(1)  Notice it is all about fundraising and not one word about making the lives of Californians better or improving a failing state.

(2)  Newsom has already collected over 26 million dollars to GOP front-runner Larry Elder’s $4.5 million.



Adam asked me to reach out to you one more time because time is running out before ballots are counted here for the California recall and it’s going to come down to the wire.

In just a moment, I am going to ask you to make a contribution to the campaign to defeat this partisan, Republican-led recall. Please give me a chance to explain why this request — especially today — is so important.

[OCS: A significant number of Democrats do not like how Newsom is running the state, or else the recall could have never qualified in a state where Democrats greatly outnumber Republicans.

The recall is being led by over-taxed, over-regulated, and Californians who were severely abused by the lockdown. At the same time, the elitist Newsom spent $12,000 on wine at a chi-chi restaurant dining, unmasked, with lobbyists with business before the State.]

Here is the truth:

A few days from today we close the books on the FINAL official fundraising deadline of this recall. When it’s over, we’re legally required to report not just how much money we’ve raised, but how many donations we’ve received.

[OCS: Newsom wouldn’t recognize the truth if it bit him in the ass. There is no significance, legal or otherwise, to a deadline for filing reports. It is little more than a cheap trick to fundraise.]

Everyone will be watching.

[OCS: Only the media and political wonks are watching or care about funding as it is so lopsided in a race where the incumbent does not have donation limits, unlike the recall candidates. Remember, Newsom set the rules and the early voting date to suppress GOP turnout.]

It will be our last chance to show people before we vote the strength of our grassroots campaign. That’s why our goal is not just how much money we raise, but how many donations we receive.

What do you say? Every Californian has a ballot in their hands and this is a close race. Every donation we receive before this deadline counts.

[Every Californian and Democrat fraudster has a ballot in their hands…

A man discovered passed out in a car in a 7-Eleven parking lot had a gun, drugs, and over 300 California recall ballots

On August 16, the Torrance Police Department arrested a man in a 7-Eleven parking lot who was passed out in a car containing Xanax pills, a loaded firearm, methamphetamine, a scale, drivers licenses and credit cards in other individuals' names, and more than 300 unopened mail-in ballots for the California gubernatorial recall election.

Who monitors this election as the GOP establishment doesn’t seem to care about California because it is not a battleground state? You can bet on Democrats finding votes in a close race and contesting the vote until they win.]

Can you please make a $10 contribution to our campaigns to help us beat this partisan Republican recall? We’ll put your donation right to work. We must make sure Democrats return their ballots.

[OCS: It is not a “partisan” recall but an expression of no confidence by abused Californians. Is “make sure” a Democrat fraudster dog whistle as the Democrats are wont to say?]

If you've saved your payment information with ActBlue Express, your split donation to Adam Schiff and Stop the Republican Recall of Governor Gavin Newsom will go through immediately:







Thank you,

Gavin Newsom


From the always hostile Los Angeles Times…


I wonder when the paper will investigate the activities of its owner who has business before the State of California?

Controversial Surgeon Philanthropist Named to Federal Panel

Dr Soon-Shiong has been the subject of reports from news outlets including Politico and STAT that have flagged potential conflicts of interest.

A Politico investigation found that most of the spending from his nonprofit research organization went to businesses and nonprofits he controlled. It also found that most of the grants from his organization went to entities that have business relationships with his nonprofits.

STAT reported in March that in 2014 Dr Soon-Shiong gave $12 million for medical research at the University of Utah, but $10 million of that came back to one of his own companies, NantHealth, which would drive the research. <Source>

Bottom line...

Californians, we have a chance to stop the abuse and pain. Recall Newsom and elect Larry Elder.

We are so screwed.

-- steve

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