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It is a fundamental fact; addiction is the price an individual pays to remedy physical or psychological pain.

The struggle is exploited not only by vicious drug dealers but the entire unionized political judicial system, the left-leaning poverty pimps, and advocacy groups that service this cohort -- and the special interest developers that profit from supplying goods and services. All of whose salaries and well-being are inextricably linked to managing the addicted and homeless much as you would manage a renewable cash crop.

Many giving thanks for the crime and homeless encampments, which annoys the public enough to drive frantic calls for additional funding and political control of the general population.

A raison d'être for raising taxes -- with the formula, more taxes equals more political control and profits for those exploiting the system.

Once again, I see multi-billion dollar budget items for many “programs” that purport to reduce poverty and homelessness -- which are a shameless funding mechanism for the vote-buying politicians, the special interests, and the bureaucracy that pushes paper rather than real solutions.

How special “interest” is this?

Former Head of Homeless Shelter Indicted for Stealing Nearly $1.5 Million From the Non-Profit Organization

The former executive director of Casa Nueva Vida (CNV), a publicly funded non-profit homeless shelter with locations in Boston and Lawrence, has been indicted in connection with stealing nearly $1.5 million from the organization and lying under oath to conceal his self-dealing.

CNV, headquartered in Jamaica Plain, houses over 150 families at 14 locations in Boston and Lawrence. As CNV’s Executive Director, Duran essentially had complete control of CNV’s $7 million budget, directed procurement and site selections, and managed facility maintenance and staffing across all locations.

The investigation revealed that Duran allegedly used this power to lease four of his privately owned properties and one owned by a relative to CNV as shelter locations, hiding his interests in the transactions through use of limited liability companies. <Source> The lawsuit can be found here.

L.A. developers accused of stealing millions in affordable-housing scheme

Two executives at a Los Angeles-based real estate development company and two of their employees have been indicted on charges they defrauded government agencies of millions of dollars in funds for housing low-income families.

The 67-page federal grand jury indictment says Salim Karimi and three others at Advanced Development and Investment Inc. engaged in a conspiracy to fraudulently obtain more than $50 million in loan proceeds for affordable housing projects in Chinatown, Glendale and elsewhere.

As part of the scheme, Karimi and others submitted fraudulent invoices that “significantly overstated” the true costs of framing, plumbing, drywall and other construction work at affordable-housing projects built with taxpayer support, according to the federal grand jury indictment, which was filed in 2014 and unsealed this week.

ADI built 50 affordable-housing projects across California over nearly two decades. The conspiracy spanned from 2001 to 2010, according to the federal indictment. Among the company’s victims were the cities of Los Angeles and Glendale, as well as banks that provided construction loans, the document states.

An investigation by The Times found ADI subcontractors provided more than $400,000 in campaign contributions to politicians across the state, including at least $165,000 in Los Angeles. Four subcontractors told The Times they felt pressured to donate by ADI.

Glendale provided ADI more than $33 million to help build four affordable-housing projects. Officials there believe roughly half that amount was lost because of fraud.

In Los Angeles, officials provided $29 million in subsidies for 15 apartment projects. After the federal probe into ADI was launched, ethics investigators concluded that ADI employees had engaged in “campaign money laundering” — reimbursing donors so that they could exceed the city’s limits on campaign contributions.   <Source>

New high-rise to house homeless people on L.A.’s Skid Row

Construction kicked off Tuesday on a 19-story homeless housing project designed to reshape a corner of skid row in the image of more well-to-do environs.  The 278-unit Weingart Tower will replace a parking lot at 555 S. Crocker St., around the corner from the Weingart Center, the project’s developer in collaboration with affordable housing developer Chelsea Investment Corp. The building is expected to open in December 2023.

Weingart Tower is the first stage of a project that will eventually comprise 382 units, dwarfing Weingart’s existing facility, in the 11-story former El Rey Hotel, which is already more than twice as tall as any other building around it. The metal-and-glass high-rise will “improve the neighborhood through architecture,” Weingart Chief Executive Kevin Murray said in announcing the conceptual plan by Joseph Wong Design Associates in a 2017 interview. AXIS/GFA Architecture + Design is the project architect. <Source>

Nobody seems to be looking as funding explodes…

The most common housing fraud on the public is the simple misappropriation of funds where those entrusted with cash or assets simply take them for personal use. This includes tapping the petty cash drawer, writing checks to cash, falsifying invoices, misusing credit cards, stealing rental or laundry receipts; falsifying deposits, checks, or other accounts; taking unearned bonuses, hiring “ghost” employees, and depositing payroll checks to accounts they control, or simply using staff, materials, or equipment for their personal use.

More sophisticated frauds are based on manipulating land vales or appraisals or misusing contracting and procurement procedures to produce kickbacks, payments for “ghost” materials or services, or replacing specified building materials with lower quality or scrap materials.

Yet few government programs allocate specific funds for audits or independent inspections. And, when discovered, public housing fraud losses are attributed to the system, and politically connected fraudsters walk away or simply receive a slap on the wrist.

Even worse…

But even as shocking, damaging, and criminal as the homeless programs may be, there is something worse embedded in the programs. The communist infiltration to bring about the downfall of our democratic institutions and capitalism itself using the Cloward-Piven strategy.

The Cloward–Piven strategy is a political strategy outlined in 1966 by the husband and wife team of Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, Columbia University sociologists and communist political activists. The “Cloward-Piven Strategy” seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism and its replacement by communism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into a fatal crisis leading to an economic collapse.

Bottom line…

Homeless solutions must be individualized, not group-managed. You cannot begin to solve the problem until we curtail political corruption. The politicians, bureaucrats, and special interests know the truth of addiction, homelessness, and genuine mental illness. But, they do not want to prune back the cash crop of homeless or risk fallow fields.


We are so screwed.

-- steve 

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