential workers, citing ‘continued financial pressure’ due to the pandemic.”

Before the fall 2021 semester began, Harvard proposed new dining schedules that threatened to cut the number of full-time dining employees by 20% and force an 8% reduction in total hours available.

Fearing the worst, UNITE HERE Local 26, the union representing dining employees, solicited support from students through flyers plastered all over campus.

[OCS: Behind most educational hustles, you find unions – one of the original sources of communist infiltration into the American capitalist system -- especially education. They want to use and benefit from capitalism while destroying the capitalist system.]

The flyers accuse Harvard of “using austerity politics to marginalize essential workers” after collecting a hefty sum in tuition during the pandemic and growing its endowment.

“At the same time, Harvard is pushing food service workers to the sidelines by slashing full-time jobs and cutting hours - even though more students are on campus than ever,” the flyer claimed.

Harvard President Lawrence S. Bacow has argued in the past that the university has “a legal and moral responsibility to maintain the purchasing power of the endowment so that it sustains future generations,” but critics claim 33.6% gains is much more than the “maintenance” Bacow has cited as a reason to cut costs. <Source>

[OCS: Harvard sustains itself, the students are simply a byproduct to be merchandised.]

Are taxpayer-funded schools accessing foreign money to teach students how to hate each other and their country?

A majority of American parents are unaware that China, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar are among the top financiers of U.S. universities and are worried that foreign cash is influencing what their children are taught in the classroom, according to a recent poll. While extensive foreign funding of American universities has raised alarms in Congress and among advocacy groups such as the Lawfare Project, ordinary American parents are not aware of the issue.

This is partly because American schools do not publicly disclose their funding and in many cases try to hide their ties to adversarial nations like China. Foreign countries see the U.S. academic system as central to their propaganda efforts, including anti-Israel initiatives. In the case of countries such as China, they seek to steal cutting-edge research.

More than 80 percent of those surveyed said Congress should enact legislation requiring schools to publicly account for every foreign donation. Around 70 percent of those surveyed said they were concerned that foreign donations influence teaching and research priorities. <Source>

Bottom line…

There is nothing in the U.S. Constitution that authorizes the federal government to interfere in the education of Americans, especially when such instruction amounts to un-American indoctrination in a toxic political ideology.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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