What better endorsement can Virginia’s Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin get than having that traitorous piece of shit, former Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, endorse his corrupt, sleazy Democrat opponent Terry McAuliffe?

The largest group of progressive veterans in America, VoteVets, is today making an historic endorsement of Terry McAuliffe to once again be Governor of Virginia. It is the first time the group has endorsed a military family member for office.

“As the son of an Army veteran and the dad of a Marine, Terry McAuliffe knows what it means to be in a military family, what challenges they face, and the sacrifices they make,” said Alexander Vindman, Senior Advisor to VoteVets. “Virginia is home to over 100,000 servicemembers, and they’ll have no greater advocate than Terry, because he’s been where they are, right now.”

“But, this election is about so much more than our military families — it is about the survival of our very country,” Vindman added.  “I have seen Trumpism up close, and I have seen how its aim is to systematically destroy the very fabric of the Republic. Glenn Youngkin is Donald Trump’s agent in Virginia — period. A vote for Youngkin is a vote for Trump, and a vote for Youngkin is a vote to ensure that Donald Trump gets Virginia’s electoral votes in 2024.We must protect our Republic and our right to our vote. We must elect Terry McAuliffe.” <Source>

[OCS: Notice how McAuliffe, who served as the 72nd governor of Virginia from 2014 to 2018, cannot run on his own  record or that of the failing Biden Administration? All he can do is point the finger at Youngkin and yell Trump at the top of his voice. Notice how they do not talk about McAuliffe’s role as Clinton’s bag-man and the Communist Chinese money flowing to the Clintons? Not a word about the FBI investigation of McAuliffe "over whether donations to his gubernatorial campaign violated the law. One example cited was a $120,000 donation from Chinese businessman Wang Wenliang.” Or the unprecedented payment to Andrew McCabe’s wife who received $675,000 from two McAuliffe-connected entities for her first political race – while her husband was the Deputy Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation investigating matters relating to Hillary Clinton.]

vindman(Aleksandr Semyonovich Vindman, born in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.)

Vindman is billed as a Senior Advisor to VoteVets, a 501(c)(4) organization that ostensibly focuses on nonpartisan education and advocacy on behalf of Veterans and their families. Funny how their main supports always seem to flow to the progressive communist democrats. Of course, they openly acknowledge that their “VoteVets PAC and VoteVets Action Fund have been the home for progressive veterans, military families, and their civilian supporters for over 15 years.”

Wonder how their members feel about Vindman selling out his country in favor of Ukraine, including stabbing the Commander-in-Chief in the back and speaking disparagingly of senior command?

Wonder how they feel about the White House punks and State Department wonks overriding sound military protocols and leaving American citizens behind enemy lines to be hunted, captured, tortured, and killed by the Taliban. Giving their enemies not only a vote but the keys to the city and billions of dollars worth of military equipment and a literal fortune in military intelligence?

Bottom line…

Scum coagulates and rises to the top of the pond, where it contaminates everything it touches – much like the progressive communist democrats.

Save American – vote Youngkin. And if the Republicans take the House, that the Intelligence Committee’s actions concerning the liar, leaker Representative Adam Schiff, the phony “whistleblower,” and Vindman are exposed for the world to see the depth of his traitorous actions – while Joe Biden bragged about his quid pro quo in a recorded confession made in public.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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