I cannot believe that the American military would quickly forget our dishonorable surrender to terrorists and stranding California school CHILDREN behind enemy lines where they face brutalization, rape, torture, and death at the hands of an enemy who sees them as little more than animals to be slaughtered.

After Losing a War and Stranding Americans in Afghanistan, Biden's Pentagon Pivots Back to Race

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Pentagon spokesman John Kirby just left an untold number of Americans stranded in Afghanistan. A week ago today, 13 American service members died in a terrorist attack at the Kabul airport that happened because Austin and the generals left it surrounded by enemy forces.

They had their eye off the ball of their main jobs, which are protecting Americans and protecting our forces.

They have reverted to taking their eye off the ball again.


As for military promotion, that’s accomplished via unbiased testing. You study, you pass, you make rank.

You do your job, you do well. You make trouble, you don’t do well. It’s very simple, so simple even a Marine could grok it.

No one cared about race. Everyone cared about accomplishing the mission.

Our current military leadership has lost focus. It’s not prioritizing fighting and winning America’s wars. The winning part matters. It’s not doing that.

Instead, we have the likes of Kirby, Austin, and Gen. Milley recommending critical race theory and enforcing divisive stand-downs. This will not help for good order and readiness.

We don’t have to theorize where this will lead. The total disaster our military just authored in Afghanistan is proof of where this has already led.


I think that the military should be more concerned about the politicization and risk-adversity of their leaders who are so willing to surrender their personal honor rather than resigning and refusing to obey orders which arise outside of their chain of command. The idea that someone from the Department of State could order a retreat that knowingly and deliberately left American non-combatant citizens on the battlefield is unacceptable. Likewise, deferring to an enemy when targeting a clear and present enemy threat.

We need to identify who gave these orders and who in the military accepted them as valid. We need to identify and prosecute those who are sowing racial discord in the ranks.

Today, shame has befallen the military, not the fighting soldiers and support personnel, but the leaders who should resign in disgrace if not court-martialed for dereliction of duty.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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