The only thing I can change about climate is myself and how I react to local weather…

My long-time readers know that while I do believe the climate is a complex, chaotic system with numerous positive and negative feedbacks that are constantly changing, I also believe that man's effect on the climate is minimal when measured against the real drivers of climate change.

Not one scientist can tell me the Earth's optimum temperature or how to definitively measure man's climate-changing signal amid the background noise of climate's natural availability.

I believe the natural drivers of climate change are the Sun’s energy output in all spectral bands, cosmic rays, the Earth’s position relative to the Sun, the Earth’s precessional and rotational dynamics, the Earth's magnetosphere, plate tectonics and vulcanology, the deep ocean currents, the internal dynamics of the Earth, and the greatest greenhouse gas of all” water vapor. None of which, I might add, can be altered by man on a global – or even a local scale.

I also believe that the media creates an unnecessary fear of future catastrophe through hyperbolic narratives designed to support a political agenda.

And, to the extent that "the science" is used to justify public policy, it has been corrupted by the billions of government dollars washing through the institutions, the scientists, and the projects themselves. And where institutions, scientists, and projects are more likely to obtain funding for a project that supports the fashionable narrative than one which tends to falsify the hypothesis underlying the popular narrative.

Wall Street...

Wall Street's major product is creating, packaging, advertising, selling, and trading bullshit, nicely packaged and sometimes profitable bullshit, but bullshit nonetheless.

And, if Wall Street excels at anything, it is exploiting your fears and insecurities using the narratives of the day, even if they have to manufacture stories out of whole cloth.

Selling the Emperor's new clothes...

What could be better for Wall Street than generating profits from thin air -- using digital bits to create a perceived value which can be profitably marketed.

Enter the realm of what is euphemistically called "environmental commodities," or what the little people call tax credits.

Unlike traditional commodities that are hard assets, ranging from grains and food products, and metals to fossil fuels, environmental commodities are intangible artificial creations derived from legislative incentives.

The basic scam is easy to understand...

According to government dictate, organizations must strive for "carbon neutrality" or "net zero" by calculating their greenhouse gas emissions and then generating or purchasing sufficient "offsets" to reach neutrality.

How Tesla capitalizes on free money...

The government creates incentives to combat so-called climate change by incentivizing activities that reduce carbon emissions and penalizing activities that increase carbon emissions.

Since Tesla manufactures electric vehicles that do not generate carbon emissions like traditional vehicles powered by fossil fuels, they accumulate tax credits.

Once created using a government formula, these credits can be banked (accumulated), traded, or sold. The purchaser is traditionally a vehicle manufacturer who cannot meet their government-mandated emission standards, so they purchase credits from Tesla: and all is well with the government's regulatory agencies. And Tesla rejoices because the credits were a cost-free byproduct of their business activity and whatever they can be sold for represents 100-percent profit that flows to Tesla's bottom line.

Mitigate pollution, and the government creates credits. Plant trees, the government creates credits. Don't cut down trees, and the government creates credits. Install solar panels, and the government creates credits. Operate a wind farm, and the government creates credits. And so on and so forth.

The Al Gore dodge. The former Vice President of the United States traded a lost presidential election in return for hundreds of millions made in the arena of global climate change. Like many Hollywood celebrities and woke individuals flying around the world in private pollution machines, they assuage their conscience by purchasing carbon offset credits.

The bullshit...

The best analogy I can think of is to consider "climate change" as a religion, much like Marxist doctrine, and that offsets are the equivalent of medieval indulgences. An individual obtained or purchased an indulgence to eliminate or reduce the length and severity of punishment associated with a particular sin.

Truth be told, these credits are a government-created scam that allows gross polluters to continue polluting by purchasing sufficient credits to satisfy the regulators and pass the additional costs of the purchased credits to their customers or rate-payers.

The "locals" still have polluted land, water, and air while some nice trees grow elsewhere. Hypocrisy and hubris.

And, as with all government incentives, all it takes is a change in legislation, and poof, the incentives and credits disappear.

Bottom line...

I cannot accept the speculative hypothesis, based on history, science, and man's inability to control natural large-scale phenomenon, that the Earth is doomed unless we replace capitalism with socialism or communism, sacrifice our freedoms, and destroy our economy to achieve a 1.5 degree-Celsius reduction in global temperature. Something that cannot be measured or may even be apparent in the next thousand years.

The only doom I see in our future is if we continue to accept speculative science, hypotheses that support a political narrative, and the output of dodgy models using dodgy data accepted as fact -- and uncritically believe the narrative being told by politicians in the mainstream media. 

Can you believe there is a segment of the population that actually believes you can regulate climate change with legislation, taxation, and giving money to the United Nations?

Even the politicians are forced to admit, even if America’s industrial activity stopped today, the climate impact would not be measurable, nor will it affect global climate change – ditto the major polluters, China, India, and Russia.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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