The GOP shoots itself in the foot…

There is little or no doubt in my mind that crazymaking election conspiracy mongers like attorneys Sidney Powell and  L. Lin Wood did significant electoral damage to the GOP in Georgia by telling GOP conservatives and others to withhold their votes. As a consequence of this and other actions, the GOP lost two critical Senate races they should have won – and a majority in the United States Senate.


At Pro-Trump Georgia Rally, Lawyer Lin Wood Says Don’t Vote for GOP Senators in ‘Rigged’ Runoffs: ‘They’ve Not Earned It’

At a “Stop the Steal” rally in Georgia on Wednesday, attorney Lin Wood encouraged supporters of President Donald Trump not to vote for Republican Senators Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue in the state’s upcoming runoff elections.

The two crucial Georgia runoff elections—which will be held on January 5 with early voting starting December 14—will determine control of the Senate, meaning President-elect Joe Biden’s ability to push through his agenda. Democrats, who narrowly control the House, need to win both seats for a 50-50 split. In that scenario, Vice President Kamala Harris would cast the tie-breaking vote.

Recent election boycott calls driven by Trump supporters, inspired by the president’s allegations of widespread voter fraud, could hinder the GOP’s chances of retaining their majority in the upper chamber. During the pro-Trump protest rally, Wood said to the crowd, “Where’s Kelly Loeffler? Where’s David Perdue? They outta be standing right here.”

“They have not earned your vote,” he said. “Don’t you give it to them. Why would you go back and vote in another rigged election for god’s sake! Fix it! You gotta fix it!” <Source>

Attorneys Sidney Powell and Lin Wood held a press conference in Georgia on Wednesday, where Powell told the crowd not to vote in the upcoming Senate runoff election, a message that directly contrasts with President Donald Trump’s call for Georgians to turn out to vote for Republican Sens. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue.

Powell, who is not affiliated with Trump’s legal team, told a crowd of supporters, “I think I would encourage all Georgians to make it known that you will not vote at all until your vote is secure, and I mean that regardless of party.”

Powell’s remarks stand in opposition to Trump, who has encouraged Georgians to vote for Loeffler and Perdue on January 5, the day of the runoff election, and has scheduled a rally for Saturday in the Peach State to campaign for the Republican incumbents.

Is history repeating itself, this time with former President Trump himself calling for a voter boycott that will seriously damage marginal GOP races?


What did Trump mean when he announced, “Republicans will not be voting in ’22 or ’24?” Is this a suggestion that if the 2020 election discrepancies are not resolved to his satisfaction, he will urge a GOP election boycott? We are used to inartful-worded tweets, but now is not the time for ambiguity.

Bottom line…

Your vote is one of the most precious rights of citizenship – the backbone of governance with the consent of the governed. Whether we win or lose, you must vote. It is your duty as a citizen and critical to preserving our Constitution, our exceptional country, and our American heritage.

Let no one – even the former President of the United States – tell you to withhold your vote in protest or a show of solidarity to a party or a former president.

Be aware of gifters, democrats in disguise, and disrupters.

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