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Scary – Part One – It’s your money at risk!

Starting with the near-collapse of our financial system in 2008, we have all heard about financial institutions that are so “systemically important” that they have been deemed “too big to fail.”

In response to this catastrophe, the politicians brought about the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act which allegedly requires these mega-institutions to have a wind-down plan (orderly liquidation facility) to avoid government bailouts.

What was not widely advertised was the “bail-in” provision that allows a financial institution to use its client’s funds to save itself. Dodd-Frank, it should be noted, was named after two of the most corrupt individuals in Congress, Representative Barney Frank (D-MA), the Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, and Senator Christopher Dodd, Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee.

Bail In

“Title II, the Orderly Liquidation provision of the Dodd-Frank Act, provides a process to quickly and efficiently liquidate a large, complex financial company that is close to failing.  Title II provides an alternative to bankruptcy, in which the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) is appointed as a receiver to carry out the liquidation and wind-up of the company.  The FDIC is given certain powers as receiver, and a three to five year time frame in which to finish the liquidation process. Title II is aimed at protecting the financial stability of the American economy, forcing shareholders and creditors to bear the losses of the failed financial company, removing management that was responsible for the financial condition of the company, and ensuring that payout to claimants is at least as much as the claimants would have received under a bankruptcy liquidation.” <Source>

If you didn't understand this, YOU, as a depositor or shareholder are a creditor subject to a bail-in! And, even if you do not own stocks or bonds directly, it is likely your mutual fund, pension fund, or insurance company does have shares in these institutions.

Claim Priority

Title II provides a claims process to assert claims against a defaulting financial company, and a series of rules to allow for liquidation of assets and the payment of claim holders according to a list of priority payments. See 12 U.S.C. § 5389, 12 U.S.C. § 5390 (Dodd-Frank Act §§ 210(a)(2), 209(b)). Claims are paid in the following order: (1) administrative costs; (2) the government; (3) wages, salaries, or commissions of employees; (4) contributions to employee benefit plans; (5) any other general or senior liability of the company; (6) any junior obligation; (7) salaries of executives and directors of the company; and (8) obligations to shareholders, members, general partners, and other equity holders. See 12 U.S.C. § 5389 (Dodd-Frank Act § 209(b)). <Source>

Scary – Part Two – The Communist Chinese government faces a significant financial crisis that could collapse their system.

Global stock markets plunge as Chinese real estate giant Evergrande teeters on the brink of collapse with debts of more than $300 BILLION and firm threatens top execs with 'severe punishment'

  • Evergrande's soaring debt has crushed credit rating, share prices and reputation
  • Rumours of chaos prompted bosses to warn of 'severe punishment' for top execs
  • Investors are fearing financial bloodbath in China, triggering global sell-offs 
  • Dow Jones shed 1.7% this morning after London tanked earlier with 1.5% drop

Scary – Part Three – U.S. financial institutions hold significant investments in China, regardless of their rigged legal system and SEC-acknowledged crooked accounting.

See the picture? If the Chinese economy collapses, the United States will take a significant hit as U.S. financial firms – yes, the systemically important” ones covered by Dodd-Frank, begin to unwind their positions. Not only will pensions, insurance claims, bank accounts, and investments be impacted, the effect on the flow of goods and services will also be affected as Chinese vendors to American companies fail, plunging the United States into hyperinflation, among other nasty financial consequences.

Scary – Part Four – The Communist Chinese appear to have a lock on politicians, including President Joe Biden and the lobbyists representing the large financial firms.

The question now becomes, does the Communist Chinese coerce the United States into bailing them out? Possibly, in the same way, the Federal Reserve printed and pumped more money into the banking system at an interest rate, guaranteeing a profit to the banks. The policy was known as “ZIRP,” the “Zero Interest Rate Policy.”

“ZIRP is a method of stimulating growth while keeping interest rates close to zero. Under this policy, the governing central bank can no longer reduce interest rates, rendering conventional monetary policy ineffective. As a result, unconventional monetary policy such as quantitative easing is used to increase the monetary base.” <Source>

Implementing a ZIRP policy is not without substantial bounce-back risks and adverse effects. So one solution may be for the United States to print money that the large financial institutions can loan to Communist Chinese firms to stabilize their economy. Additional trillions added to the U.S. national debt.

The other possibility is that the U.S. will suspend or relax Trump-era tariffs, technically an increased tax on foreign goods imposed on Americans to discourage foreign purchases. This would encourage Americans to purchase more goods from Communist China to the detriment of American business.

Let us not forget that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's family's fortune is tied up in Communist Chinese shipping. As we as other high-ranking Democrats have investments linked to Communist China.

Bottom line…

I do not know what will happen as I am not in the Biden camp where the decisions are made.

However, I do know we are, once again, screwed as President Biden is unlikely to know what is happening and some mid-level jumped-up functionary makes a political call. 

-- steve


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“A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves, and traitors are not victims... but accomplices” -- George Orwell


“Sedition is overt conduct, such as speech and organization, that tends toward rebellion against the established order. Sedition often includes subversion of a constitution and incitement of discontent toward, or insurrection against, established authority.”

Once again, liar, leaker, seditionist Adam Schiff serves as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s leg-humper and lickspittle to introduce destructive legislation to cripple future presidents. And he is blindly seeking support and funding from the sheeple too apathetic, ignorant, or brainwashed to read the actual legislation before agreeing to fund and promote this un-American garbage.

E-mail sent with the subject line “Holding the president accountable no matter who is in office.”



Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 election saved our democracy — but without strong legislative reforms, that lifeline may only be temporary.

[OCS: Our democracy has never been more precarious, our national prestige so low, and our military so emasculated. Guaranteed to worsen under Democratic legislative reforms that appear to have been deliberately designed to destroy our nation from within.]

Donald Trump’s time in the White House took a devastating toll on our democracy. On the rule of law. And on the truth. All because of one man, who abused the powers of the Presidency and inflicted chaos.

[OCS: How many constitutional laws were mangled or broken to change the election results – and, had they been followed, the most likely winner would have been Donald Trump?

Surprisingly, Schiff has the unmitigated gall to talk about abuse of power and chaos given his unconstitutional actions crippling our economy, taking private property without compensation, mandating vaccines, the disaster at the Southern Border, and of course, leaving Americans behind enemy lines in Afghanistan, and killing friendly civilians with a publicity-generated drone strike.]

The twice-impeached former President incited a violent insurrection on the U.S. Capitol, pushed dangerous conspiracy theories, and the Big Lie that he won the 2020 electionin a desperate attempt to hold onto power and prevent a peaceful transfer to the winner.

[OCS: Violent insurrection? This is another lie. Except for a few vandals, it was more like a walk-through of the capitol complex with many lookie-loos seeking selfies and souvenirs. Some being invited into the building by the Capitol Police, staying behind the rope lines, and interacting peaceably with the officers present. The idea that these unarmed yahoos were attempting to take over the government is not only a false narrative but a significant lie.

As for the “big lie,” – why are the Democrats fighting so hard, with hundreds of attorneys, to suppress the forensic audits which would prove their point?

As for the peaceful transfer of power, why do the Democrats forget to mention the transition teams working behind the scenes for months preceding the inauguration?]

The greatest threat to our democracy does not come from a foreign power, but from within, and we can never allow another person like Trump to wreak havoc on our republic.

[OCS: Under the Biden Administration, this has never been truer. The fact that incompetent jumped-up mid-level staffers are manipulating a mentally incapacitated President is proof that it is Biden, not Trump, that is wreaking havoc on our republic.]

So today, I’m introducing a major reform bill to ensure that no future president can do the kind of damage Trump has done — ever again.

My legislation — the Protecting Our Democracy Act — is an ambitious set of reforms that would enshrine our democratic guardrails into law. No longer a suggestion. But a code.

[OCS: We already have a code, it is the U.S. Constitution. Where are the links to his legislation and the legislative analysis by an impartial source? So you can read it for yourself and see how many progressive communist Democrats signed on as co-sponsors.]

This bill is designed to restore our system of checks and balances, create greater accountability and transparency, and protect our elections.

[OCS: This 158-page bill is designed to cripple the constitutional powers of the Presidency by inserting Congress into the process. Essentially allowing the harassment of any candidate running for a second term in office.]

With President Biden in the White House and Democratic majorities in Congress for the first time in a decade, we have a narrow window of opportunity to protect our democracy from presidential abuses of power. We must seize this moment.

[OCS: The Democrats have a razor-thin majority, which they have already abused, and are desperate to grab power with the 2022 election looming.]

<link redacted> Add your name as a citizen co-sponsor of the Protecting Our Democracy Act today.

<link redacted> ADD YOUR NAME

Trump used his position in the Oval Office to enrich himself and his family, protect himself and his enablers from prosecution, attack the free press and his political opponents, encourage foreign interference in our elections, and end all accountability as we know it.

[OCS: No mention of the Biden crime families and the multiple felonies committed by the President and his family. No mention of the fact that the press acts as the propaganda arm of the Democrats. Or the canceling and censorship of factual news by the media moguls and tech tyrants.]

After the Watergate scandal — another dark time in American history — Congress took action, passing a series of landmark laws and reforms to prevent a future president from abusing their office the way Richard Nixon did. Those changes stood the test of time for half a century, but it is time for Congress to act again, and enact new protections for our democratic institutions.

To ensure another wannabe autocrat like Trump cannot push our democracy to the brink.

<link redacted> We desperately need to pass a new set of reforms to stop future presidents from abusing the power of the Presidency, as we witnessed over the last four years. If you’re with me, add your name to show your support for my Protecting Our Democracy Act ASAP.

<link redacted> ADD YOUR NAME

With the White House on our side, we need to do everything in our power to prevent another Trump from undermining our democracy ever again. Thanks so much for your help and for standing by my side.

— Adam

Adam is reintroducing the Protecting Our Democracy Act — a bill designed to prevent abuses of presidential power and stop future presidents from abusing their office the way Trump did.

[OCS: "Died in a previous Congress --  This bill was introduced in the 116th Congress. This bill was introduced on September 23, 2020, in a previous session of Congress, but it did not receive a vote.

Although this bill was not enacted, its provisions could have become law by being included in another bill. It is common for legislative text to be introduced concurrently in multiple bills (called companion bills), re-introduced in subsequent sessions of Congress in new bills, or added to larger bills (sometimes called omnibus bills).]

<link reacted> Despite defeating Trump, this past year has shown how vulnerable our democracy remains from Trump and the GOP’s autocratic impulses. We can’t let up on our work to protect our democracy from future abusive presidents. Sign on to support the Protecting Our Democracy Act today.

<link redacted> ADD YOUR NAME

Paid for and authorized by Schiff for Congress

Schiff for Congress
150 E. Olive Ave.
Suite 208
Burbank, CA 91502
United States

Bottom line…


If justice prevailed in the political world, Adam Schiff, the Harvard Law  School graduate, would be investigated, prosecuted, and held accountable for his corrupt actions in the conspiracy to impeach President Donald Trump and the second time to impeach Trump the citizen.

We are so screwed.

If you are interested in reading the legislation, it can be downloaded as a PDF here: Protecting Our Democracy Act.

-- steve

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“Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.”-- George Bernard Shaw

“Progressive, liberal, Socialist, Marxist, Democratic Socialist -- they are all COMMUNISTS.”

“The key to fighting the craziness of the progressives is to hold them responsible for their actions, not their intentions.” – OCS

"The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane." -- Marcus Aurelius

“A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves, and traitors are not victims... but accomplices” -- George Orwell


Not only did the fools rip off Star Trek when designing the Space Force logo…


They continued the theme on the dress uniform…


I wonder if the command pilot wings and uniform decorations are part of the kit, or are they earned in video game combat?

Bottom line…

Since the idiots at the Pentagon destroyed the Strategic Air Command with its unwavering mission discipline and its motto, “Peace is Our Profession,” it’s been a downhill ride. Other than the Navy, it was the only service entity to enforce 360-degree responsibility and accountability.

And let us not forget its prime operational disciplinary rule: “To err is human. To forgive is divine. Neither of which is current SAC policy”.

So unlike today’s rules: “Color Over Competence, “Optics Over Operations,” and “It’s a Systemic Fault.”

We are so screwed

-- steve

“Nullius in verba.”-- take nobody's word for it!

“Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.”-- George Bernard Shaw

“Progressive, liberal, Socialist, Marxist, Democratic Socialist -- they are all COMMUNISTS.”

“The key to fighting the craziness of the progressives is to hold them responsible for their actions, not their intentions.” – OCS

"The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane." -- Marcus Aurelius

“A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves, and traitors are not victims... but accomplices” -- George Orwell



“Last night we informed they have violated GoDaddy’s terms of service and have 24 hours to move to a different provider.”

No matter how big your business might be, if you use third-party internet providers to host your business, your company is at risk…

It appears that America is being governed by progressive communist democrats who have entered into a fascistic public-private alliance to support a woke agenda that cancels or censors dissenting speech.  

It is time to curtail those nebulous “terms of service” twisted by the political winds.

  • The first step is to hold internet service providers, especially those with social media platforms, legally and financially accountable for their actions by eliminating Section 230 of the United States Communications Decency Act that generally provides immunity for website platforms concerning third-party content. That is, it exempts platform owners/operators from liability if they act as a platform, NOT a publisher with editorial control over displayed content.
  • The second step is to prohibit “arbitration clauses” in complaints based on content. That is, removing the financial barrier from an individual or entity to bring legal action on behalf of those similarly situated in a class-action lawsuit.
  • The third step is to bring anti-trust/anti-competitive legal action against those who appear to act in concert, even a loosely-based conspiracy based on a similarity of agendas.
  • And the fourth step is to fight fire with fire by mounting an active media campaign against those who are willing to trample your rights to pursue a toxic political agenda such as socialism – especially one that has resulted in the deaths of millions of innocent individuals.

Those who believe that this somehow interferes with the free flow of commerce, rest assured that the marketplace resolves everything. If you do not like content, don’t participate – find another content platform or provider more to your liking. As for those who say, “build your own platforms,” let us remember that this extensive and expensive infrastructure was not created overnight and was partly subsidized by favorable government contracts, grants, and tax relief.

What you can do…

(1)  Avoid proprietary platforms as much as practical, using transferrable systems that can be hosted at alternative sites with little or no modification.

(2)  Be aware of relationships. Few people know that GoDaddy moved "the bulk of its infrastructure to Amazon Web Services" in 2018 and that Amazon has been known to de-platform content providers based on progressive politics, potential competition to their larger customers, and for other unspecified reasons. For those who do not know the story of Parler, originally billed as a “free speech” platform, the story is instructive, not only about political risks but the efforts to recover from an existential threat to its business.

(3) Back up your content, especially graphics and audio-visual resources.

(4)  Build links you control and keep a link library list that connects resources with textual materials. (i.e. do not include the name of a vendor in your links.)

(5)  Test, if possible, moving your site to another host without going live. Or using a dedicated computer to simulate such a move.

(6)  Maintain vigilance of the political situation lest you be caught unaware of “potential” adverse action.

It’s not only GoDaddy….

EXCLUSIVE -- Amazon to proactively remove more content that violates rules from cloud service -sources Inc plans to take a more proactive approach to determine what types of content violate its cloud service policies, such as rules against promoting violence, and enforce its removal, according to two sources, a move likely to renew debate about how much power tech companies should have to restrict free speech.

Over the coming months, Amazon will hire a small group of people in its Amazon Web Services (AWS) division to develop expertise and work with outside researchers to monitor for future threats, one of the sources familiar with the matter said.

It could turn Amazon, the leading cloud service provider worldwide with 40% market share according to research firm Gartner, into one of the world’s most powerful arbiters of content allowed on the internet, experts say. <Source: Reuters>

Bottom line…

We are living in politically perilous times.  When words are redefined, up is down, right is left, moral is immoral, and good is evil.

The media moguls and the tech tyrants are schilling for the government, the source of contracts, grants, subsidies, tax abatement, favorable regulations, and lack of prosecution. 

We are so screwed.

-- steve

“Nullius in verba.”-- take nobody's word for it!

“Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.”-- George Bernard Shaw

“Progressive, liberal, Socialist, Marxist, Democratic Socialist -- they are all COMMUNISTS.”

“The key to fighting the craziness of the progressives is to hold them responsible for their actions, not their intentions.” – OCS

"The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane." -- Marcus Aurelius

“A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves, and traitors are not victims... but accomplices” -- George Orwell


With the Los Angeles Times, it’s about a political narrative, not the news…


On the front lines of the U.S. homicide epidemic: Milwaukee faces historic violence

[OCS: Open with what appears to be a tragic story – one that is relatively commonplace in the inner cities which progressive communist democrats govern before switching to your political narrative.]

Jeremiah Hughes was mowing a lawn on a Wednesday afternoon when two men barged through an alley gate. They were armed. Shots rang out.

Hughes died in the yard and was taken to the morgue and then to El Bethel Church of God in Christ, where days later he lay in an open, emerald-green casket as muffled cries rose through a hymn on a loudspeaker. He was 24 and had his mother’s name — Gwen — tattooed on his left hand.

Velvet ropes surrounded his casket to prevent people from grabbing for him in their despair.

“My only son,” said his father, Stan Lindsey. “Gone like that.”

Milwaukee is in the grip of the worst violence in its modern history. There were 189 killings here last year, a 93% increase from 2019 and the most ever recorded.

The jump reflects a nationwide trend. In one study, researchers from the nonprofit Council on Criminal Justice looked at 34 cities and found that 29 had more homicides last year than in 2019. The overall rise was 30%, though in most places killings remained below their peaks in the 1990s.

Among the 19 cities with more than half a million people — including Los Angeles, New York and Chicago — none saw a bigger surge than Milwaukee. With 127 killings through the first half of September, the city is nearly on pace to match last year’s record. Hughes was the 78th person killed this year.

[OCS: Rather than point to the individuals involved and their criminal activities, insert a political narrative involving race and police brutality – neither related to the murder of Jeremiah Hughes.]

The uniformity of the nationwide rise has launched multiple theories about what is driving it. Nearly all center on the pandemic — which has caused enormous hardships — and the mass movement against police brutality and racism, which changed policing and the relationship between law enforcement and communities where violence has long been concentrated.

[OCS: Blame it on the system. Don’t mention that the system is governed by progressive communist democrats who are relaxing or curtailing policing and prosecutions, emptying jails and prisons, and letting violent criminals loose in our cities (ostensibly pandering to blacks by reducing the number of incarcerated blacks), and continuing with a pattern and practice of political corruption that leads to fiscal calamity and the continuing decay of our inner cities.]

Did a society on edge, with schools closed, social programs shut down and people cramped up at home, simply become more violent? Were more people carrying guns? Did police retreat in a way that emboldened criminals? Experts say it could take years to unravel those questions, but the toll of the fallen has struck hard in neighborhoods across the country.

[OCS: This is pure bullshit! The causes are known, well-known. And the experts, primarily pointy-headed academicians with their statistics and theories, rarely cite the root cause: political corruption, malfeasance, misfeasance, and nonfeasance.

In what world does demonizing and defunding the police lead to safer cities – except to benefit criminals and the criminal justice infrastructure? Or retrospectively examining the conduct, the honest split-second decisions of officers, and then prosecuting them, leading to life-altering outcomes for going to work and doing their job? Yes, the police retreat – just like any other risk-averse government worker who wants to avoid a significant risk for a relatively minor reward.]

There are no clear answers in the June 16 killing of Hughes. Police have released only basic details from their investigation: The weapon was a “long gun,” the motive “retaliation,” and the two suspects were “acquaintances” of Hughes, who had no criminal record.

[OCS: Yes, there are clear answers. Hughes, the lack of a criminal record notwithstanding, either was a bystander or the intended target and was killed by two individuals. The weapon is of no consequence as it is simply a tool. They could have bludgeoned Hughes with a blunt object, knifed him, etc.]

Lindsey [his father with a different last name] said he believes the intended target was a young man who worked for Hughes on landscaping jobs and had a feud with the suspects. The gunfire missed the employee. Nobody has been arrested in the case.

[OCS: Parents almost always provide cover for their children and seek to find reasons that absolve their children of any responsibility for adverse outcomes.

If the intended target were not present, there would likely have been no shooting – unless the two perpetrators tried to make Hughes responsible for the actions of a third party.

If the intended party were present, there would have been two bodies, or the shooters missed, and the target fled. Something appears wonky about the father’s explanation of events.] 

The violence in Milwaukee follows familiar patterns, according to the city’s Homicide Review Commission.

In a city that is 40% Black, most victims are Black men, as are the perpetrators, who usually kill with handguns.

Most of the homicides last year — 54% — occurred in a roughly 30-block radius on the north side, a predominantly Black area where deep-rooted racism has led to neglect and poverty.

[OCS: The pattern is clear: black-on-black crime in the inner cities.]

What’s different now is that many more people are dying.

[OCS: No! What’s different now is that the story fits the current political narrative of the progressive communist democrats seeking more political power and money without proving that they can use either to benefit their constituents.]


The neighborhood was the only option for most Black families, because deeds excluded them from renting in other parts of the city. Redlining by banks, which automatically disqualified people in Black neighborhoods from taking out mortgages, made homeownership a distant fantasy.

[OCS: Banks must enforce sound lending standards to protect their depositors. Issuing loans to poor people with insufficient funds to pay the loan back, intermittent work histories, or who live in declining, decaying areas are not legal or prudent banking.

Where the government has guaranteed the loans,  default rates in these decaying areas remain much the same.

Perhaps, one answer is “broken window, stop-and-frisk policing where taggers go to jail and are assigned to clean-up crews.]

Residents were also denied adequate healthcare and education. When Interstate 43 was constructed through the area in the 1960s, businesses were demolished.

[OCS: Where is the mention of the corrupt alliance between the teachers’ unions and the Democrats mentioned?

Where do they note the unions demand more and more money to turn out functional illiterates who are ill-prepared for the real world?

Here is your “systemic racism.”

Ask why school funds do not follow the children to better schools? Why does the union hate charter schools that hold teachers accountable for their results?

As for healthcare, anyone can walk into an emergency room and seek care. If healthcare were inadequate, how do you explain the ease of obtaining an abortion?]

Despite the racism, Pitts recalls a neighborhood that felt safe — a place where killings were so rare that safety never crossed her mind. As in many cities, drugs in the 1980s quickly changed that.

[OCS: Racism in a black area, governed by Democrats? How can that be with the Democrats in charge of “the system?” As for drugs, ask how our judicial and political system profits off the secondary effects of drug use, and we are back to political corruption.]

[OCS: Yada. Yada. Yada.]

[OCS: I find it amazing that the relatives of both criminals and their victims have much the same story when speaking about their relations to the media. They were family men. Men on the cusp of achievement or turning their lives around. Good people except they are now dead or in custody.]

A few weeks before Jeremiah Hughes was killed, his father told him he was going to help pay for a new pickup. Hughes was eager to expand his landscaping business, and Stan Lindsey wanted to support him in any way he could.

Lindsey enjoyed watching his young boy grow into a hardworking young man with a girlfriend and deep love for his large family. He had seven siblings and step-siblings.

Now, Lindsey stared at his son’s casket as Steven Tipton, the pastor at El Bethel, approached the pulpit and began to speak.

He told the dozens of mourners that he’d officiated several services for homicide victims recently and noted a pattern. Many had started as tiffs on social media or other disputes that once would have been settled with words.

“Then you see bullets fly,” he said.


kl-imageKurtis Lee is a national correspondent for the Los Angeles Times. He writes news features, narratives and profiles on an array of topics — race, criminal justice, immigration, income inequality, the 2nd Amendment. He won first place in the 2020 National Headliner Awards for his series of stories about the COVID-19 pandemic on the Navajo Nation. Lee has filed reports from the unrest in Ferguson, Mo., and chronicled Donald Trump’s rise to the presidency. Prior to joining The Times in August 2014, Lee worked at the Denver Post where he covered state and national politics. He’s also reported from the scenes of destructive wildfires and mass shootings and was a member of the Post staff that won the 2013 Pulitzer Prize for breaking news coverage of the Aurora theater shooting. He’s a graduate of Temple University.

Current Example -- Prominent Milwaukee Democrat Faces 5 Felony Charges (September 8, 2021)

cl-imageA Milwaukee Alderwoman running for Wisconsin's US Senate Seat is accused of pocketing tens of thousands of dollars in campaign finances through reimbursements made by the city and using campaign finances for personal uses.

Alderwoman Chantia Lewis, who announced she is running for US Senate as a Democrat on July 21, faces five charges, including:

  • Embezzlement over $10,000
  • Theft by fraud under $2,500
  • Misconduct in public office
  • Two campaign finances charges
    • Intentionally filing a false report or statement
    • Intentionally accept unlawful disbursement

As a result of the charges, Common Council President Cavalier Johnson announced Lewis would be removed from all of her committee assignments"

"In light of the five felony charges brought against Alderwoman Chantia Lewis by Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm, I am, effective immediately, relieving her of all committee assignment duties. Make no mistake that our judicial system presumes that every individual is considered innocent until proven guilty in court. However, until this matter is resolved, I am moving without hesitation to protect the institution of the Milwaukee Common Council, as well as the City of Milwaukee. <Source>

Bottom line…

Once again, the Los Angeles Times is all about a false narrative that deliberately misses the point. Most of our inner-city woes can be traced to the corrupt progressive communist democrats that govern. Ask where the billions of dollars targeted at inner-city improvement and education have gone? Why have certain democrat cities controlled by Democrats turned away significant sources of jobs because the employer was not “unionized?”

We need better leaders to bring about a better outcome – not the same corrupt politicians, parties, and their heirs. Especially the corrupt and radical Democrats.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

“Nullius in verba.”-- take nobody's word for it!

“Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.”-- George Bernard Shaw

“Progressive, liberal, Socialist, Marxist, Democratic Socialist -- they are all COMMUNISTS.”

“The key to fighting the craziness of the progressives is to hold them responsible for their actions, not their intentions.” – OCS

"The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane." -- Marcus Aurelius

“A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves, and traitors are not victims... but accomplices” -- George Orwell



Once again, we find partisan judges torturing the law to support a hyper-partisan viewpoint that appears racist and un-American.

Consider the basic concept of equal protection under the law. If the law applies to everyone equally without regard to any particular protected characteristic such as race, sex, national origin, etc., it is, on its first appearance, presumed to be true,  constitutional, and just.

If one derives an alternative hypothesis to invalidate a common-sense measure that protects voter integrity using impossible to prove “intent” or a false construct like disparate impact, this appears to indicate a political agenda at play. And possibly partisan judges.

Individuals generally, regardless of their class status (race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability), must produce photo identification to purchase alcohol, fly, open a bank account, enter a federal building, drive, and for other purposes. To suggest one race or class of individuals cannot obtain appropriate identification to vote is prima facie racist. To further weaken the integrity of our electoral system in support of a particular party is criminal and un-American.

 Let us consider a specific attempt to weaken electoral integrity…

Two North Carolina judges on Friday struck down a law that required identification to vote, alleging it “was enacted with the unconstitutional intent to discriminate against African American voters.”

The law was enacted in violation of the Equal Protection Clause in North Carolina’s Constitution, the majority of the panel said. The clause says that nobody shall be denied equal protection of the laws nor shall anybody be subjected to discrimination by the state due to race. <102-page ruling>

Sitting as a three-judge panel, two out of three Superior Court Judges, Vince M. Rozier, Jr. and Michael J. O'Foghludha, both Democrats, ruled that…

The majority of this three-judge panel finds the evidence at trial sufficient to show that the enactment of S.B. 824 was motivated at least in part by an unconstitutional intent to target African American voters. In reaching this conclusion, we do not find that any member of the General Assembly who voted in favor of S.B. 824 harbors any racial animus or hatred towards African American voters, but rather, as with H.B. 589, that the Republican majority “target[ed] voters who, based on race, were unlikely to vote for the majority party.

[OCS: Part of the evidence was supplied by University of Michigan Professor Kevin Quinn, an expert in empirical legal studies and statistical methodology and who served as an expert witness for the plaintiffs. Quinn testified that “Black voters were 39 percent more likely to lack a form of qualifying identification.” This statistical conclusion appears to be racist in and of itself because it suggests similarly situated blacks are incapable of following the instructions to obtain the necessary identification to vote. It is likely the statistics were tortured to support the plaintiff’s position.]

Even if done for partisan ends, that constitute[s] racial discrimination.

The majority of this three-judge panel also finds that the Defendants have failed to prove, based on the evidence at trial, that S.B. 824 would have been enacted in its present form if it did not tend to discriminate against African American voters. Other, less restrictive voter ID laws would have sufficed to achieve the legitimate nonracial purposes of implementing the constitutional amendment requiring voter ID, deterring fraud, or enhancing voter confidence.

[OCS: This is a joke, as less restrictive voter ID laws do not deter fraud nor do they enhance voter confidence. What they do is to make electoral fraud easier and harder to detect.]

For the foregoing reasons, the majority of this three-judge panel holds that S.B. 824 was enacted in violation of the North Carolina Constitution, and we permanently enjoin its enforcement on that basis. <102-page ruling>

[OCS: There is a good chance that this ruling will be appealed to the North Carolina Supreme Court, and the possibly to the United States Supreme Court.]

However, the remaining judge, Superior Court Judge Nathaniel J. Poovey, a Republican, dissented with a rather clear statement of fact…

Poovey, dissenting.


In the November 2018 general election, the people of our State chose to approve an additional measure that contributes to certainty in our State's electoral process—that voters offering to vote must present photographic identification before voting.

Thereafter, our General Assembly, the duly elected representatives of the people of our State, enacted a law to carry out this expression of the will of the people.

That the presentation of photographic identification was chosen by the voters of our State to be a prerequisite act for casting a vote should not be a surprise. Presenting some form of identification is a task we must perform quite frequently in everyday life.

Adding more familiarity to the process of casting a vote increases the level of certainty in the electoral process. And doing so by requiring the presentation of photographic identification ensures each person offering to vote is who they proclaim to be, thereby increasing confidence in the outcome of each election.

Plaintiffs in this case, however, claim the opposite. Rather than strengthen the overall electoral process, Plaintiffs claim the law makes the process for them and other persons in our State inherently and impermissibly different. This is so because, as Plaintiffs claim, the law was enacted with the intent to discriminate against African Americans on account of their race.

The allegations underpinning Plaintiffs’ claim remain unproven by the evidence presented in this case. But as the evidence does show, no registered voter in this State will be precluded from voting by the identification requirements in this law.


Senate Bill 824 was a bipartisan bill that was supported along the way by multiple African American legislators and enacted after the people of our State approved a constitutional amendment calling for voter-photo-ID requirements. The totality of the competent evidence presented in this litigation over this act of the General Assembly in 2018 fails to support a finding that the General Assembly acted with racially discriminatory intent.<102-page ruling>

Bottom line…

In the words of Sam Hayes, general counsel for the North Carolina House speaker, “Once again, liberal judges have defied the will of North Carolinians on election integrity. “This fight is far from over. We look forward to appealing this partisan ruling on behalf of the people of North Carolina.”

We continue to find the Democrats, the party of racism and trial lawyers, using the law to subvert the people's will and further their toxic agenda.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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"The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane." -- Marcus Aurelius

“A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves, and traitors are not victims... but accomplices” -- George Orwell



The charge should be a conspiracy to commit treason…

Mere agreement and decision to commit treason is punishable.  If actual acts of treason are committed after the conspiracy or proposal, the crime committed will be treason, and the conspiracy or proposal is considered as a means in the commission thereof.

No matter what explanation is offered by President Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and General Mark Milley, or various leg-humpers and lickspittles, Pelosi and Milley appear guilty of treasonous actions to deprive a sitting President of his constitutional authority as Commander-in-Chief.

Let us not forget that the conspiracy started with a civilian, Nancy Pelosi, who reached out to the military to question and/or curtail the Commander-in-Chief's ability to protect the United States from a nuclear-armed adversary. Milley's conversation with the commanders constituted specific action that confirms the conspiracy. And, Milley's conversation with the Communist Chinese could have precipitated a nuclear war if these sensed weakness. 

At the very least, Milley should be court-martialed. If found guilty of the charges and specifications, stripped of rank, given a dishonorable discharge, and sent to the United States Disciplinary Barracks at Fort Leavenworth for ten years or more. Pelosi should be, likewise, expelled from Congress, tried for treason, and, if found guilty, remanded to the United States Penitentiary, Leavenworth, for ten years or more.

Peril, the book that further damaged a nation in decline…

There is little doubt in my mind that sensationalist and progressive journalists Bob Woodward and Robert Costa have done more to discredit the venerable military in the public’s mind than everything Trump may have said or tweeted in passing.

Another step toward chaos and anarchy that benefits the radical progressive communist democrats and their power-grab agenda.

Combined with the nation’s loss of faith in our premier intelligence and law enforcement agencies under the Democrats, there are few institutions left that are viewed by the American public as credible and trustworthy.

You cannot even trust the mainstream media or social media platforms to accurately convey the news of the day without canceling, censoring, or coloring with a narrative.

There were civilian alternatives at hand in the Executive Branch of the government…

Which begs the question, why did General Milley not inform the Vice President of the United States of President Trump’s growing instability and likely incapacitation to fulfill his duties?

Alternatively, to request the Secretary of Defense to call a formal cabinet meeting to discuss the possibility of invoking an Article 25 transfer of legitimate power to the Vice President?

Or – honorably resign and then address the nation as a civilian?

Moreover, one can only wonder what General Milley thinks of President Joe Biden, who is clearly showing signs of progressive dementia and possibly amped up with short-acting drugs for his limited appearances? Or the wisdom of those who appear to be wielding power in the President’s name.

Bottom line…

With the debacle in Afghanistan and the ascendancy of an unstable domestic political situation, the probability that other nations (China, Iran, Russia, North Korea, etc.) with positions adverse to American interests precipitating a dangerous confrontation rises exponentially.

For the first time in American history, there is some doubt about the stability and competence of the civilian-lead leadership of the military and its senior military commanders. Likewise, the senior leadership of our premier intelligence agencies appears to be similarly compromised.

The complete failure of the government under the Democrats is inching closer.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

“Nullius in verba.”-- take nobody's word for it!

“Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.”-- George Bernard Shaw

“Progressive, liberal, Socialist, Marxist, Democratic Socialist -- they are all COMMUNISTS.”

“The key to fighting the craziness of the progressives is to hold them responsible for their actions, not their intentions.” – OCS

"The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane." -- Marcus Aurelius

“A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves, and traitors are not victims... but accomplices” -- George Orwell



Located in Silicon Valley, Stanford University is at the heart of technical innovation and entrepreneurial activity – an area with companies with the most to lose from the loss of intellectual property stolen by the Communist Chinese. 

So why would 177-plus Stanford faculty members from more than 40 departments send a letter to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland asking for the Justice Department to discontinue its attempt to identify and prosecute Chinese spies that engage in the theft of intellectual property, the theft of trade secrets, hacking, and economic espionage?

  1. Could these individuals be spies or have other links to the Communist Chinese Party or its military affiliates?
  2. Is there money, sex, blackmail, or coercion involved?
  3. Why would they attempt to use the well-known Communist Chinese “anti-Asian” race card to disguise and protect spying and espionage?

This is the China Initiative program these useful idiots want to kill…



About 80 percent of all economic espionage prosecutions brought by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) allege conduct that would benefit the Chinese state, and there is at least some nexus to China in around 60 percent of all trade secret theft cases.

The Department of Justice’s China Initiative reflects the strategic priority of countering Chinese national security threats and reinforces the President’s overall national security strategy.

The Initiative was launched against the background of previous findings by the Administration concerning China’s practices. In March 2018, the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative announced the results of an investigation of China’s trade practices under Section 301 of the Trade Act of 1974.

It concluded, among other things, that a combination of China’s practices are unreasonable, including its outbound investment policies and sponsorship of unauthorized computer intrusions, and that “[a] range of tools may be appropriate to address these serious matters.”

In June 2018, the White House Office of Trade and Manufacturing Policy issued a report on “How China’s Economic Aggression Threatens the Technologies and Intellectual Property of the United States and the World,” documenting “the two major strategies and various acts, policies, and practices Chinese industrial policy uses in seeking to acquire the intellectual property and technologies of the world and to capture the emerging high- technology industries that will drive future economic growth.”

In addition to identifying and prosecuting those engaged in trade secret theft, hacking, and economic espionage, the Initiative focuses on protecting our critical infrastructure against external threats through foreign direct investment and supply chain compromises, as well as combatting covert efforts to influence the American public and policymakers without proper transparency.

The China Initiative is led by the Department’s National Security Division (NSD), which is responsible for countering nation-state threats to the United States. <Read more…>

Written on Stanford University letterhead and addressed to Attorney General Merrick Garland at the U.S. Department of Justice…



We, faculty members at Stanford University, are writing this open letter to express our concerns about the U.S. Department of Justice’s China Initiative. We acknowledge the importance to the United States of protecting both intellectual property and information that is essential to our national and economic security. We understand that concerns about Chinese government sanctioned activities including intellectual property theft and economic espionage are important to address. We believe, however, that the China Initiative has deviated significantly from its claimed mission: it is harming the United States’ research and technology competitiveness and it is fueling biases that, in turn, raise concerns about racial profiling. As the President’s Science Advisor, Dr. Eric Lander, stated on August 10, 2021: “We have to assiduously avoid basing policies or processes on prejudice – including those that could fuel anti-Asian sentiments or xenophobia.” We believe that the China Initiative is one such policy. We therefore would like to suggest that you terminate the China Initiative and replace it with an appropriate response that avoids the flaws of this initiative.

[OCS: If they truly understood the magnitude of the threat, they would not be asking for program modifications that weaken the detection and prosecution of spies.

It is the height of idiocy to root out Communist Chinese espionage by investigating Norwegians and those not coming from or having family in Communist China and others with a low probability of being Chinese agents.

Notice the favored tactic of the communists is to use our nation’s abhorrence of racism against our own interests by using “labeling” – racist, bigot, anti-Asian, xenophobia, etc -- to silence critics and enemies of the communist regime.]

More specifically, we believe the China Initiative suffers from the following fundamental flaws:

First, the China Initiative disproportionally targets researchers of Chinese origin. Publicly available information indicates that investigations are often triggered not by any evidence of wrongdoing, but just because of a researcher’s connections with China. (For example, see the recent article and the research by Prof. Jenny Lee quoted therein. ref: Has the Hunt for Chinese Spies Become a Witch Hunt?, Karin Fischer, Chronicle of Higher Education, August 11, 2021). In many cases the federal response seems disproportionate and inappropriate. In some cases, federal agents associated with the China Initiative have prosecuted researchers without solid evidence. Moreover, racial profiling – even when undertaken in pursuit of justice – is both inconsistent with U.S. law and with the principles underlying our society.  Moreover, these actions do not just affect the prosecuted faculty but affect the many more university researchers who are targeted, investigated, and feel threatened by inquires initiated without prior evidence of significant wrongdoing. Universities and research institutions are often pressured to investigate researchers who are singled out only because of their personal or professional connections with China. (For example, see the description by Prof. Randy Katz, the Vice Chancellor for Research of the University of California Berkeley during a recent Congressional Roundtable available at

[OCS: Notice how cleverly our enemies use our own laws against us to hide their nefarious activities and disguise their agents?]

Second, in most of the China Initiative cases involving academics, the alleged crime has nothing to do with scientific espionage or intellectual property theft. Most prosecutions are for misconduct such as failure to disclose foreign appointments or funding. While such problems should be addressed, they should not be confused with national security concerns. Due to the openness of scientific research in academia, it is not surprising that the China Initiative has not led to more espionage-related prosecutions. It is misleading to the public that such prosecutions on unrelated crimes are presented as efforts combating national security threats.

[OCS: I wonder if they are referencing laboratory researchers who forgot to mention that they were officers in the Communist Chinese People’s Liberation Army?]

Third, the China Initiative is harming the U.S. science and technology enterprise and the future of the U.S. STEM workforce.

[OCS: We are training our enemies at great expense. The reason the Chinese Communists can progress so fast, cheaply, and effortlessly is because we provide the research and blueprints.]

Since World War II, the U.S. has benefited from an influx of many of the most talented scientists from around the world, including a large number from China. They have played a significant role in our success as a society. For example, a 2018 study by the American Society for Engineering Education reports that 28.4% of engineering faculty (and 31.5% of Assistant Professors) in the U.S. are Asian. In recent years, the China Initiative (and some other actions of the federal government) have created an increasingly hostile atmosphere for Chinese Americans, visitors, and immigrants of Chinese origin, which has already discouraged many scholars from coming to or staying in the U.S. This seriously hampers our efforts to recruit the best Chinese students and postdoctoral scholars.

[OCS: Why do we continue to allow access to our laboratories to those who continue to communicate, remotely or in person, with the Communist Chinese?]

The difference between the open fundamental research carried out at universities and more applied and proprietary industrial or military research in the commercial sector must be recognized.

[OCS: It is often fundamental research that leads to military and commercial projects and products. Like inoffensive laminar flow models used in fluid dynamics leading to the shaping of hypersonic reentry warheads.]

Many of our most challenging global problems, including climate change & sustainability and current & future pandemics, require international engagement. Without an open and inclusive environment that attracts the best talents in all areas, the United States cannot retain its world leading position in science and technology.


In some China Initiative cases, normal academic activities that we all do, such as serving as referees and writing recommendation letters, are adduced as evidence of “extensive dealings with the PRC” (ref: Such actions are based on a significant misunderstanding of how scientific research works. They are detrimental to international collaboration. Instead of protecting the national security of the U.S., we believe such actions harm the U.S.’s ability to innovate.

We strongly urge you to terminate the China Initiative and develop an alternative response to the challenges posed by our relations with the People’s Republic of China, one that avoids racial profiling and discouraging beneficial and important collaborations and influx of talented personnel.

[OCS: The Communist Chinese continue to abuse our trust and openness. I suggest we get tougher with security checks, random and targeted polygraphs, and seeding our own agents into the process.]

Sincerely yours,
Concerned faculty members (signatory names listed on next pages)

<Read more…>

Bottom line…

I am pissed. Stop our corrupt institutions, many of which embrace communism, and the useful idiots, from selling out our nation. This also applies to politicians and others who would cheerfully betray the United States for a buck, getting laid, or a pat on the back by some prestigious organization.

I say remove military contracts from schools that our enemies have significantly influenced.

And stop issuing visas to anyone associated with the Chinese Communists – especially the children of high-ranking party members.

We are so screwed when we sell out America for pennies upon the manufactured dollar. And doubly screwed when we cannot trust our premier intelligence and law enforcement agencies to do their jobs. Millions of dollars were wasted on a phony Russia pee-pee hoax when they could have devoted the same manpower to protecting America.

-- steve

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“Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.”-- George Bernard Shaw

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“The key to fighting the craziness of the progressives is to hold them responsible for their actions, not their intentions.” – OCS

"The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane." -- Marcus Aurelius

“A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves, and traitors are not victims... but accomplices” -- George Orwell




In his concession speech acknowledging that California Governor Gavin Newsom won the recall election and will retain his job…

Elder was interrupted by booing when he mentioned Newsom’s name,  “As you know, my opponent, Governor Gavin Newsom..." Massive booing. "He then responded, “Come on. Let’s be gracious in defeat. And by the way, we may have lost the battle, but we are going to win the war.”

And therein revealed the weakness of the GOP – responding to months of vicious opposition lies and attacks with gentlemanly grace and respect. Promising it will somehow get better “next time.”

With the progressive communist democrats, there is no next time. They fight as if they face an existential threat and will do anything, including illegal and fraudulent activities, to win. And should they lose, they continue plotting, fundraising, and campaigning 24/7/365.

Now consider Newsom’s victory speech…

Newsom claimed that while a majority of Californians voted “no” on the recall, they actually voted “yes” to his administration’s goals.

“We said yes to all those things we hold dear as Californians, and I would argue as Americans—economic justice, social justice, racial justice, environmental justice, our values. All of those things were on the ballot this evening.”

No apology for Newsom’s piss-poor management of California. Increasing crime as a consequence of liberal policing, prosecution, and drug policies. Increasing taxes and fewer state services. Increasing homelessness with benefits attracting over 50% of the nation’s poor. Poor forest management policies exacerbate wildfires. Sanctuary policies destroying our institutions and safety nets, as predicted by the communists Cloward and Piven in their infamous strategy for destroying a nation. Lockdowns that crippled California's economy. Vaccine and mask mandates. Union corruption.

Full speed ahead.

Truth be told…

Even while being outrageously attacked by the mainstream media, Elder, portrayed as being “Trumpian,” and subject to headlines like  “Larry Elder is the Black face of white supremacy. You’ve been warned.” Elder refused to play the race card.

Sticking with the issues, Elder did not call out the Democrats for being racist by rejecting the historic opportunity to elect California’s first black governor. He humorously rejected racial allegations that would have been outrageous if said by a Republican.

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace, the ex-GOP flack-turned-liberal host allowed a guest on her show to assert without pause that Larry Elder, the top Republican gubernatorial candidate who could become California’s first Black governor, represents “Trumpism in Blackface.” <Source>

Instead of hammering Newsom and the Democrats, Elder personalized the race and told his life story to anyone who would listen, concentrating on six or so core issues: homelessness, crime, housing, education, wildfires, and the water shortage. All the while, he was being demonized, denigrated, and disparaged by a mainstream and social media campaign that saw an influx of nearly $100 million and a massive “get out the vote” mobilization from the unions.

And how stupid was it to suppress the GOP mail balloting by suggesting that fraud was likely and you needed to deliver your ballot personally? How stupid not to demonize your opponent as he savages your life and reputation?

Bottom line…

Look for the unions to claim their due.

The 2022 Democrat playbook has now been typeset: regardless of the actual issues and the damage done by the radical progressive communist democrats, the opposition candidate is a hater, a racist, a white supremacist, a homophobe, anti-science, a climate denier, a misogynist, a Trumpist, an avatar for Trump, or Trump incarnate. The pattern will be opposition-research-driven and personal.  Panic, payoffs, and payouts will be the highlights.

As others have noted, Larry Elder said he wanted to save California; instead, he saved Governor Gavin Newsom from being recalled.

With the 2022 election looming large and the GOP, especially the California GOP, content to sit back and wait a few months before the election to finalize their campaigns -- we can look forward to watching their rightful victory implode. And with it freedom and democracy.

The highlight of the election was Gavin Newsom and the Democrats has to spend $75 million to keep a job he already won -- and about 35% of Californians still flipped him the middle finger!

We are so screwed.

-- steve

“Nullius in verba.”-- take nobody's word for it!

“Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.”-- George Bernard Shaw

“Progressive, liberal, Socialist, Marxist, Democratic Socialist -- they are all COMMUNISTS.”

“The key to fighting the craziness of the progressives is to hold them responsible for their actions, not their intentions.” – OCS

"The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane." -- Marcus Aurelius

“A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves, and traitors are not victims... but accomplices” -- George Orwell


There is no doubt in my mind that General Mark Milley needs to be court-martialed under the most serious charges and specifications possible…


(1)  It appears General Mark Milley acted beyond the limits of his authority as the advisor to the President to insert himself into the chain of command governing the control and release of the nation’s nuclear weapons.

(2)  It appears that usurping or interfering with President’s Commander-in-Chief duties is either conspiracy to commit mutiny or treason.

(3)  It appears that Milley, using a back-channel to speak with our enemies and undermining the power and authority of his Commander-in-Chief to suggest the President was unstable, is an act of treason that put our nation at peril. Especially, if he agreed to provide information on attack planning or nuclear posture. His pledge to notify China of a prior attack is TREASON!

(4)  Classified information relating to the nation’s nuclear posture or documents released to a journalist is a criminal act.

(5)  The idea that General Mark Milley would take no similar action considering the mental incapacity, and possible drug use, of President Biden is a further indictment of his activities.

(6)  That House Speaker Nancy Pelosi preemptively spoke with the command staff about the mental stability of the President of the United States should be grounds for her impeachment and removal from office.


Woodward/Costa book: Worried Trump could 'go rogue,' Milley took secret action to protect nuclear weapons

Two days after the January 6 attack on the US Capitol, President Donald Trump's top military adviser, Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley, single-handedly took secret action to limit Trump from potentially ordering a dangerous military strike or launching nuclear weapons, according to "Peril," a new book by legendary journalist Bob Woodward and veteran Washington Post reporter Robert Costa.

Woodward and Costa write that Milley, deeply shaken by the assault, 'was certain that Trump had gone into a serious mental decline in the aftermath of the election, with Trump now all but manic, screaming at officials and constructing his own alternate reality about endless election conspiracies.'

Milley worried that Trump could 'go rogue,' the authors write.

"You never know what a president's trigger point is," Milley told his senior staff, according to the book.

In response, Milley took extraordinary action, and called a secret meeting in his Pentagon office on January 8 to review the process for military action, including launching nuclear weapons. Speaking to senior military officials in charge of the National Military Command Center, the Pentagon's war room, Milley instructed them not to take orders from anyone unless he was involved.

"No matter what you are told, you do the procedure. You do the process. And I'm part of that procedure," Milley told the officers, according to the book. He then went around the room, looked each officer in the eye, and asked them to verbally confirm they understood.

'You know he's crazy'

Milley's fear was based on his own observations of Trump's erratic behavior. His concern was magnified by the events of January 6 and the 'extraordinary risk' the situation posed to US national security, the authors write. Milley had already had two back-channel phone calls with China's top general, who was on high alert over the chaos in the US.

“General Li, I want to assure you that the American government is stable and everything is going to be okay,” Milley told him. “We are not going to attack or conduct any kinetic operations against you.”

In the book’s account, Milley went so far as to pledge he would alert his counterpart in the event of a U.S. attack, stressing the rapport they’d established through a backchannel. “General Li, you and I have known each other for now five years. If we’re going to attack, I’m going to call you ahead of time. It’s not going to be a surprise.”

In the second call, placed to address Chinese fears about the events of Jan. 6, Li wasn’t as easily assuaged, even after Milley promised him, “We are 100 percent steady. Everything’s fine. But democracy can be sloppy sometimes.”

Li remained rattled, and Milley, who did not relay the conversation to Trump, according to the book, understood why. The chairman, 62 at the time and chosen by Trump in 2018, believed the president had suffered a mental decline after the election, the authors write, a view he communicated to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) in a phone call on Jan. 8. He agreed with her evaluation that Trump was unstable, according to a call transcript obtained by the authors.

[OCS: 8 USC Ch. 115. §2381. Treason

Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.]

Then Milley received a blunt phone call from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, according to the book. Woodward and Costa exclusively obtained a transcript of the call, during which Milley tried to reassure Pelosi that the nuclear weapons were safe.

Pelosi pushed back.

"What I'm saying to you is that if they couldn't even stop him from an assault on the Capitol, who even knows what else he may do? And is there anybody in charge at the White House who was doing anything but kissing his fat butt all over this?"

Pelosi continued, "You know he's crazy. He's been crazy for a long time."

According to Woodward and Costa, Milley responded, "Madam Speaker, I agree with you on everything."

After the call, Milley decided he had to act. He told his top service chiefs to watch everything "all the time." He called the director of the National Security Agency, Paul Nakasone, and told him, "Needles up ... keep watching, scan." And he told then-CIA Director Gina Haspel, "Aggressively watch everything, 360."

The authors write, 'Milley was overseeing the mobilization of America's national security state without the knowledge of the American people or the rest of the world.'

Woodward and Costa also write that 'some might contend that Milley had overstepped his authority and taken extraordinary power for himself,' but he believed his actions were 'a good faith precaution to ensure there was no historic rupture in the international order, no accidental war with China or others, and no use of nuclear weapons.'


You know you are screwed when Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman, the NSC staffer who started the Trump impeachment inquiry with his dissatisfaction with Trump's Ukraine foreign policy, calls you out...


We owe Woodward some measure of gratitude…

For exposing Generally Milley as a cowardly, incompetent pencil pusher who committed treason who is more concerned with Critical Race Theory,  “White Rage,” and White Supremacy in the ranks than the Chinese incursion in the South China Sea. And the criminal duplicity of the Democrats.

In the interests of fairness, perhaps Woodward needs to extend his trilogy to cover a mentally incapacitated President Biden?…


Bottom line…

The fact that, if Milley was so worried and fearful, he did not go to the Trump Cabinet and seek support for the 25th Amendment incapacity removal process or publicly resign – but pledged to notify our enemies before an attack -- is a basis for a charge of treason.

There is little or no doubt in my mind that our nation was, and is, in a riskier posture with the progressive communist democrats and Obamacons in charge than ever before. One need only point to the unconditional surrender of Afghanistan, providing sophisticated military-grade weapons, money, and aid and comfort to our enemies, and the unforgivable -- leaving American citizens behind enemy lines to face capture, death, torture, and imprisonment. Not to mention their attempts to empower Iran with money and a nuclear weapon.

There is little doubt that Mark Milley is a weak, hyper-partisan traitor who needs to be court-martialed.

And God knows what the Obamacons are saying and doing to Biden to effect a bloodless coup?

We are so screwed.

-- steve

“Nullius in verba.”-- take nobody's word for it!

“Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.”-- George Bernard Shaw

“Progressive, liberal, Socialist, Marxist, Democratic Socialist -- they are all COMMUNISTS.”

“The key to fighting the craziness of the progressives is to hold them responsible for their actions, not their intentions.” – OCS

"The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane." -- Marcus Aurelius

“A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves, and traitors are not victims... but accomplices” -- George Orwell