Bsi-downloadKFI screws the pooch, Bryan Suits departs KFI640 for podcast land…

For whatever reason, the executives at iHeartMedia’s KFI (640 AM) decided that popular radio host Bryan Suits’ utility as a radio host did not extend beyond his ability to host a military-themed show, Dark Secret Place, reminiscent of the type of content produced and hosted on KFI by Captain Dale Dye, a decorated Marine veteran of the Vietnam War, was a popular feature and among the most downloaded podcasts.

Suits, a veteran of three military conflicts, Kuwait, Bosnia, and Iraq, is an acerbic commentator on military matters, and as Suits’ puts it, “the world melting down.”

In addition to hosting The Dark Secret Place, Suits hosted “Super Hyper Local Sunday,” a show specific to happenings in Southern California (generally Santa Barbara to San Diego).

Bryan’s signoff…

“Howdy all. I have decided that I own my content, and it is now exclusively at My prior employer decided that I had no other value as a radio host, and we agreed to separate our futures. That is all.”

The KFI kiss-off…

A KFI spokesperson noted, “Bryan has unique insights on war, tactics, and geopolitics, and I’m sure this will make great content for an unfiltered format like podcasting. We thank Bryan for his many years here at KFI and wish him the very best with his new venture.”

The backstory...

According to Bryan, although the podcast of the DarkSecretPlace was consistently among the top downloads, the company was not promoting it as heavily as other underperforming podcasts, nor were they compensating Suits for the use of his content since it was being broadcast free over the air as part of his employment.

It also appears that there was some corporate pushback to Bryan's content, like his characterization of the organization known as Black Lives Matter. However, Bryan suggests the problems lie with corporate management and not with the local station.

I imagine that his employer did not want to rock the corporate boat to stand up for Suits, and he decided to take his content elsewhere.

All is not lost…


For those wanting to find Suits, “The Dark Secret Place” is available online via subscription at The cost, $5.95 per month, is reasonable and includes an expanded (near-daily) and uncensored version of the radio program. You can cancel at any time, so the risk to sample the content is minimal.

Bottom line…

Suits continues to search for fame and fortune in a world that is tilting increasingly left and generally replaces the truth with political narratives. Considering the decline of terrestrial talk radio, post-Rush Limbaugh, and the rise of cancel-proof platforms hosting celebrity-driven programming, Suits may have advanced his career as he is now free to pursue a life free from corporate restrictions, cancel culture, and the niceties of political correctness.

Bryan is infinitely better in an uncensored format. Definitely an un-woke supporter of the Second Amendment.

There is no doubt in my mind that Bryan is still looking for a terrestrial station, possibly a syndication deal.

-- steve

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